Happy as a Clam.

April 13th, 2014

Trader Joe’s is literally a heaven for college students!

For some reason going to the grocery store is always an event when it comes to Californians; they absolutely love going to the grocery store & trying the newest gluten-free crackers & chocolate covered bananas (so good). Without any Stop & Shops, California substitutes mass grocery stores for good old Trader Joe’s.


Not only does Trader Joe’s have a local flower station, but they also supply their own brand of seltzer water & amazing coffee. Yet the best part about Trader Joe’s, is that they produce all of their own unique frozen dinners. Now in college the ability to find dinner (or make dinner) at an affordable level is seriously hard.

Trader Joe’s makes it a tad easier, as they have the most outrageously good dinners for under 5 dollars each! My friends and I each picked out different dinners & had a Trader Joe’s Microwave dinner feast!

I went with: IMG_1265

It was diffidently a risk going for a microwave-able steamed clam dinner but why not! Trader Joe’s is hard to strike out at, as they hand make all of their own products. So I popped this in the microwave for 5 min & severed dinner!

IMG_1269IMG_1277This microwave dinner for a steal, of $4.98 was so good. I honestly had my doubts, but if you’re a college student on a budget (or want to impress someone with minimum effort) you must go to Trader Joe’s.

IMG_1282So after a ton of food & a Netflix movie, we finished off all of our clams and splurged on some Trader Joe’s desert:

IMG_1264Obviously the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds. Anyone that is an avid Trader Joe’s shoppers knows these are often hard to come by, so we grabbed a few boxes & cashed out of Trader Joe’s.

To Sum It Up: Trader Joe’s is every college girls dream. It brings home cooking back into your life, with limited actual cooking (amen).

Stay Confident & Grocery Shopping 🙂