Fringed Cardigan

January 11th, 2016

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J.Crew Sweater || Jeans || Fringe Cardigan (under $30!) || Heels || Purse || Watch

I know one thing for sure, & it’s that a budget is essential. Whether you are still in college, just out of college (like me) or are a big spender in your late 20’s; every girl needs a budget. Naturally we love great things and great fashion, so it’s so easy to slide down the slope of splurging but I’m really trying to be strict with my budget this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still invested in some high quality items like J.Crew sweaters (if you follow me on instagram than you know I scored big on their sweater sale over the weekend) or my favorite new kicks, but overall I’m NOT splurging on trendy or modern pieces. 

I love sporting trends like this fringed cardigan or a good pair of leather pants, but I’m not financially able to blow $275 on a cardigan…what 20 year old can? So I’m dedicating a small amount of my budget to buying those trendy items and it’s resulted in a lot of Forever 21 steals. 

Honestly I thought I would never be a Forever 21 shopper, the store is always a hot mess in Connecticut  (really, it looks like a tornado ran through it several times). Shopping at Forever 21 has made me a more patient person that is for sure. 

Basically the look above was as basic as it can be…basic cream J.Crew sweater (my favorite) & Madewell Jeans, clean & classic. & then I just threw on this affordable fringed cardigan and I automatically had a trendy outfit at an affordable cost. I’ll be wearing this cardigan all season but let’s say by next season, if fringe is out, at least my budget survived a trend. 

xx. A

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