Finding The Perfect Flannel

October 16th, 2017
Location  •   Worcester, Massachusetts

Finding the Perfect Flannel-1770Slim Plaid Flannel || White Jeans || Mules || Mascara || Eyeshadow Pallet 

Finding the perfect, anything can be hard, but finding the perfect flannel doesn’t have to be. I don’t personally own a ton of flannels, but on cold Sunday Football mornings, nothing screams warmth and comfort like the feeling of flannel on your skin. 

The other day, I woke up to pull on my favorite flannel shirt for a rainy day of errands to find a hole in my very worn down shirt. It was past the point of no return so I knew it was time to set out and hunt for a new flannel shirt. 

The last flannel I owned was great, but to say it was oversized was an understatement. My favorite flannel shirt was basically a blanket with buttons, so this time around, I wanted to purchase a flannel shirt that was a little slimmer fitted. So I went to the mall and started walking.

Finding the Perfect Flannel-1897
Finding the Perfect Flannel-1726
Finding the Perfect Flannel-1816
Finding the Perfect Flannel-1845
Finding the Perfect Flannel-1778

After about an hour of flannel fails, I was about ready to call it quits until I headed into J.Crew’s men section and saw the flannel I’m wearing above. The colors were exactly what I was looking for, and the fact that the shirt was a slim fit for men meant I could get away with purchasing a small and having no one know.  

So I pulled the trigger purchased the shirt, and I have to say I’ve officially found the perfect flannel. As I said, I usually only wear this style come fairs, football games, and tailgates but it’s a staple every girl needs in her closet. Not to mention the darker patterned flannels look amazing with white skinny jeans. 

Anyway, I’d love to hear if any of you have a perfect flannel you just can’t get enough of, below. Leave the brand and how it runs so we know all the details, but if you’re still on the hunt trust me, and check out this flannel

Finding the Perfect Flannel-1890
Finding the Perfect Flannel-1916

I can’t believe it’s already mid-October. I’m currently writing this post in the air on my way to Connecticut, I’m spending some much needed time with my family and getting ready to capture the essence of New England fall months. I already have plans to visit Boston, Newport, and about a dozen apple orchards. 

Most importantly, I can’t wait to breathe in the sharp cold air of autumn. This humidity in Dallas over the last couple days has been truly a bummer, anyway, we are about to take off so I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. xx Aubrey 

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