(Finally) Tour the TCC Warehouse!!

July 31st, 2016

weather signs

{ Signs by Weathered Signs (obsessed guys)

Oh boy! This is the post you have ALL been waiting for. Request after request has rolled in from you guys, dying to know more about this ‘TCC Warehouse’ I’m always chatting about.

& let’s just say I might be more excited about this post than you.

Okay so little background, after launching my home line back in December, I instantly realized I needed a space to do all the behind the scenes work.the coastal confidence

weathered signs
rack{ vintage style wardrobe rack }

Think product storage, product shoots, packaging, shipping and of course room for all the amazing new TCC mugs.

Sooooo I asked my parents and they were kind enough to give me the loft above my garage for all TCC business. & I just went for it.

The reason why I launched a home line (starting with mugs) is because I am OBSESSED with home decor. It has always been a passion of mine.

Oh & Matt is realizing that now because I’m being super strict with home decor for our new apartment. Basically Matt get’s a TV and playstation besides that all the decor will be picked by yours truly.lavender

vintage clothing rack

For me a clean and personal space is inspiring to me, and being able to create that space is a past time I take really serious.

Of course it can’t be done alone, I had help from Jay at Weathered Signs! He made all these signs for my warehouse and I literally jumped for joy when I got them in the mail.

I love them so so so so much, and my sister has tried to steal the ‘ok, but first coffee’ sign TWICE (hands-off the signs Sarah).

If you are just starting out in designing a space, I would email Jay. I’m already brainstorming new ideas for signs to hang in my Dallas apartment…suggestions???

Next I love hanging up some of my favorite closet pieces, so when I received this wardrobe rack from Pottery Barn I sent it straight up to the warehouse. The vintage details give this piece a classic finish, making it a sensible and elegant piece for the warehouse.

pottery barn latter
pottery barn teen

Okay so this chalkboard was a part of my childhood growing up. When I was in kindergarten I swore I wanted to be a teacher (HAHAHA such a phase because I’m not patient enough to be a teacher) so my parents gave me this chalkboard for my birthday.

Originally it was a mahogany finish so I took matters into my own hands & refinished it to fit into the color scheme of TCC (blues, natural woods & white).

Anyway I was too afraid to refinish it on my own so I took it into Artisan Boutique and they helped me create this amazing focal point. I honestly think it makes the wall.

Of course I had to hang my school banner #USD because my college experience played a big part in starting TCC.tcc warehouse

Finally I gave the chalkboard area a welcoming feel by pairing it with this dress form & storage latter. I usually keep all my stickers for packaging on the storage latter, it makes sending out orders such a breeze.

Overall it’s important to make the space you spend a large amount of time in yours! It will help keep you focused, inspired and keep those creative juices flowing. Let me know what you guys think below xx A.

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