Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

March 7th, 2017

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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously! 

Monday was a killer. Usually, I love Mondays, but yesterday sucked the life out of me slowly, like a creepy dementor from Harry Potter. 

& at the end of the day, I actually felt slightly defeated. I didn’t reach all my daily goals, and I only put a slight dent in this week’s to-do list. So when Matt called me around 5 pm, I kind of lost it and went straight into venting. 

Sometimes I’m so focused that I lose sight of the big picture, aka LIFE! I’ll focus in on stupid things and spend hours thinking about what I did wrong to fall short of my goals and what I should/could be doing to create a better blog and brand for all of you!

To be honest, though, some days you just feel defeated, and that’s when you need to step away, which is OKAY!

Matt basically peeled the computer out of my hands and told me to go to yoga, unwind and tackle the to-do list after. Basically, the worst thing you can do is take life too seriously.  

& he was right!

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After my yoga class I felt 100% better and 200% more flexible, I was able to tackle more of my to-do list and guess what, I didn’t reach my goals but that is still okay! 

I think we’ve all been there, whether you are too hard on yourself, feeling defeated or just not feeling it. It happens to the best of us, and when it does that’s when you need to step away and have fun! 

So the other week, I invested in a pair of blue heels, Matt calls them my ‘fun heels’ and he knows that once those heels go on; TCC Aubrey is clocked out. So much of what I do is well, being constantly on my phone, which I’m not complaining about but a detox is needed every once in awhile. 

& when the detox happens the blue heels come out and if I’m feeling really crazy, I’ll add a pair of tassel earrings too (wild child, I know). Anyway, what do you guys do to take life not so seriously? I’d love to hear your tips. xx Aubrey 

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