Cobalt Blue

June 23rd, 2015

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 Shirt || here. Pants (last season, similar pants found) || here. Floppy Hat || here.  

White Heels || here. 

Hey Guys,

If you haven’t already noticed, I love all things waterfront. I love homes on the water, parks by the river, and restaurants on the pier! I feel like a waterview just brings the whole experience of whatever I am doing, to the next level. Basically a waterview makes photo shoots relaxing for me & scenic for you guys. These pictures were actually taken at my town’s boat house on the CT river, which is now one of my new favorite hangout spots. 

Now let’s talk about this outfit. AHH I am in love, but at first I was super scared ordering a pair of cobalt blue pants! I am usually all about the statement necklace or shoe, but ordering statement pants took a little additional confidence. However, once I got them I was so happy. I can’t wait to take these babies to New York & walk around Tribeca. while actually looking like I could live in Tribeca. 

So my advice to you all today, is be a little brave with your fashion & reach outside your comfort zone. I reached way out of my comfort zone when I ordered these pants & now I can’t stop wearing them. Fashion forward & fun. Have a great day ladies. xx. A


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