Classic New England Trench

March 6th, 2017

Classic New England Trench-104

Trench (other options here & here) || Turtleneck || Jeans || Shoes || Pearls || Purse 

This past weekend was the definition of gloomy. Think constant misty rain, gray skies, and thick fog; not my cup of tea at all.

I love rainy days, especially during the work week but I could have lived without a washout of a weekend. 

But as we head into spring, I’m preparing for more rainy days to come with this affordable trench! Trust me, on this one guys, every New England gal needs a classic trench coat.

Now usually rain jackets are my go-to but on those foggy humid days, where a light jacket is all you need, I’ve been constantly reaching for this trench. As I said, I think every New England girl needs one in her closet…do you agree?!

Classic New England Trench-128
Classic New England Trench-96
Classic New England Trench-106
Classic New England Trench-101
Classic New England Trench-115

Anyway as I said, I really don’t have much to report on this weekend. Matt & I stayed in, and worked on the TCC on Saturday and on Sunday watched both the Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge. Our goal is to watch all the nominated movies so hopefully, we’ll watch Jackie and Manchester by the Sea this week! 

Have you guys seen any of the nominated movies? If so I’d love to hear which ones are your favorite below, to be honest, I’m a movie junkie so I LOVE suggestions. 

& besides watching movies, I did some online shopping. The trench I’m wearing I purchased from Nordstrom here, over the weekend but I also found this one that I think you’d love too. 

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Happy Monday xx Aubrey 

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