Christmas at Disneyland

December 8th, 2014


Oh god it’s beginning to look like Christmas at Disneyland. I have never experienced a Disneyland Christmas, until a few weeks ago, when Matt was here and oh boy. It’s pretty epic to say the least.

Christmas is a great time to feel close to the people around you & appreciate them. The whole season is basically about sharing your life with the people that make you happy. & happiness is always around at Disneyland, ya know, it’s kind of their slogan “the happiest place on earth.”

So I wasn’t surprised when I saw that, Disneyland takes Christmas decorating to a whole new level.

Anyways, the one thing that isn’t ” so magical” is the lines, & oh boy, were there lines.

Matt and I waited in line for “It’s A Small World” for 40 min…but it’s my favorite ride, so of course I wasn’t going to pass it up. So I waited with pride in a line with little ones all dressed up as Elsa, & it was well worth it.! To my surprise the ride was completely decked out for Christmas, so I feel in love with the ride even more. it's_a_small_world_ride

& of course if you know me you know I don’t, do rides.

Nope, No Way, Never.

I hate them so much…I’m like the queen of ride anxiety. But I still love going to Disneyland because I love being around happy people, (& who doesn’t).

Disneyland is a perfect combination of yummy desserts, fairytale parades, and princesses; Disneyland is basically a life goal. disney_land_lines

Anyways so since I hate rides, Matt went as a single rider on California Screaming. & thank god he got on it, because within 5 min it broke down for the day #success.

Anyways he got to experience the one big roller coaster Disney has to offer, so props to him and after that we hit up my rides…aka Fantasyland. But as we walked there we took in all the beautiful decorations and atmosphere.
Honestly go to Disneyland now if you haven’t been during Christmas, because it was amazing. & you can’t turn down The Wonderful World of Colors!disneyland_christmassanta_matterhorn_disney_christmasdisney_christmas_california