Checkered Skirt

September 10th, 2015

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Hey Guys, 

I honestly don’t like skirts, because I feel like a lot can go wrong when wearing a skirt & especially when I’m walking around campus (wind can be a huge issue). However now I’m all about this “below the knee” checkered skirt! Why you might ask? Well it is basically impossible for me to accidentally flash anyone in a skirt that long! Amen!

So this skirt is basically ‘wardrobe malfunction proof’ & I’m still able to look super chic. I’ll even argue that above the knee skirts are more fashionable than above the knee skirts (at least that’s what I think).

So I’ve been looking everywhere for a below the knee skirt & when I found the above skirt on Lyon & Post, I just knew I had to buy it to show you guys! I am all about mixing the girly with the ‘tomboyish pieces’ & this look is exactly that. I’m literally wearing a cut-off, but you wouldn’t notice because I dressed it up with this skirt.

It is all about balancing a look, & honestly I think that is my number one fashion tip! 

Anyways I’m feeling super grateful to all my readers today & wishing you all positive vibes for the rest of your week! xx A


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