Exploring Good Housekeeping’s Headquarters and a Miele Event

October 24th, 2018

A few weeks ago, our crew was invited to New York for an event at the Good Housekeeping Headquarters, in Manhattan; for a night of fashion, fun and a new spin on laundry with the brand Miele. Quickly and without hesitation, we responded back to the invite with a GIANT, yes; as I’ve been obsessing over Miele’s products ever since Matt and I began looking for our first home. With that being said, New York City is always a whirlwind and with so much to do, see and capture; we felt it would be easiest to just bring you…

Texas Bluebonnets

April 13th, 2018

Before heading to Costa Rica with Matt and my family tomorrow, Matt and I decided to play hooky for a day and head on a road trip to see the infamous Texas Bluebonnets. I think I mentioned this in Monday’s work wear post, but recently Matt and I have really been non-stop. I’ve been working extra hours to financially save up for a big upcoming project (hopefully) and Matt’s been busy with March Madness, keeping food in the fridge and my spirits up; as I’ve been checked out due to work.  I’m the definition of a workaholic. I…

Districts of Dallas

February 5th, 2018

I always feel like Friday nights are meant to be spent downtown, does anyone else agree? When Matt and I first got notified that we’d be living in Dallas for two years, we knew the best part of living outside a city, would be having the chance to experience a youthful city nightlife. Both Matt and I love keeping ourselves busy so we felt this two-year adventure would leave us with lots of different neighborhoods to discover and coffee shops to explore.

15 Patriots Bars Across 15 Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At

February 2nd, 2018

Just like that Matt and I are leaving Dallas and heading out to San Francisco to capture, what I believe is, one of the prettiest cities in America. Not only was this weekend the perfect weekend to get away, it also happens to be Super Bowl weekend…LET’S GO PATRIOTS! To be honest, at first Matt was hesitant about traveling on such an important weekend, but I insisted that no matter the city, Patriot fans are in it to win it. Hopefully literally.

Fried Chicken in Dallas

January 29th, 2018

  I spend a good amount of time traveling between Connecticut and Dallas, and whenever I’m traveling by airplane, I often arrive at my destination on an empty stomach. When I land in Connecticut I often head to my parent’s house, aka a stocked fridge, but Dallas is a different story. First off, whenever I  leave Matt alone for a long period of time, I can bet my bottom dollar that the fridge will be bear and the pantry nonexistent. With that information in mind, I can’t help but get excited after landing in Dallas for the restaurants…

Fall in Dallas, Bucket List

October 4th, 2017

Corduroy Shirtdress || Tassel Flats || Belt (old similar listed) || Bag  If you don’t already know, Matt and I split our time between New England and Dallas, Texas. It’s an odd match for sure, but Matt’s currently here for two years and since my work is mobile I can spend half my time with Matt, and the other half in New England. To be honest though, during this time of year and especially in summer I prefer New England, but with that being said, Dallas does have a lot to offer come fall. So I figured I sit…

Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night

August 18th, 2017

Dress (under $100!) || Shoes || Belt (similar listed) || ’47 Brand Hat || Earrings   Matt & I have been quite transparent with you all, when it comes to our love of New England sports. It’s an activity both Matt and I love embracing, and unlike many preppy lifestyle blogs, I’m not talking about polo matches or croquet; no Matt and I are fans of the All American sports aka baseball and football.      The reason why we love these two All American sports so much is plain and simple. There is just something SO inspiring about the cornerstones…

72 Hours in Austin

June 8th, 2017

Shirt (sold out, similar color) || Skirt || Shoes (on sale!) || Bag || Sunglasses  Last weekend was my birthday week, which I’m sure you all remember! We had a huge giveaway to celebrate all Geminis (woot-woot), while Matt & I even decided to take a last minute trip to Austin, to visit my brother.  We snapchat ‘vlogged’ the whole thing, which was a lot of fun! I’d still love your feedback on the snapchat ‘vlogs’, so far it’s been positive but we’d love to know how to improve. Anyway once in Austin, I got soooo many recommendations from all…

Texas Hill Country

June 7th, 2017

Shirt (in white)  || Skirt (on SALE!) || Shoes (on SALE!) || Earrings || Necklace || Lipstick Nothing screams, historic town, like an old fashion bottled Coca-Cola, am I right!  I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions from you guys, asking for me to capture some of my favorite parts of Texas! So this past weekend Matt & I did exactly that. When we decided to head to Austin and San Antonio for my birthday weekend, I knew I had to stop in the historic district of Gruene, in New Braunfels, TX, on the way!  This town reminded…

Afternoon on the Riverwalk

June 4th, 2017

Eyelet Dress || Purse || Earrings || Shoes || Necklace  I don’t know how it can get hotter than this past weekend, but the people in Texas tell me to prepare myself. If you follow Matt and I on Snapchat or Instagram, then you already know that we spent this past weekend exploring South Texas.  We stayed overnight at the Westin Austin Downtown and covered Austin, Gruene, and San Antonio. I’ve been to both Austin and San Antonio before, but I was excited to explore these unique cities with Matt.  On Saturday I found myself again, on the…