Because I went to a All Girls Catholic High School

February 24th, 2014


High School.

“It was the best of times and it was the worst of times”–literally. I loved high school & it could have been because I went to an amazingly supportive all girls high school. My best friend from high school is still my best friend today; while also dating my boyfriend’s identical twin brother.

Here is Kelly (my BFF) & Ryan (Matt's brother)

Here is Kelly (my BFF) & Ryan (Matt’s brother)


Here is Matt & I

Yup…its a long story. Yet high school was such a fun time. The work was hard but not killer, the teachers were strict but still sympathetic & my high school had more school spirit than my college has (it’s really sad).

Anyways here were some of the perks that came with going to an all girls high school in CT:

ImageDances weren’t just a dance; they were more of a mini-Oscar afar. My pink Sherri Hill Dress was fully embroidered out & is still one of my favorite dresses I have ever worn ( I was only 15 there too).


Back to the days when hoop earnings & bandanas were in ( & I swear they were in style back in 2009)! Our school went to Mohegan Sun for a basketball game! How cool is that.


Last but not least we got to get down & nerdy in these super fashionable school uniforms. Trust me ladies no one who has a uniform dresses up their uniforms, like in Gossip Girl. Also you always feel a little awkward going out after school; as everyone tries to guess which private school you go to because of your unique attire ( also there are like 100 of these babies in CT).

PS: Imagine going to school in that skirt….in the middle of winter. Enough said on that note.

I am living vicarious through all you high schoolers as my week of college midterms begins.

Stay Confident & Enjoy Every Moment,