Beach Attire

April 6th, 2014


It’s finally here!

IMG_4366California has officially re-opened all of their beaches; which results in lifeguards on jet-skies, families throwing celebrations in make-shift tents, & thousands of tanners reading the most popular book, that is soon to become a movie (I believe currently the book of choice is: The Fault in Our Stars).


Nothing is more exciting than bathing suit season in California. As you may guess there are millions of bathing suit shops throughout the city. Yet, while it looks like perfection outside, the beach always tends to be freezing by 3pm. So to avoid ruining your beach tan; when the cold front comes in at 3pm (on the dot), I always pack a few casual beach essentials:


Here is the Beach outfit I always love to sport:

Take my advice (especially if your in California) & pack up your beach bag!

Stay Confident & Tan