April Showers!

Happy April!
April means that summer is almost here & I know we are all ready to be done with school work; at least I sure am (says the girl with 2 test this week)! I know my friends in the East got snow on Monday (happy spring to you guys) & here in San Diego the April Showers have already begun (& plan on continuing for the next few days). With that being said, it’s time to log into your Netflix account, snuggle into bed & maybe do some online shopping; cause it looks like this April is going to be a wet one (between snow & showers).

No one can make a night in more glamorous than Lilly Pulitzer so take her advice & buy a cute dress, dress up & snuggle in with some kittens (perfection). I can tell this April is going to fly by. So start buying up those spring/summers clothing essentials.

Stay Confident & Cozy