Beach Essentials!

June 17th, 2014

hey hey…so summertime = beach time so I am laying out my beach essentials!

So here we go:


Literally I have been laying on this beach towel all weekend with my beach essentials.

Nothing is more important than having a hat// mine is Vineyard Vines, Sunglasses// Ray-Ban, & a snack// Luna Bars are always my go to.

So sometimes just sitting in the sun/shade can get a little boring (Ik life is hard lol), so I always bring out some serious entertainment.

I always bring a Magazine// Glamour (is my fav) & my IPad to play music. IPad retro case// Kate Spade!

Finally & most importantly….Hydration!


I always make sure to either bring a bottle of water or some ice tea. sooo yesterday I mixed some seltzer water with lemon & lime juice to make a little afternoon refresher, & drank up!

Anyways I am off back to the pool & enjoying the sun :)!

Stay Confident,