Turning Twenty Five

June 15th, 2019
Location  •   Nantucket, Massachusetts

Since moving back to New England full-time – almost a year ago today – I’ve transitioned my Instagram feed to strictly all things New England. From seasonal snapshots to historic homes, I always post to Instagram with all New Englanders in mind and the goal to authentically depict New England lifestyle. I‘m really proud of how hard we’ve worked this year and how far my photographer has come.  While the majority of my audience is on Instagram, I’ve always dedicated a lot of my time to my more personal platform: my blog. My blog is what started it…

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Your Guide To Summering In Nantucket

June 13th, 2019
Location  •   Nantucket, Massachusetts

At the start of 2019, I sat down to make a travel destination bucket list. Nantucket was at the top of my list! Matt had never been to Nantucket – and I had only visited once for a brand trip – which I blogged about here. During my first trip, I had no time to explore the restaurants or shops in Nantucket. But, after so many of you reached out to inquire about a Nantucket guide last year – I knew it was my job to head back to Nantucket to truly experience the island so I could share an…

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Top Cedar-Shingled Towns Worth Biking Through

June 11th, 2019
Location  •   Nantucket, Massachusetts

There’s something tranquil about an early morning bike ride through New England seaside towns. I jump at the opportunity to grab my bike,  camera, and binoculars to catch a glimpse of scenic views before tourists have awakened. One of my favorite early morning routes is to pedal down to our local bakery to pick up a breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches for my family. Recently I traveled to Nantucket and stayed at The White Elephant. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to check out basket bikes – Matt and I couldn’t resist! It was Matt’s first trip to Nantucket…

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5 Dairy Farms to Visit for Ice Cream in New England

June 2nd, 2019
Location  •   North Smithfield, Rhode Island

With temperatures in the high 70s, I spent all weekend embracing the best treat of the season – ice cream! Last year, I posted 5 Ice Cream Stands To Visit In Connecticut. A few hours after the post went live I was flooded with suggestions for a follow-up post. When deciding how to showcase New England’s dairy farmers for summer, I knew our favorite topic of ice cream would be a sweet spot.  Last weekend our crew loaded up the car and went east to Wright’s Dairy Farm & Bakery. Wright’s uses the milk from their cows to create tasty treats –…

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Hosting A Beach Lobster Bake On A Budget

May 13th, 2019
Location  •   Groton Long Point

Thank you Christmas Tree Shops for sponsoring this post. Nothing sums up summertime in New England quite like a lobster bake! Truth be told, it has been a very long and rainy May so far. So when warm weather appeared on the radar, I wanted to take advantage of it by planning something fun. I took the opportunity to finally hit the beach, and to celebrate, I decided to host a lobster bake! But first, I needed to update my beach and outdoor dining essentials. I was over the moon when Christmas Tree Shops reached out to partner with our crew because…

5 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf This Summer

May 8th, 2019
Location  •   Clinton, CT

  Lately, I’ve been embracing silk scarfs! Whether I’m wearing it to add a pop of color to my outfit or tie back my hair back, I always keep a silk scarf closeby. When it comes to pricey designer scarves, Gucci, Hermes, or Burberry silk scarfs are dream-worthy.  Spending $500 on a scarf doesn’t suit my current lifestyle, so I brainstormed a few ways to embrace the trend without breaking the bank. After searching, I scored some gorgeous silk scarfs for just under $50!  1. The Necktie // Start by folding the scarf in half to make a triangle. Continue to fold your scarf…

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Basket Bags For Summer In New England

May 6th, 2019
Location  •   New England

I carry a basket bag all summer long! Whether I’m taking a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island or exploring my favorite lighthouses one thing is for sure – a basket bag is in tow. This year I decided to add a pop of color to my basket bag collection with this blush number. Fun fact: When I’m not carrying my basket bags – I display them as decor in my home! Below I’m sharing how I style my basket bags during summer in New England:  Hopefully this post inspired you to incorporate basket bags into your summer wardrobe too! Are…

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Antique Trail Part 2: Connecticut’s Western Shoreline

May 3rd, 2019
Location  •   Westport, Connecticut

New England is home to so many antique shops filled to the brim with historic treasures! Whether you’re looking for something specific like moderately priced transferware platters or a high-end colonial piece New England has it. Once I saw a portrait of George Washington painted by an artist during his presidency worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. With so many good shops to hunt, our crew decided to split Connecticut’s shoreline Antique Trail into two posts. Our first post focused on the Eastern Shoreline towards Rhode Island, check out the post here. This post will focus on Connecticut’s Western Shoreline! Below…

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Tiered Silhouette Dresses: A Closet Staple

May 1st, 2019
Location  •   Niantic, Connecticut

With summer around the corner, it’s finally warm enough to break out dresses! I live in dresses and skirts all summer. While recently unboxing my summer wardrobe, I realized I have multiple tiered silhouette dresses. This got me thinking: why was the tiered silhouette dress such a favorite of mine? The answer: tiered silhouette dresses are feminine, flowy, and forgiving! Whether you’re traveling to a sunny destination or feeling a little bloated after one too many lobster rolls – a tiered silhouette lets you breathe, move, and enjoy every summer activity – like fishing on the dock! I’m a…

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Exploring Essex, Connecticut in Spring

April 29th, 2019
Location  •   Essex, Connecticut

  Essex is easily one of my favorite towns in Connecticut. It’s a unique coastal town highlighted by a Main Street lined with colonial homes – for true historic New England charm!  With its shoreline proximity, you’d think Essex was only a summer hot spot, but visitors travel to the town all year-round! The locals are deeply rooted in the community. Every store, coffee shop, and restaurant thrives straight through each season, which isn’t the case for many seaside New England destinations. From Nantucket to Mystic, many coastal towns resort to ghost towns come Autumn until Spring.  Essex is…

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