Why Every Closet Needs a Leopard Coat

December 8th, 2017
Location  •   Hartford County, CT

Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1391Leopard Coat c/o || White Turtleneck || Black Denim || Shoes

This post has been long overdue, for one reason in particular, and that reason being I was having the hardest time finding that perfect leopard coat. I really didn’t want to pull the plug on this timeless piece until I knew it was a cut I would return to year after year, so when I walked by the leopard number above hanging in the window, of my local J.McLaughlin store, I walked right in and knew I needed it. 

Leopard prints are a fun and stylish way to add texture, color and a pop to any outfit. I only own two pieces of leopard print so far, these shoes (currently on sale, and last seen here) and this coat above, because for the longest time I was afraid to add leopard to my closet. Over time, actually, this year to be exact,  I learned that leopard is a closet essential and is actually quite easy to style when paired with your everyday neutral pieces, it adds the perfect pop of color, especially during the holiday season. 

Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1358
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1419
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1519
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1620
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1535
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1566
 The other day, my Mom and I were driving around one of my favorite Connecticut towns to shoot some images of houses, when I spotted this red colonial home. It had the coziest of decorations, with an ambiance of chestnuts roasting over an open fire warmth, so I had my Mom pull over so I could jump out and snap a picture of the home. While I was taking pictures of the house my mom suggested I grab the leopard coat I had just picked up from J.McLaughlin to throw over my white turtleneck and black denim to snap a few outfit photos. 

When I saw how charming the coat looked against the house, I said let’s just go with it and we took enough for an entire blog post. I was by no means planning on shooting an outfit photo, my hair was nothing special and my makeup was basically non-existent but something about this leopard coat against this cozy colonial home was picturesque. Basically, just one piece in my closet took a basic look and turned it into a festive statement. 

Okay, this all brings me to my main point, why every closet needs a leopard coat! You guys need to invest in a leopard coat because it’s the piece you pull out when you say, I have nothing to wear. Just throw it on top of any neutral pieces you might own, and if you are like me, you own a lot of neutral turtlenecks, and turn that basic piece into a ho-ho-ho statement! 

Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1436
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1515
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1506
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1413
Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1464
 All you have to do now is wait for the perfect leopard coat to appear. I splurged on this J.Mclaughlin coat because I loved the collarless look and snap button closure on top. These features make throwing on the coat easy and the lightweight style functional to travel with. Overall don’t be afraid to invest in a leopard piece, I was for the longest time, but this holiday season alone I’ve gotten more use and compliments out of my jacket than I ever anticipated. 

Okay, that about concludes my case. I hope you all have some festive activities planned for the weekend. Matt and I are headed out to see Coco and hopefully a Christmas light show or two. I’d love to hear from you all, do you own a leopard coat or is it a hard pass? Leave your thoughts below, xx Aubrey. Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1393

Frosted Window Panes and Leopard Coats-1457
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