The Presentation Blazer

August 16th, 2017
Location  â€¢   SMU, TX
Okay, Matt and I are currently packing for Ireland, but we are taking a break to discuss something pretty important with all of you…college staples.
It’s that time of the year again, can you believe it? 
Both my brother and sister have already headed back to school, and per your requests, I figured I’d share a closet staple that is essential for any gal heading back to campus this fall. 
This year I’m sharing one of my favorite closet staples...the presentation blazer. 
When I was a student at The University of San Diego it was essential to have a blazer in my closet for presentations. Whether I was getting up in front of the class to talk market trends in digital marketing or financial forecasting in investments; a blazer (true to size, when ordering) was the perfect piece to take an outfit from ‘day – to – office’. 
Preppy college style
The Presentation Blazer
blazer for college
The Presentation Blazer
The Presentation Blazer-2641
My school was pretty strict on presentation attire, and our outfits often played a role in the grade we received, because let’s admit it how you present yourself in business is just as essential as the material you are presenting. 
This meant I had to really get a firm grasp on business casual and take my normal college style up a notch. Whenever I was told a presentation was in the future, I usually had a few go to outfits, depending on the topic at hand. 
If it was a marketing class, I typically went for a more casual and fashion-forward style; pictured above. I would wear dark denim jeans, a white tee, my go to blazer, formal heels and of course, a cute bandana to tie the whole look together. 
If I was presenting to my finance classes, I would always dress up the look a tad more just by replacing jeans with a pencil skirt, this one is my current favorite. I will say, it’s slightly humorous how dressing for departments requires different aesthetics but all and all, know who you’re presenting to is essential. 
Finally, the reason why I became so attached to my blazer was that I often found myself having ‘last moment’ presentations. What I mean by that is finding out on Tuesday we’d be presenting a quick power point on Thursday, so by having my presentation blazer all ready to go in my closet, really decreased my presentation butterflies. preppy college style
j.crew college style
Boston College Style
So there you go, my one piece every college gal needs. If you’re headed back to college, comment below where you are attending and what your go to item is this fall semester. xx Aubrey 
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