The Perfect White Tee

May 18th, 2017

The Perfect White Tee-2831

The Perfect White Tee || J.Crew Retro Jeans (just $39) || Necklace || Watch

Finding the perfect white tee has taken me 22 years, but it was worth the wait. I’ve tried tees from Nordstroms, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Free People, Hanes; you name it I’ve tried it. 

So this year, I decided to try J.Crew Factory’s version of the ‘basic white tee‘ and OMG. It’s perfect. Not only is it super affordable, it’s also almost always on sale (WIN/WIN). 

Basically, I refuse to pay over $20 dollars for a basic t-shirt, and I also refuse to buy any white tees that are the following: too thin, involves a plunging neckline or easy to stretch out.The Perfect White Tee-2839

The Perfect White Tee-2776
The Perfect White Tee-2699

I’ll be honest, I’m picky! But having flattering staple pieces is the foundation of any good wardrobe. So yesterday, I was running super late for meetings, so I threw on this white tee, and these retro jeans GUYS HOW CUTE ARE THEY! 

Matt hates them BUT what do you think!? For the price, I think they are AWESOME. I like to think it’s J.Crew’s take on retro, and I’m not fighting it. 

Anyway, Matt & I have a jammed packed weekend, which should be interesting. Lots of photos, lots of travel and lots of fun. What are you guys up to this weekend? Let me know below :)! xx Aubrey The Perfect White Tee-2832

The Perfect White Tee-2657
The Perfect White Tee-2774

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