Sunday Morning

November 2nd, 2016


Sectional || Dash & Albert Rug || Coffee Table || Coasters || Coffee Table Legs || Record Player || Tray || Vase || Pajamas (currently ON SALE)

After traveling to New England for two weeks, I was happy to arrive back in Dallas for a little down time. I got in late Saturday night and enjoyed a cozy Sunday morning with Matt at home. Our little apartment is finally starting to come together, so I figured I’d share a little glimpse with you all!

The couch is by far my favorite & is even cozier than it looks. I wanted our space to be light and inviting so I paired the grey couch with this Icelandia white rug from Dash & Albert! The Dash & Albert rug fit perfectly in our living room & was essential in making the area feel inviting.

Finally I was really inspired to include reclaimed wood, after watching the Fixer Uppers of course, so I worked with Reclaimed DesignWork to find the perfect neutral reclaimed wood for my space. I used old wood to create a coffee table and desk for my office (office tour coming soon, I promise).


To be completely honest with you all, every Sunday is kind of a lazy day for Matt & I. I usually like to wake up leave my pajamas on till just about noon, around the same time that I start to feel like I need to get my life in order. I’ll get dressed & head out to a local coffee shop. Coffee shops are my favorite and I wouldn’t mind running one, at all.

So after exploring a new coffee shop, I’ll come back to put on my cozy pajamas, eat some cinnamon buns and watch football. I always have pre-made cinnamon buns on hand, which I know isn’t a healthy option but they taste and smell sooooo good.

So on a typical lazy Sunday morning you’ll find Matt, Eloise & I all in our pajamas on the big comfy grey couch. & the odds of us all watching football in our pjs is about 99%! Spill what you do on your lazy Sundays below, xx Aubrey. sunday-morning-the-coastal-confidence-3


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