Stripe Midi Dress

April 30th, 2017

Stripe Midi Dress-0775

Stripe Midi Dress c/o || Wicker Bag || Earrings || Shoes || Lipstick 

The fact that the midi dresses are everywhere this season, is making 2017 a good year for me!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the midi length, it feels very Doris Day to me, which I love, however before 2017 it was almost impossible to find a cute midi. Before this spring, all I could find was boho midi dresses, but hold onto your seats preppy gals because this dress is anything but boho. 

From the classic collar to the seersucker print, this dress is ideal and falls perfectly as a midi dress for spring. The fact that it’s lightweight cotton and super breathable only adds to the fact that I’m never taking off this number. 

Especially as it starts to heat up here in Texas! 

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Stripe Midi Dress-0691
Stripe Midi Dress-0740
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Stripe Midi Dress-0518

Over the weekend Matt & I started to embrace the first of Texas’ spring heat here in Dallas. It reached only 89 degrees, but it felt like 110 degrees to say the least.

We rallied though the heat and ran out to our local ice creamer to grab some sundaes and catch some sun. It’s so weird to think it’s already May, to be honest it didn’t really feel like it till I scrolled through my weather app. The heat is alive and well, and if any of you are from Texas I’d love your advice on how to stay cool during the summer heat. 

Besides preparing for the heat, I’m not ready for all the May Day memes. Hahah anyone else with me?! 

Stripe Midi Dress-0581

Stripe Midi Dress-0520
Stripe Midi Dress-0647

Anyway I hope you all have the best and most productive Monday! New month, new slate and new motivation so head out there and kill it! Before I go, I’d love to hear from you graduating ladies, if anyone is graduating I’d love to hear where you are graduating from and what you are motivated to conquer next! 

You are all incredible, so I love being in the loop. xx Aubrey 

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