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May 15th, 2017
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Podcasts I'm Currently Obsessed With | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow

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 I love walking; you’ll find me walking to coffee shops, walking to work, and always walking just to clear my mind. Walking is a great way for me to declutter my mind and mentally reset; but sometimes when I’m on my walks, I notice my thoughts going straight back to ‘the clutter’. 

The clutter of finances, to-do lists, fires to put out and plans to be excited about; all and all I wasn’t making the most of my downtime until I got into podcasts. 

You know what they say, time is currency, use time wisely, we all have the same about of time in a day; blah blah blah. All this emphasize on maximizing your time was making my R&R time anything but relaxing, so I decided to add some wisdom to my walks. 

Podcasts are great because they keep your mind busy, you absorb a lot of useful content while getting a good laugh in! I now have Matt and my Mom both addicted to podcasts, I initially thought podcasts would be boring and boy was I wrong. 

I figured I’d list some of my favorite podcasts below, and please comment below any you currently like! 

1. NPR – How I Built This

2. Ask Him & Her – The Skinny Confidential

3. Missing Richard Simmons

4. The Lady Gang

5. Awesome Etiquette

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6 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m Currently Obsessed With

  1. Kayla Benedetto

    My drive to and from school everyday is about 45 minutes to an hour one-way, and I’ve REALLY gotten into podcasts to make the drive seem less boring! I love true-crime stories, and Sword and Scale is a great true-crime podcast. If you like ghost stories/folktales, Lore is pretty awesome too. One of my favorites is Invisibilia from NPR! These two women dig deep into psychological theories and the human psyche. Hope you check them out! :)

  2. Sarah

    I love listening to Podcasts! I am a sales rep so spend my life in the car and Podcasts are a great way to kill time productivity so to speak. My faves are:
    • She Means Business
    • Join Up Dots with David Ralph

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