Pineapple Shorts in Aruba

April 25th, 2017

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On the last day of vacation, Matt & I decided to get up at 5:00 am and watch the sunrise. I’ll admit this wasn’t an easy task for us to do, we had to set several alarms and still almost snoozed through the whole thing. Buttttt we tapped into our will power and rolled out of bed just in time aka 6:25 am, exactly an hour and twenty minutes after we should have been up. 

All good though, because the timing worked out perfectly for picture taking, because the water was clear of swimmers, the sun was bright and hitting the water perfectly to capture that iconic Caribbean blue water and it was nice getting our work done before 8:00 am, that’s literally the best feeling known to man. 

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So besides feeling pumped for taking on the world before 9:00 am, I was also pumped to share these pineapple shorts with you guys. They’re my go to shorts recently, and to say I get compliments is an understament, everyone wants to know where to snag a pair, and guess what today they are on sale for just $29.00. 

So I think we all need a pair, or two! But on a more serious note, it was actually stunning getting up early and really taking in the blue hues of that warm Caribbean water. 

If you are headed to Aruba, I highly recommend setting aside at least one day to see the sunrise; trust me it’s worth it. 

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Pineapple Shorts in Aruba-9576I’m really grateful that I got to spend a week with my family and Matt in Aruba.

It can be really hard to get my whole family together since I have a brother in Austin, a sister in North Carolina and my mother, father and little sister in CT, so planning a destination meet-up was really a fun way to get the family together for some much-needed sun and R&R. 

Also who wouldn’t want to go to Aruba, so I was 100% fine with the idea. xx Aubrey 

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