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April 16th, 2017

On Island Time-8409

White Eyelet Dress c/o || Tropical Drink Shorts c/o || Belt || Polo | Earrings

I have a love-hate relationship with ‘island time’. On one hand, I love having a cleared schedule, and absolutely nothing to do but take in the beauty of Aruba. Yet, on the other hand, I’m itching to grab my phone, find better cell reception and connect with you all.  

When it comes to planning a tropical vacation, Matt & I split up our days. We either wake up at 6:30 am and shoot photos for TCC at sunrise, followed by hitting the beach or hit the beach in the morning and shoot images mid-day say 3ish.  Seersucker Stripe Blocked Dress-8300

On Island Time-8571
On Island Time-8047

We love unwinding, down on the island and all, but I’m just not a still soul, shall we say. I’m a five hours max at the beach, girl and I’m lucky that Matt is on the same page with me. To be honest, we both get a little island fever and once that fifth hour hits, we are on the move.

Breaking up our day like this allows us to get R&R in, while still leaving us plenty of time to shoot TCC content and not to mention explore the island a little bit. So on our second day on the island, we decided to shoot around 3ish because apparently the sun’s positioning really allows the camera to pick up the crystal blue hues in the water. 

I will say, nothing beats Caribbean water, and I mean nothing. It’s by far my favorite backdrop for photos, so brace yourself for a lot of it coming your way. On Island Time-8256

On Island Time-8083
On Island Time-8196
On Island Time-8590
On Island Time-8684
On Island Time-8335

I love visiting Aruba because I always seem to bump into the coolest New Englanders, and you can thank Jet Blue’s direct flight from Logan Airport to Aruba for that. Besides bonding over the Patriot’s superbowl victory we all seem to have one thing in common, let’s call it an Aruba dress code. 

The whole island was covered in New Englanders embracing the EDSFTG lifestyle. Teenage boys were wearing Vineyard Vines’ graphic tees while Vineyard Vines’ flip-flops scattered the beach. 

Before Matt & I headed to Aruba we picked up a few final things, including this eyelet strapless dress & Matt’s tropical drink shorts, which if you follow me on snapchat (aubreyrose740) you know I just can’t get enough of! 

I like to pack light, so Matt & I wore these outfits to the beach before heading to a late dinner at Smokey Joe’s Isalnd Grill, and actually repeated this look the other night!

When it comes to vacation style and traveling light, repeating outfits is totally A-Okay. 

On Island Time-8496

On Island Time-8667
On Island Time-8223

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