Meeting Monday

May 7th, 2017
Location  â€˘   McKinney, Texas

Meeting Monday

J.McLaughlin Dress c/o || Bag || Shoes || Earrings || Lipstick

If I learned one thing from college, it was that having a busy and meeting filled Monday really sets the tone for a successful week. Now I was in a soriroty in college that had ‘meeting Mondays’ which meant every Monday at 7pm we met in ‘business casual’ of course. 

At first, I hated the idea of business casual especially on a Monday, but then after time I loved picking out a cute dress and pair of heels come Sunday night. I 100% think dressing up and having a business Monday really helped me stay on task, productive and enthusastic about my work. 

& guys, people can pick up on that energy, especially come Monday when everyone else is reminiscing about the weekend.

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But let’s get things straight here, the term business casual is something I always dreaded, anyone else?. I either end up looking way overdressed OR wayyyyy underdressed. So, each year I stock up on J.McLaughlin Dresses, the quality and cut are perfect for business casual BUT also easy to wear on the weekend. 

While some gals, might hesitate on the price for just a dress, I will say these dresses are QUALITY! My go to pink dress, which I wore in 2015 on the blog here, is still a weekly staple for me. They wash amazingly, they look so classy and hold up so well guys. 

This post is not at all sponsored, I just feel like it’s a brand you should keep on your radar.

So if you are interested in buying another Lilly dress this summer, I’d recommend investing in a J.McLaughlin staple instead. I have so many Lilly dresses that I thought I’d wear a ton but come post-college, you’ll get more use out of one of these!

Okay, I’m off to three meetings, and I hope you guys go out and kill Monday! xx Aubrey. Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2596

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