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August 3rd, 2017

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Recently our team has seen an influx of questions focused on college campus style. From freshman attending college for the first time to seniors heading back for their last hoorah, everyone is in official back to school mode.

Or at least back to school shopping mode, my favorite.

Okay, navigating campus attire can be fun but also tricky. I often get emails from you guys asking how to pull off a classy athleisure look, and I’m here with some answers.

There are many forms of athleisure and when I attended college in San Diego, athleisure was a huge part of the California lifestyle, so I feel like I know some good tricks and tips for dressing the part.

At my college, a lot of my peers and friends taught at yoga studios nearby, lived an active lifestyle as they religiously went to the gym, or were constantly heading to the beach after class.

Overall I quickly learned how to find a classic athleisure look that you can easily transition from the classroom to the gym.

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While you could go for an edgier athleisure look, think Puma, or a sportier look like Adidas or Lululemon; I tend to go for a more finished athleisure style. 
I often find classic and more conservative athletic wear at J.Crew. While always trying to be transparent with you all, I will say J.Crew’s athletic line isn’t the best to work out in. 
& by that I mean, I love my J.Crew scalloped navy leggings, so chic right?, but I wouldn’t suggest running in them. They seem to slip down, so I’ll only wear these leggings for activities like walking, gentle yoga or running between classes. 
Same thing goes with these New Balance sneakers, I ALWAYS get compliments on them, but they aren’t meant by any means, to be worn for a workout. 
Okay, enough transparency, let’s go back to style. 

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So here is how to pull off a J.Crew Athleisure on Campus: 
Like everything in life, start your outfit out with a solid foundation, aka preppy leggings. I’ve recently been obsessed with these Parisian looking leggings, and the best part about a statement leggings, is they are easy to style. 
The leggings I’m wearing in these images are available here
Next, I always recommend wearing a sports bra, why you might ask? Simply because it’s the easiest way to transition from class to the gym. I’ve specifically been a huge fan of J.Crew’s crop top bra, seen here
Now it’s time to add the leisure to the athletic. I love throwing a workout top in my purse and wearing a knit sweater over my sports bra to class.
Sweaters are a really easy way to dress up your athletic wear while keeping you warm in the coldest of classrooms. I decided to wear this tank top sweater (under $40), which hits at the hip, and is easy to throw on for class and pull off for the gym. 

J.Crew Athleisure on Campus-1770

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J.Crew Athleisure on Campus-1833

Finally, I pulled the whole look together with New Balance sneakers, a jean jacket to cinch the whole look together; along with a purse filled with all my gym going gear. 
By waking up, and wearing athleisure you not only give yourself an easy style to run in between classes with, but you also set yourself up to hit the gym once you finish off classes for the day.
I’d love to hear how you guys embrace athleisure in your life. What are some pieces you think every gal NEEDS in her athleisure closet? I’m in the market for some new pieces, so let me know below. 
xx Aubrey 
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