How to Style a Graphic Tee

August 25th, 2017
Location  •   Connecticut, USA
I was, and still am, a huge fan of graphic tees. Now, just because I’m a fan, doesn’t mean I’m not picky. Sometimes graphic tees can come off, cheesy and almost ‘Limited Too’-ish, but when done right, a graphic tee can really highlight your personality and style.
When I was in college, I would constantly come up with new ways to style my tees, whether it be with jeans, leggings, or even tied to the side with shorts; I lived in graphic tees and dresses. Yet no matter what, I always received the most comments when I paired these tees with skirts. 
If I learned one thing, throughout my years, it’s to NEVER underestimate the style factor and versatility of a good graphic tee. You can purchase them from basically any brand, and in different styles. For example, this Wildfox white teethis Italian themed graphic tee, and of course this iconic number.
new england style
preppy style
anthropologie skirt style
Anway, the other day I was running down towards NYC for some TCC meetings and wanted a put-together but youthful business casual look, after all, I’m only 23 and I’m currently planning on avoiding pant suits for as long as possible. So I reached for this skirt, which is a little more understated than my ‘holiday skirt’ (last seen here). 
While the skirt screams business, I dressed it down with an age-appropriate graphic tee. I think it’s essential to really embrace both your age and personal style when dressing for campus or work. This also makes it easy to transition from work to play, so after my meetings in Westport, I was able to meet friends at the beach for a quick walk and Starbucks break. 
mules for fall
preppy graphic tee style
anthropologie preppy style
Currently, Matt & I are still in Ireland and I can’t wait to get back to share the images with you all. But until then I’d love to hear how you all style graphic tees. 
Do you like layering necklaces? Styling them with jackets and layers or keeping it simple with a pair of blue jeans? Leave all your style details in the comments below. 
Anyway, Matt & I are off to our final stop in Ireland…Ashford Castle and I’m beaming with excitement. Make sure to follow us over on Instagram for all the details. xx Aubrey 

how to style a graphic tee

anthropologie business casual
graphic tee

Photos by Carter Fish

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