Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts

August 10th, 2017

Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts

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The other day, I took to Instagram stories to share an oh, so real struggle.

I woke up to smoggy contacts, which is a horrible way to start the day, So I threw out the pair of contacts I was wearing, only to open my bathroom drawer to find my contact supply boxes all empty. The horror.

I have been wearing contacts since I was in 4th grade, basically, if you know me then you know, contacts and I go way, way, way back. However, I never seem to learn my lesson, when it comes to ordering contacts ahead of time. It’s basically the one and only thing, I seem to ALWAYS procrastinate on.

I took to Instagram, to ask you guys, for suggestions or tips & so many of you reached out and told me to use Simple Contacts.

Personally, I needed to get my contacts quickly, as I had a blog photo shoot coming up, and I also was 1,720 miles away from my ophthalmologist. So running into the doctor’s office wasn’t an option, and I really didn’t want to spend the time finding a new ophthalmologist in the Dallas area.

Long story short, I went with your suggestions and tried out Simple Contacts, and I was highly impressed. I could easily see how this app would be a college girl’s best friend. Packing for college can be overwhelming and forgetting to order contacts for a new school year, can be even worse.

Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts-2852

Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts-2880
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts-2839

So I’m excited to sit down and share my back to school game day style with you all, while sharing my embarrassing contact story.

Now,  back to the other morning, after finding empty contact boxes, I downloaded the app, from the comfort of my own bed while wearing my pajamas mind you, and took the vision test.

Basically, this is how it works:

The first test checks for redness in your eyes, and just asked you to look up, left and right. Simple. The second test is to make sure the contacts you are wearing, aka your prescription, is still a good fit for your eyesight. The test was the classic eye doctor test, you stand ten feet away from your phone and read letters from a sign.

The whole process took just 3 minutes, yes I timed it. 

I was initially hesitant about using the app, as I was worried that they wouldn’t have the brand I wear, as I have drier eyes and have to go with extra hydrating lenses. But they had both the brand and the hydrating option, along with a long list of other brands to choose from. Phew.

The whole experience was painless.

And then when Simple Contacts reached out to me about collaborating, I knew the TCC would be a perfect platform to get personal about my embarrassing contact situations.

So let’s jump in…Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts

Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts

First off my ophthalmologist is in Connecticut, and I spent four years attending college in San Diego, where I would constantly make my mom expedite boxes of contacts to my school P.O box, that’s what moms are for, right?!  So whenever my contact supply started running low, I’d be between a rock and a hard place.

Even though I live in Dallas now, I do go home to Connecticut often enough, that I don’t NEED to switch eye doctors but I was constantly getting into ‘situations’ when it came to running out of contacts, and here is one of those times.

It was actually my 20th birthday! Just that night before, I was flying home from college in San Diego and arrived home in Connecticut ready for a jam packed ‘birthday-week’.

Anyway, on the day of my 20th birthday, I woke up and got ready, as we were headed to see Cinderella on Broadway. At the time, I was really into liquid winged eyeliner, think Taylor Swift style, so I was in the middle of perfecting my classic winged look, when I accidentally got eyeliner in my right eye. I quickly ran to the bathroom to flush my eye out with water, and oops, there went my contact, right down the sink. I wasn’t concerned though, I assumed I had more contacts, but I was so wrong.

So I call up my doctor, pleading to let me come in and just buy one contact replacement. As technically, he has to order them through a supply company which can take up to two weeks, much slower than Simple Contacts.

Anyway, he says fine, and I drove thirty minutes to his office, grab the one contact and drove home. Mind you all with one of those Band-Aid eye patches on, as I had left my glasses at my apartment in San Diego.

Once I finally got home, my family informs me I have about 15 minutes to get my contact on, redo my makeup on my right eye and get ready to go. So I run upstairs, put the contact in and everything goes blurry.

Ouch, I grab the contact out of my eye looked at the packaging and realized he gave me a contact for farsightedness, and let me tell you I’m really nearsighted.

Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts-2096
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts
Get Ready for Game Day with Simple Contacts

I’m a (-5.00) to be exact.

So I do what any gal would do on her birthday, I rallied, I grabbed a new eye patch and went to Broadway like a one-eyed pirate. Anything for Cinderella, am I right!

I wish I had photos, but I honestly refused to partake in any images while wearing the pirate patch.

By far one of the most embarrassing stories, I’ve told yet on TCC platform.

Whether you’re getting ready for a Broadway play, homecoming football games or a new semester of college; don’t let your long distance relationship with your eye doctor, resulting in an eye patch fashion statement. Just download the Simple Contacts App and use code ‘CC30′ for $30 off your first purchase!

Oh & please leave any embarrassing contact stories you might have below, I’ve heard some good ones. xx Aubrey

Thank you, Simple Contacts, for sponsoring this post. 

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