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February 5th, 2018
Location  •   Dallas, TX

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I always feel like Friday nights are meant to be spent downtown, does anyone else agree? When Matt and I first got notified that we’d be living in Dallas for two years, we knew the best part of living outside a city, would be having the chance to experience a youthful city nightlife. Both Matt and I love keeping ourselves busy so we felt this two-year adventure would leave us with lots of different neighborhoods to discover and coffee shops to explore. 

I’ll admit Dallas wasn’t exactly what I pictured when I first visited. I thought the city would be more on the historical end, like a Boston or Charleston, filled with old homes and charming streets; but in all honestly, Dallas is a classic metropolitan city. Between massive highways and building cranes filling the skyline, you can tell this city is in the mists of a huge growth spurt, making Matt and I, very grateful that we get to experience a city that welcomes new businesses with open arms and land to build on. This growing metropolitan area has provided Matt and I, with an ever growing amount of restaurants, coffee shops and dessert joints to choose from, making our trips downtown that much more fun. 

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I guess the hardest part about living in such a growing city is keeping up with all the different districts and what they have to offer. If you’re new to Dallas or just visiting for the weekend you might feel overwhelmed, I know I did, so I wanted to share some of my favorite districts with you all and what they have to offer: 

+ Downtown District: I visit Downtown not nearly enough, but when I do I like to take in the museum and events the city has to offer. I often find myself visiting The Sixth Floor Museum, which showcases the life, death, and legacy of President JFK, with family members visiting the city for the first time; or I’ll find myself at the American Airlines Center watching the Dallas Stars shred up the ice. Hockey has always been one of Matt and I’s, favorite sports to watch, so having an NHL team so close to where we live has truly been a blessing. Also located downtown is Neiman Marcus Headquarters and original store. 

+ Deep Elm District: This district is by far my favorite place to visit if I’m headed out for the night or in need of some good old fashion comfort food. From Pecan Lodge’s BBQ to Tex-Mex, Deep Elm has you covered, but don’t rush out of this district after dinner, stay around an explore the insane nightlife and bars Deep Elm has to offer. I mean they even have a dueling piano bar and thriving street art; all and all this district is by far the hippest in town and reminds me of a mini-Austin. 

+ Harwood District: By far one of my favorite districts to stroll around in, take photos in and finish off with a bite to eat. Dolce Riviera for Italian food, The Grove at Harwood for tacos and ice cones (last shown here), and Mercat Bistro for French pastries and coffee; I mean need I say more.  

+ Bishop Arts District: I feel most at home here, to be frank, with over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, this district is the perfect place to stroll around with a latte in hand and just get outside. I often head to this district to visit Society, a local high-quality candle shop. They specifically have a collection dedicated to the scents of Texas, and I plan on stocking up on hundreds of candles before moving back to New England with Matt.  

+ Uptown District: With high-end fashion stores, electric bars and a bumping restaurant scene; the Uptown District would be the place I’d most likely buy an apartment in if I wanted to live within the Dallas metropolitan city area. Being the country mouse that I am, Matt and I decided on an apartment just outside of Dallas but I could easily see myself moving to Uptown. I mean they have a Soul Cycle, guys! 

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It’s all a little overwhelming, isn’t it? I still can’t believe Matt and I have been in Dallas for almost two whole years, I don’t know where the time has gone and it makes me a little sad that I haven’t spent more time here. I still feel like we haven’t done or seen enough but each weekend Matt and I make it a point to revisit the districts and see what new businesses have opened and what has changed since our last visit. 

Okay, so now I’d love to hear from you guys! Have you been to Dallas? If so which district is your favorite? Did I miss any I need to include? Let Matt and I know below, we are still taking suggestions even though we’ve lived here two years, oh well and happy Friday

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3 thoughts on “Districts of Dallas

  1. Crystal

    You can’t leave Dallas without going to;
    🌷The Dallas Arboretum, find a spot at the Waterview Garden, have lunch & enjoy great photo ops
    🍷Dinner at the top of the Reunion Tower
    🤠Dinner at the historic Cattleman’s in the Ft. Worth Stockyards & check out Billy Bob’s for drinks & country fun you’ll never forget (get your photo on a bull🐂)

  2. Jara

    While you are here, come visit Ft Worth, it’s so Iconic DFW, Sundance Square is wonderful at night & the Stockyards are soooo Texas!

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