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September 1st, 2017
Location  •   Cobh, Ireland

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J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) || Hunter Boots || Rain Jacket (color sold out, same brand listed)  || White Jeans || Bag

I’m always grateful that my job allows Matt and myself, the opportunity and flexibility to travel. Recently Matt & I have been itching to visit Europe, specifically Italy, but our budget just couldn’t swing it…however one day I noticed flights from Hartford, CT to Kerry Ireland were just $325 so I took a deep breath and booked it. 

I’ll admit booking my first trip to Europe was a little overwhelming, in terms of figuring out logistics and the idea of renting and driving a car, oh boy. So I was very grateful that ALMOST my whole family ended up going to Ireland, after telling them how cheap the flights were.

My younger sister Sarah, couldn’t make it because she had already started college, but everyone else was down. Now, when I booked my trip I had a very specific vision for where I wanted to go, and my family basically went along for the ride (well MOST of them did at least)Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5674

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I had a vision of traveling up the Wild Atlantic Way. I initially planned on covering the whole scenic route over a two week period, but decided on sticking to the southern half and reducing our trip to just one week; which in hindsight was perfect. I’m a home body through and through so being in Europe for a little over a week was just the right amount of time. 

Anyway, I’ll be posting several more Ireland themed posts and one specifically dedicated to breaking down everything about our trip, but I figured I’d share where we started. 

So before heading up the Wild Atlantic Way, I wanted to make a stop at two locations: 1) The Blarney Stone (for obvious reasons) and 2) the town of Cobh. I’ve been DYING to see Cobh because it was the last stop the Titanic made before it’s fatal trip. 

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Something about the Titanic always intrigues me, so I really wanted to see this colorful port town and the pier where the final Titanic voyagers stood. I’m a huge history buff, so being able to embrace this town and its history was a highlight of my trip.

We woke up super early on Monday, and I decided to go with this J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) and hunter rain boots. Nothing too fancy but something light enough for walking and cute enough for some pictures. 

My family and I spent the morning embracing the town of Cobh, it’s beautiful hilly roads and delicious seafood. Let me tell you one thing if you like seafood especially salmon, Ireland is a good place to be. After finishing a light lunch on the pier, we took a tour of the Titanic museum and left Cobh around 3:30 PM for the Blarney Stone. 

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We arrived around 4 PM to the Blarney Stone and by this time of day, we had already gotten caught in some rain, as my once straight hair was in the past and my white jeans had stew on them, but what can you do. I can’t even count how many times we got caught in a random downpour, I kept joking that getting wet and looking less than glamorous was my #ootd. It is what it is though, so I embraced every moment of water-proof mascara running down my face. 

Now here’s a travel tip, I would highly recommend going to the Blarney Stone later in the day. We had the castle all to ourselves and absolutely no line to kiss the stone (I had a friend wait in line for an hour and a half once), although it was a race against the setting sun…all in all, either GO early or GO late.

Overall Matt, Tessie (my younger sister and video photographer) and I had the best time exploring Ireland and getting a little messy. We spent a lot of time rushing around, trying to capture Ireland in between down pours and at the same time embracing the beauty of Ireland’s gray skies and green hues. 

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Anyway, we figured now was the perfect time to launch our TCC Crew Vlog segment and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Now in retrospect, we are just beginners and we aim to improve and innovate with each video we create, but please do let us know if you enjoy the segment.

We have more videos from our Ireland trip coming and if enough of you say YES to the vlogs…this could become a weekly vlog series…just throwing it out there. 

xx Aubrey 

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  1. Elle

    Love this series as I’m going to Ireland myself in just 3 weeks! Love to read what you did and the places you ate. We are looking for restaurant recommendations as well!
    xo elle

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