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Lakeside Style

May 22nd, 2017

Shirt (JUST $28!) || White Jeans || Necklace || Earrings || Bag || Shoes Last weekend, Matt and I woke up to an unanticipated beautiful Saturday. We had been told all week by the weatherman that storms were in the forecast, but when the weather moved West we ended up having a beautiful Saturday, free of plans.  So we decided to check out Lewisville Lake! It’s about an hour drive from our apartment here in Dallas, and we’ve heard so many great things about the lake, I figured we’d just check it out. To be honest, I hate not living…

Snow Day

January 25th, 2016

Cape (on sale!) || Shirt || Scarf || Jeans || Socks (on sale) || Shoes || Ring Sunday was the perfect definition of a snow day! The storm didn’t roll in until 2pm so it gave me plenty of time to run some errands and then hunker down for the rest of the day. When the storm looked like it was starting to settle down, my mom and I went for a walk to snap a few pictures & let me tell you, it was a #struggle.  If you follow me on snapchat (aubreyrose740) than you saw these hilarious outtakes….