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Memorial Day Picnic Attire

May 26th, 2017

Memorial Day Picnic Attire-4133

Dress (just $34.80!) || Bag || Shoes || Lips || Mystic Mug

My family is, well, BIG! There’s a lot of us and we are pretty spread out, but come Memorial Day, Fouth of July and Labor Day; one thing is for certain…there will be a picnic at our grandparent’s beach house. 

I’m talking pasta salad, potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers and my favorite…fresh corn on the cob. YUM.  

Overall it’s fun but having a big family comes with a few issues, one being it’s hard for all of us to squeeze into one space. So we often picnic outside, which I’m all about, but it’s essential to dress for the heat.Memorial Day Picnic Attire-4023

Memorial Day Picnic Attire-3872
Memorial Day Picnic Attire-3764

The last thing I want to do on a hot New England summer day, is put on a pair of shorts, yuck! I keep things cool and casual with light shift dresses, like the one above! 

Anyway, sadly Matt & I won’t be in CT for Memorial Day but I will be back for Fourth of July, and literally, can’t wait. I’m going to keep things short and sweet, since it is a ‘holiday weekend’ but comment below where you are spending this holiday weekend. xx Aubrey Memorial Day Picnic Attire-4038

Memorial Day Picnic Attire-3711
Memorial Day Picnic Attire-3890

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Lakeside Style

May 22nd, 2017

Lakeside Style-3614

Shirt (JUST $28!) || White Jeans || Necklace || Earrings || Bag || Shoes

Last weekend, Matt and I woke up to an unanticipated beautiful Saturday. We had been told all week by the weatherman that storms were in the forecast, but when the weather moved West we ended up having a beautiful Saturday, free of plans. 

So we decided to check out Lewisville Lake! It’s about an hour drive from our apartment here in Dallas, and we’ve heard so many great things about the lake, I figured we’d just check it out.

Lakeside Style-3601

Lakeside Style-3583
Lakeside Style-3359

To be honest, I hate not living on a coast, because in New England we go to the beach, that’s just what we do. However, it seems that when things start to get steamy in Dallas, everyone heads to the lakes! 

Lake Lewisville was beautiful and it felt just like summer!

It reminded me of when Matt and I would visit his beach home on Lake Winnipesaukee. I felt at home in this lakeside town and felt on point in my lakeside style, ideal for Memorial Day!

I feel like white jeans are a staple for Memorial Day, and this pair is my ultimate favorite. 

Lakeside Style-3538

Lakeside Style-3423
Lakeside Style-3439

I can’t believe Memorial Day is this weekend, the sales are already starting and I just can’t get enough! Today starts the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, you’ll save up to 40% off on select styles through June 4th! These sales are the best way to kick off your summer wardrobe, am I right! 

Anyway, between the sale, my birthday starting next week, and visiting lakeside towns; it’s finally starting to feel like summer. I don’t know if I’m ready for summer 2017, but I can’t wait! 

I’ve linked my outfit and some of my favorite Nordstrom sale pieces below! I’d love to hear which lakeside destination is your favorite to visit in summer, I think mine’s Lake George! xx Aubrey

Lakeside Style-3621

Lakeside Style-3522
Lakeside Style-3482

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The Perfect White Tee

May 18th, 2017

The Perfect White Tee-2831

The Perfect White Tee || J.Crew Retro Jeans (just $39) || Necklace || Watch

Finding the perfect white tee has taken me 22 years, but it was worth the wait. I’ve tried tees from Nordstroms, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Free People, Hanes; you name it I’ve tried it. 

So this year, I decided to try J.Crew Factory’s version of the ‘basic white tee‘ and OMG. It’s perfect. Not only is it super affordable, it’s also almost always on sale (WIN/WIN). 

Basically, I refuse to pay over $20 dollars for a basic t-shirt, and I also refuse to buy any white tees that are the following: too thin, involves a plunging neckline or easy to stretch out.The Perfect White Tee-2839

The Perfect White Tee-2776
The Perfect White Tee-2699

I’ll be honest, I’m picky! But having flattering staple pieces is the foundation of any good wardrobe. So yesterday, I was running super late for meetings, so I threw on this white tee, and these retro jeans GUYS HOW CUTE ARE THEY! 

Matt hates them BUT what do you think!? For the price, I think they are AWESOME. I like to think it’s J.Crew’s take on retro, and I’m not fighting it. 

Anyway, Matt & I have a jammed packed weekend, which should be interesting. Lots of photos, lots of travel and lots of fun. What are you guys up to this weekend? Let me know below :)! xx Aubrey The Perfect White Tee-2832

The Perfect White Tee-2657
The Perfect White Tee-2774

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Making Friends After College

May 17th, 2017

Making Friends After College-3313

Shirt (under $40) || Jeans || Bag || Watch || Necklace || Shoes 

This week marks my 1st ‘post-college anniversary’, filling me with a mixture of feelings. I feel sooooo happy when I think about how far I’ve come, in just one year and excited to see where my blog takes me, but I’m also feeling slightly sad. It’s been just over a year, since seeing some of my closest college friends, being in San Diego and having the ‘cozy’ routine of ‘college’.

This year, more than ever, made me realize how important it is to foster and grow friendships; while also realizing how hard it is to make friends after college. Now, some of you might not encounter this issue, but moving to a new location and working from home, resulted in making new friends, for the first time in my life, a challenge.

After talking with my friend Jennifer, I realized this might be a more common struggle than I thought. I guess I just want to share my tips and tricks when it comes to meeting new friends in hopes to inspire you, to put yourself out there, after all the worse they can say is no.
Making Friends After College-3336

Making Friends After College-3132
Making Friends After College-3087

Basically, I thought moving to a big city, like Dallas would make meeting new people so much easier, but let me tell you one secret I learned, making new friends takes effort and is all about putting yourself wayyyyy out there.

Working from home is great, but it was really hard for me to meet new friends in a new city because well, to be frank, I spend a lot of time at home. I do work with several gals, but most of our communication is via phone, email, facetime etc.

So when I found out Matt and I were moving to Dallas I reached out to about 18 bloggers, in hopes of making ‘work friends’ quickly.

However, people are busy and bloggers are constantly traveling so after coffee-dates fell through, availabilities didn’t match up and a lot of no responses; I kept putting in the energy in hopes of the universe working its magic. Making Friends After College-3288

Making Friends After College-3139
Making Friends After College-3107


  1. It takes time – don’t rush friendship, it takes time to meet new people, get adjusted to your new home and probably your new job! So don’t be hard on yourself.
  2. Reach out and send a follow-up email – I am the queen of sending follow-up email after follow-up email, people are busy but don’t be afraid to reconnect with an old friend, business women you admire or gal you meet for five seconds at work.
  3. Be authentic and don’t be afraid to meet-up– meeting new friends can be just as awkward as a blind date, but guys it’s worth it. Be positive and just put yourself out there, whether it’s to network or literally make a friend, just being you is the best you can do. 

Okay, so after being in Dallas for now, almost ten months, I’ve met some amazing friends and have become really open to reaching out, meeting new people and just connecting. I’ve joined a yoga studio, got a part-time job, finally meet some amazing Dallas bloggers and connected with some of Matt’s work friends. 

If you are either worried about making friends after college or if you are feeling stuck while trying to make friends, just know it takes work and time!

Don’t get discouraged, especially when you’re in a new city! xx Aubrey

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Business Casual on the Go

May 14th, 2017

Business Casual on the Go-3014Polka Dot Dress (under $50) || Shoes || Bag || Necklace 

Business casual has been a topic you guys have seriously requested, so I’m here to please! Whenever I’m laying out my outfit for Monday morning, and yes, I do lay out my outfit the night before work, I always reach for a shift dress. 

Just throw it on, belt it, if you want, and run out the door. Easy, simple but so elegant. I’ll admit I often struggle with business casual, I personally hate pant suits partially because of my height, and you’ll really never catch me in a pencil skirt, I hate clingy clothing, so you can imagine my closet is packed with shift dresses. 

Business Casual on the Go-3052
Business Casual on the Go-3007
Business Casual on the Go-3037
Business Casual on the Go-2864
Business Casual on the Go-2989

The only issue I have with shift dresses, is the cost. I’m a huge dress lover but speding a $100+ on one work outfit, isn’t justifiable for me currently. So, I’m always hunting for shift dresses under $50

When I caught this polka dot number, I purchased it right away and in two colors! It fits a little small so I would recommend sizing up, but honestly, it’s a throw-on-and-go number. 

Okay, I’m actually off to a breakfast meeting, in this dress, as we speak! Wishing you all a productive and stylish Monday! I’d love to hear about your business casual style below. xx Aubrey. Business Casual on the Go-3025

Business Casual on the Go-2928
Business Casual on the Go-2970

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Popsicle Friday

May 12th, 2017

Popsicle Friday-2249

Dress || Scarf || Earrings || Shoes || Purse

Yesterday, was one of those stormy spring days here in Dallas. You know, those days where the air is damp, electric and screaming summer thunderstorm! Well it was one of those days, and to be honest, that weather is my favorite, is that weird? 

It’s electric, exciting and results in a 100% chance of me running out to get ice cream. Our town opened a ‘gormae’ popsicle restaurant and I decided to give it a go. I got a pink lemonade popsicle, made out of actual lemonade, yum. 


Popsicle Friday-2295

Popsicle Friday-2123
Popsicle Friday-2347

At first, I was like ehhh, I don’t know if this is going to be worth the $3.50 a popsicle price, but after one lick, I was like yup I’m coming here everyyyyy Friday. I always laugh at Matt, because he gets so excited about jean Friday at work, so I told him I’m going to have popsicle Friday every week. 

Way better than wearing jeans, am I right! 

Popsicle Friday-2219

Popsicle Friday-2150
Popsicle Friday-2180

As I said, it was that sticky summertime thunderstorm weather, so I went with this  Seersucker Dress, I saw it online shopping and instantly added it to my basket. It really screams New England summer to me, and it’s the perfect throw-on-and-go outfit.

Whenever I’m in off the shoulder dresses, I love wearing scarfs, bandanas or even statement necklaces; I just believe it completes the look!

So right before I ran out the door, I threw on this yellow number because nothing goes better together than blue and yellow! Anyway, Matt & I are off to Orange Theory tonight for the first time, so wish us good luck! xx Aubrey

Popsicle Friday-2258

Popsicle Friday-2194
Popsicle Friday-2173

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Meeting Monday

May 7th, 2017

Meeting Monday

J.McLaughlin Dress c/o || Bag || Shoes || Earrings || Lipstick

If I learned one thing from college, it was that having a busy and meeting filled Monday really sets the tone for a successful week. Now I was in a soriroty in college that had ‘meeting Mondays’ which meant every Monday at 7pm we met in ‘business casual’ of course. 

At first, I hated the idea of business casual especially on a Monday, but then after time I loved picking out a cute dress and pair of heels come Sunday night. I 100% think dressing up and having a business Monday really helped me stay on task, productive and enthusastic about my work. 

& guys, people can pick up on that energy, especially come Monday when everyone else is reminiscing about the weekend.

Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2533
Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2408
Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2562
Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2475
Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2420

But let’s get things straight here, the term business casual is something I always dreaded, anyone else?. I either end up looking way overdressed OR wayyyyy underdressed. So, each year I stock up on J.McLaughlin Dresses, the quality and cut are perfect for business casual BUT also easy to wear on the weekend. 

While some gals, might hesitate on the price for just a dress, I will say these dresses are QUALITY! My go to pink dress, which I wore in 2015 on the blog here, is still a weekly staple for me. They wash amazingly, they look so classy and hold up so well guys. 

This post is not at all sponsored, I just feel like it’s a brand you should keep on your radar.

So if you are interested in buying another Lilly dress this summer, I’d recommend investing in a J.McLaughlin staple instead. I have so many Lilly dresses that I thought I’d wear a ton but come post-college, you’ll get more use out of one of these!

Okay, I’m off to three meetings, and I hope you guys go out and kill Monday! xx Aubrey. Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2596

Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2433
Why You Need Business Cards To Grow Your Business-2471

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White Linen Shirt

May 4th, 2017

The Linen Shirt -0956

White Linen Shirt || Purse (sold out, similar listed) || Necklace (ON SALE!) || Jeans || Heels

2017 has been a weird year, I honestly can’t believe it’s already May, but all and all aside I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of 2017 exploring Dallas, Texas. From the numerous cake shops, coffee stands, and BBQ joints I’ve basically been eating my way through the deep heart of Texas. 

The fun part about getting to live in a new region is, getting to see the unique regional culture. You get to experience the delish food, and best of all, embrace their style, lifestyle habits and even pick up on a little lingo. Experiencing new things is essential to growing, so if you have the opportunity to move around a little bit, I’d totally recommend it.

The Linen Shirt -1000

The Linen Shirt -0826
The Linen Shirt -0941

Now while I must say, I’ve stayed true to my New England attire, I must give credit where credit is due and say Texas has introduced me to my new love, the white linen shirt

You guys, the heat here is no joke, so when it comes to heading outside and looking semi-professional, whether I’m meeting another blogger at a coffee shop or hunting for new finds to share with you all, I’ve been constantly reaching for a linen shirt, which is normal so not me. 

Let 2017 be the year of linen for Mrs. Aubrey, I’ve been wearing it all over and in many different ways. I’ve been knotting the shirt at the bottom for a nice relaxed look (last seen here) and I’ve been wearing it tucked in the front but to be honest, I’ve been mostly wearing it loose and flowy. The Linen Shirt -0964

The Linen Shirt -1055
The Linen Shirt -1086

It just looks so darn sophisticated but also keeps you cool, comfortable and stylish. So whether you are fighting the southern heat or enjoying a cool New England spring, like into adding a linen shirt to your current wardrobe. & then thank me later. 

Also, a good linen dress has and will always be the perfect thing to pack for a vacation, whether that means Nantucket or Aruba, linen looks so chic against the big blue sea. 

Okay I’d love to hear from you guys, do you have any spring trends you can’t stop getting enough of this year? Let me know below xx Aubrey. The Linen Shirt -0909

The Linen Shirt -0828
The Linen Shirt -1046

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Rainy Day Gear

May 1st, 2017

Rainy Day Gear-1336

Red Fleece Rain Jacket || Striped Shirt (ON SALE!) || Jeans || Purse (sold out, similar listed) c/o || Earrings || Mules

April showers bring May flowers, but I swear all April showers have brought this year are more showers! We are getting some much-needed rain, deep in the heart of Texas, so it’s made me really appreciate my handy-dandy rain jacket! 

The other day while I was on Instagram live, a reader asked me what’s my go to spring statement piece, and this year it’s 100% been this yellow rain jacket! Rain or shine, I throw on this jacket because you never know when you might get caught up in a midwestern storm. They are so odd, guys. 

So if you are preparing to travel, venture out or visit me here in rainy Dallas, don’t forget your rainy day gear: a yellow rain jacket,  rain boots, and a sterdy umbrella.

Rainy Day Gear-1104
Rainy Day Gear -1315
Rainy Day Gear-1334
Rainy Day Gear -1264
Rainy Day Gear

To help you stock up on rainy day gear, I’ve listed some of my favorite pieces below, along with my outfit! Make sure to really click through the jackets, some of them are currently 50% off! 

Finally, I’d love to hear how you guys stay warm and cozy on rainy days. Comment below and let me know. xx Aubrey

 My Rain Day Gear:

Rain Boots:

Rain Jackets: 


Stripe Midi Dress

April 30th, 2017

Stripe Midi Dress-0775

Stripe Midi Dress c/o || Wicker Bag || Earrings || Shoes || Lipstick 

The fact that the midi dresses are everywhere this season, is making 2017 a good year for me!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the midi length, it feels very Doris Day to me, which I love, however before 2017 it was almost impossible to find a cute midi. Before this spring, all I could find was boho midi dresses, but hold onto your seats preppy gals because this dress is anything but boho. 

From the classic collar to the seersucker print, this dress is ideal and falls perfectly as a midi dress for spring. The fact that it’s lightweight cotton and super breathable only adds to the fact that I’m never taking off this number. 

Especially as it starts to heat up here in Texas! 

Stripe Midi Dress-0629
Stripe Midi Dress-0691
Stripe Midi Dress-0740
Stripe Midi Dress-0481
Stripe Midi Dress-0518

Over the weekend Matt & I started to embrace the first of Texas’ spring heat here in Dallas. It reached only 89 degrees, but it felt like 110 degrees to say the least.

We rallied though the heat and ran out to our local ice creamer to grab some sundaes and catch some sun. It’s so weird to think it’s already May, to be honest it didn’t really feel like it till I scrolled through my weather app. The heat is alive and well, and if any of you are from Texas I’d love your advice on how to stay cool during the summer heat. 

Besides preparing for the heat, I’m not ready for all the May Day memes. Hahah anyone else with me?! 

Stripe Midi Dress-0581

Stripe Midi Dress-0520
Stripe Midi Dress-0647

Anyway I hope you all have the best and most productive Monday! New month, new slate and new motivation so head out there and kill it! Before I go, I’d love to hear from you graduating ladies, if anyone is graduating I’d love to hear where you are graduating from and what you are motivated to conquer next! 

You are all incredible, so I love being in the loop. xx Aubrey 

Stripe Midi Dress-0762

Stripe Midi Dress-0659
Stripe Midi Dress-0595

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