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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: College Wardrobe Checklist

July 23rd, 2017

Serendipity- Turning 23 & Birthday Week-4891

Dress (30% off!) || Lipstick || Earrings  

Last Thursday marked the release of the famous Nordstrom Aniversary Sale to the public, and it’s usually one of my favorite sales. 

It allows everyone to get a jump on their fall wardrobe at a largely discounted rate, which is perfect for college students packing up and heading out to campus, come the middle of August. 

This is by far the biggest sale of the summer but to be honest, I’ve really been playing the #NSale content low this year. Overall, I felt like there weren’t as many statement pieces, that I HAD to have instantly, however, there are a ton of staples you’ll need on your college wardrobe checklist. 

All pieces below are under $150. Our goal was to really make these picks actually affordable and attainable to our TCC college and high school readers. So I’ve broken down my favorite picks into categories below, and don’t be afraid to email me for additional recommendations. 


A good pair of boots is essential for class, sporting events, and even weekend festivities; in college. I always stock up on one pair of boots per year, and usually, wear through them by the end of the school year. I would highly recommend investing in those Sperry duck boots, you’ll need them for those slippery walks to class once winter arrives. 


I think Nordstrom’s did an amazing job selecting jackets for the sale this year. By far my favorite jackets are, this Pendleton hooded rain jacket (slightly over $150) and this Ralph Lauren wool jacket. & by the way, I snagged this Ralph Lauren trench the moment the sale went public. I couldn’t help myself, it felt very Blair Waldorf.

Every New England gal needs a good trench, never forget it.



As always Nordstrom’s has an amazing selection of Rebecca Minkoff on sale.  Last year I invested in two Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bags, so this year I had a no bag purchasing rule, but I still had to round up a few of my favorites for you all. 

Dorm Room Bedding: 

Finally, I wanted to share the amazingly stylish yet affordable bedding Nordstrom’s included this year. I love these Pineapple sheets from Southern Tide and this Anthropologie bedding look-a-like. 
If you haven’t locked down your bedding from 2017, this might be the perfect time to invest. 

The last day of the sale is August 6th, so make sure to get your back to school shopping in, before the sale ends.
Make sure to visit our site on Wednesday for a new post that will inspire you to get busy in the kitchen. Until next time, xx Aubrey 
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What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House

July 14th, 2017
Here are a few facts about me: 1. I’m NOT a morning person and 2. I’m NOT a breakfast person. 
Odd, I know.
I love having productive mornings but I’m not one of those people that jumps out of bed at 5:00 AM and gets right to it.
I’m more along the lines of jumping into bed at 1:00 AM after conquering the day.
I would say about 90% of the time, my morning routine is a drag, at 7:45 AM I get out of bed, go straight for a black coffee and start scheduling social media posts for the day, in complete silence. 
Once 9:00 AM hits, life is perfect but before that time, I don’t want to deal with it, and by it, I’m meaning: cooking, socializing, emails, any of it. 
I’m a creative night owl, through and through. 
& that ‘night owl’ attitude carries over to my social calendar too, whenever anyone wants to go out to eat, I always suggest a late lunch or an even later dinner; never breakfast.
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-9076
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8774
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-9010
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8860
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8823
But, like everything in life, there are a few exceptions, for me, those exceptions are: the chocolate chip muffins and ice coffee at Harpo’s, the hash browns at Kens’ Corner and brunch at the Ocean House.
Those are my three exceptions to socializing and looking presentable before 9:00 am
I actually attended brunch at the Ocean House for my first time this year, and I’m still dreaming about the raspberry lemon pancakes, they are cooking up this summer. 
When I posted that I was there, I got so many DM’s from you guys asking what I wore for this New England famous brunch, which does have a dress code, by the way.
The Ocean House requires brunchers (is that a word?) to wear ‘resort casual’. 
When booking my reservation, I decided to go later on in the day, so I chose an elegant lightweight maxi, to pair with my raspberry lemon pancakes.
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8692
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8626
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8926
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8745
What to Wear to Brunch at the Ocean House-8951
The A-line cut on this maxi gave it the perfect dose of formality. I even told my sister that she could borrow the dress for an upcoming event. It’s quite easy to dress up or down.
The reason I chose this dress is that the bright colors reminded me of the hydrangeas scattered throughout the Ocean House property. After leaving brunch, I made my Mom snap some images of me with the blooming bushes. 
Hydrangeas had a good year this year, that’s all I can say. Each bush was filled with bright petals and evergreen stems. 
Anyway if you are traveling to Rhode Island, then you need to go to brunch at the Ocean House; but just in case you are stumped on either the dress code or what to wear here are a few options: my A-line maxi, this yellow tunic with heels or this cotton white beach dress
Overall it’s worth the early morning drive from CT, and I’d love to hear which breakfast/brunch spot is your favorite in New England. I know Boston has some darn tasty spots. xx Aubrey 
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Seasonal Inspiration, Stars & Stripes

July 4th, 2017
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8344
Fourth of July calls for Red, White, and Blue; in all shapes and forms. Capturing the essence of this holiday from the food to the pool decor is really easy and fun. I specifically love capturing classic American style throughout all of July. 
New England summer lifestyle is deeply rooted in a very old-fashioned patriotic summer. To paint a picture, simply think colonial flags, Nantucket shingled homes and very classic ‘Kennedy’ themed activities.
You’ll somehow see our summer take on the color of our nations; red lobsters, blue blueberries and white attire (always). It’s showcased within our Instagram pallets, our patio decor and even the popsicles we lick on.
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8414
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8127
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8270
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8167
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8257
It’s funny how New England summers have taken on this patriotic aesthetic, but I’m not going to complain. It’s quite classic, and kind of an homage to a simpler time.
Through this outfit style, I tried to put together an affordable go-to New England outfit. Because New England is so seasonal it’s important to keep your wardrobe relevant with the month, so from the blue jeans with white paint splatter; and this preppy fringe top; you can style like a true New Englander.
Each piece of clothing is under $100. & a more affordable version of the shoes can be found here.  I love wearing white sneakers through the summer, they are not only timeless but also super comfortable to bike through beach towns with. 
All in all, July’s seasonal inspiration takes note from our great nation! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and I can’t wait to see how you celebrated your country.
xx Aubrey Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8337
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8372
Seasonal Inspiration - Stars & Stripes-8179

Let’s Talk About Fireworks

July 3rd, 2017
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-5Dress c/o || Shorts  c/o || Shirt  c/o || Hat || My Shoes || Matt’s Shoes
In honor of 4th of July being tomorrow, let’s talk about fireworks.
I’m not talking about the fireworks I saw launch over the Connecticut River while sitting on my parent’s boat last night. I LOVE those kinds of fireworks, but today I’m talking about the fireworks in a relationship.
Matt & I have known each other for over 8 years, and I get questions all shapes and sizes from you guys when it comes to relationship advice. Some are about engagement, some are about moving in together, but most of them are all about how to navigate a long term relationship.5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-26
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-10
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-49
Let me start by saying, relationships are just like everything else in life, work! You need to be an active participant in one, to make it work. Whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship OR even a work relationship; if you don’t show up then it’s never going to work, so be present.
Besides being present, below I’ve listed some things that have personally worked for Matt and I, when it comes to keeping the excitement and fireworks in a relationship.
1. Date night
It’s important to have a designated date night. Now it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, sometimes date night means going to a concert, but sometimes it means binge watching the entire season of Stranger Things. Don’t blame monetary reasons for ‘not having a date night’, it’s about quality time, not money spent. 
So make time each week to dress up, eat together and focus on fun! 
2. Traditions
Have traditions to look forward to, for Matt and I that means photo shoot Saturday’s, Black Friday shopping together, going to Denny’s spontaneously and watching Live PD at least once a week! 
Having silly but unique traditions help root relationships. This even works for friendships, my friend Jennifer and I made sure we went grocery shopping and to Starbucks every Friday at 3 pm, when we lived in San Diego. 5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-55
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-38
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-17

3. Have your own thing 
This is important. If you don’t have something that’s your own, then you’ll literally have nothing to talk about.
Get out there and do things on your own, so you have something to bring to the table. Make sure you are doing things, that you’re passionate about and excited to share with others. 
So Matt has his work, video games, and sports, and I have my blog, part-time job and interns. We both have things and people that we are passionate about, that we can bring to the table and share with each other.
It keeps things interesting. 
4. Share a hobby
Have a shared hobby. I’ll talk about this point more next week, but recently Matt and I have taken on improving our golf game, and it’s been such an exciting and fun time. It’s something we can work on together, I hate to use the words ‘team-bonding’ but it’s kind of along those lines.
5. Always keep it light 
Honestly, keep it light. When you are out and about, have fun. Don’t bring up topics that will cause riffs or push any buttons. Leave the tiffs at home and enjoy life. 
I’d love to hear from you guys! Do you have any advice for keeping the fireworks and fun in long term relationship? If so share below, and have a safe and fun 4th guy!
Off to the pool with my sister, xx Aubrey5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-48
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-16
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-51
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July White & Blue Pallet

June 26th, 2017

July White & Blue Pallet-7759Dress || Shoes || Earrings || Lipstick || Bag (sold out, similar listed)

New England, is just really fun to capture during this time of the year.

There is something so magical about the 4th of July, and how New Englanders embrace it. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of quintessential New England moments, like driving down little town streets, covered in pebbles while taking in historic New England beach homes. 

Or just jamming eight of us into Matt’s car, in route to our local ice creamery for some late night ice cream and hoping for a chance to see some fireworks.July White & Blue Pallet-7790

July White & Blue Pallet-7845
July White & Blue Pallet-7635

July is the heart of summer in New England. Or at least I think so. 

Something about this time of year brings me right back to my high school years, which is special because that’s when Matt and I first started dating.

Maybe it’s the fact that we saw fireworks on our first date, that makes me reminisce about this time of year so much. 

Not only is July super inspiring for me, when it comes to creating content, it also has a red, white and blue effect on our wardrobe (this includes Matt). July White & Blue Pallet-7871

July White & Blue Pallet-7752
July White & Blue Pallet-7810

& I think you’re in the same boat. I’ve had readers calling me up all week, requesting some Red, White and Blue inspiration for this upcoming weekend, and I’m here to help.

July’s color pallet, is pretty #basic, think red, white and blue; obviously. However, it doesn’t have to stop there; you can incorporate solids, stripes, gingham and even this watermelon patterned dress!

This past weekend Matt and I celebrated 4th of July a little early, so I settled for this blue and white high low dress in route to our town’s local fair. First off, I love that the dress includes a belt, and secondly, I love high-low dresses for picnic type events, it’s just fun, casual, and easier to avoid a fashion mishap!

Overall high-lows are perfect for the 4th. July White & Blue Pallet-7784

July White & Blue Pallet-7584
July White & Blue Pallet-7818

Geez, how time has flown guys, I can’t believe it’s July 4th weekend, and I can’t believe I’m headed home to New England for the 4th! 

I’m so grateful and hoping to really soak in as much New England summer inspiration as possible. New England summers are a rare experience and if you ever have the chance to visit a true New England beach town, take advantage because nothing is more inspiring than some good, wood-shingled homes. 

I’d love to hear where you are spending the 4th of July! & look forward to a 4th of July dessert treat heading to the blog this Wednesday! xx Aubrey. 

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Gingham Midi Dress

June 23rd, 2017

Gingham Midi Dress-7434

Gingham Dress (on sale for $69!) || Earrings || Shoes || Bag || Lipstick

It’s officially summer, and I’m just giddy with excitement whenever I think of what summer 2017 has in store for me!

It’s going to be an awesome summer, filled with BBQ’s, picnics and lots (I mean) LOTS of berry picking. I’m actually leaving next Sunday, to New England, for fourth of July and my family’s annual golf tournament. 

I hate thinking that July is just around the corner (where has June gone), but at the same time, I’m so excited to go home and really capture more of New England living with you all. To be frank, I really am the most inspired when I’m back in New England, away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, it’s just not my groove.

Inspiration can strike anywhere, whether that means finally getting to sit down for some coffee to chit chat with you guys, in person or just explore more New England towns. Being present in New England usually results in some of my best posts, so I can’t wait to see what comes out of this upcoming trip. 

Gingham Midi Dress-7571
Gingham Midi Dress-7123
Gingham Midi Dress-7426
Gingham Midi Dress-7148
Gingham Midi Dress-7212

No matter what, I’m packing this Gingham Midi Dress along for the adventure. Not only is it gingham, which is a win in itself, this dress is also so light and comfortable. I am one of those people who HATES being hot, blah. So jeans are a no go come summer, but even some dresses can weigh me down and make me feel heavy, so I was soooo excited when I saw this gingham dress for under $70! 

I’m a girl on a budget, could you blame me for instantly jumping at the dress when they had only one left in my size! Guilty as charged. Anyway, Matt & I have a very busy weekend of shooting July content! Spill what you’re doing this weekend, in the comments below. xx AubreyGingham Midi Dress-7425

Gingham Midi Dress-7336
Gingham Midi Dress-7493

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80’s Summer Style

June 19th, 2017

80's Summer Style -6751

Ruffled Sleeve Dress || Necklace || Lipstick || Shoes || Sunglasses

I’m taking a break from my Southern Charm marathon, on this blistering hot Sunday evening, to bring you a little 80’s Summer Style.

Like it or not, designers have been taking serious inspiration from the 80’s left and right this season. & I’ve taken a Carrie Bradshaw approach to it all, and have been open to new things.

Either I’m walking down the ruffle filled aisle of J.Crew, scrunchie shopping at Urban Outfitters or trying on shoulder padded dresses from Anthro; I think the 80’s are making a slight comeback this summer. Has anyone else noticed this yet?

At first, when I tried on this dress, I was like nah, meh, shoulder pads/ruffles?; but I was shocked how much Matt loved it! He thought it was a perfect day to night item; which it actually is.

You guys, it gets wayyyy to hot here in Dallas; so I’ve basically hidden all my shorts and pants and converted my wardrobe to dresses and skirts, for good.  

80's Summer Style -6576
80's Summer Style -6629
80's Summer Style -6729
80's Summer Style -6667
80's Summer Style -6536
The less clingy the clothes the better! & it can be hard to find a dress that is dressier than a day dress but not too dressy that I feel like I’m going to an interview.

It seems simple, right, but the perfect storm can be hard, we can’t put too much pressure on a dress guys, so when I found this number, I whipped out my Anthropologie gift card. 

I promise to keep this post short and sweet while sharing more business casual looks, like you all requested!

So basically, what are your thoughts on 80’s comeback style? I think I’m down for the ruffles and maybe a shoulder padded dress here or there, but not totally feeling the scrunchies (blah).

I’d love to hear your thoughts below & HAPPY MONDAY! xx Aubrey 80's Summer Style -6745

80's Summer Style -6595
80's Summer Style -6589

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Blogger Inbox: The Follow-Up Email

June 14th, 2017

Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6234

Linen Embroidered Shirt || Shorts || Bag || Necklace || Earrings || Shoes || 

It’s been about a year and a half since blogging full time (wow) and I figured I’d just touch base with you all. I feel like a lot of you ladies either have a blog, want to start a blog or even just feeling, well, overwhelmed with how to start. 

From talking to you guys over email, on Instagram DM (which I love) and through blog comments; a lot of you guys are killing it, via your blogs’, but often you guys are reaching out to me because you feel stuck, stagnant or even ignored by the industry or brands. 

Here’s the truth or at least my truth when it comes to reaching out to brands in the blogging industry; SEND A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL! 

Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6418
Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6391
Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6238
Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6077
Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6262

You’d honestly be shocked if you saw how many times I’ve sent a follow-up email, and received an email back within the week apologizing for the delay. My rule is to wait 4-7 business days, and if mum is the word, send a short and sweet follow-up. 

Something along the lines of: ‘Hi, I wanted to touch base on my previous email, and see if your team had any questions. I look forward to chatting soon!.”

Short, sweet and just a friendly reminder, because guys we are all human, and I’m 100% guilty of missing an email here or there. 

I even had a collaboration fall into place today, after sending a follow-up email. As long as you are respectful and nice, there is nothing wrong with touching base. 

Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6160

Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6292
Blogger Inbox- The Follow Up Email-6105

Personally, I’ll hear a lot of bloggers say they are tackling their inbox, and when I first started blogging, I was super frustrated that I didn’t have an inbox exploding with emails.

Now looking back, I can see that tackling an inbox is way more than just receiving emails; it’s also sending follow-ups, touching base and being present! Which takes time and can be easy to forget. 

Which takes time and can be easy to forget. So if you have free time tonight, take some time and reach out to those loose ends. You know the worst they can say is no! xx Aubrey 

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9 Picturesque New England Beach Towns

June 13th, 2017

9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-7085

Jumpsuit (just $89) || Necklace || Shoes || Bag || Lipstick || Earrings || TCC At Home Store 

With the official start of summer, being just a few weeks away, I figured I’d help you get excited about New England summer!

 I get countless emails from you guys, asking about my favorite places to take pictures, when traveling throughout New England, so I rounded up my top 9 Picturesque New England Beach Towns. 

The other day Matt and I were out and about shooting content for TCC and I was soooooo happy I decided to wear this lightweight jumpsuit

To be honest, it’s important to wear something with pants when it comes to shooting scenic images. A lot of the time I’ll be hanging out of car sunroofs, lying down on the beach or crouching in the middle of the street, anything for a good angle guys!

So I stuck to something simple, light and slightly fashionable; just in case we decided to shoot a few outfit images. 

9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6995
9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6842
groton long point home
9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-7043
9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6997

Anyway if you’re in the hunt for a good Picturesque New England shoot location or just planning a fun road trip with the girls or with ‘the boys’ as Matt likes to famously say, here are some of my favorite places to adventure to! 

9 Picturesque New England Beach Towns:



+ Ogunquit, ME




Provincetown, Massachusetts

New Shoreham, Rhode Island

+ Fenwick, Connecticut

It was honestly hard, just selecting nine locations, but these are by far my favorite spots. I was so lucky to grow up in such a beautiful part of the country and I can’t wait to share more New England living with you all! 

Leave a comment below if there are any towns I missed OR if you’d like me to do a more in-depth travel guide feature of the above towns! xx Aubrey 


9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6859
9 Picturesque New England Summer Beach Towns-6984

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Texas Hill Country

June 7th, 2017

Texas Hill Country-5248

Shirt (in white)  || Skirt (on SALE!) || Shoes (on SALE!) || Earrings || Necklace || Lipstick

Nothing screams, historic town, like an old fashion bottled Coca-Cola, am I right! 

I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions from you guys, asking for me to capture some of my favorite parts of Texas! So this past weekend Matt & I did exactly that. When we decided to head to Austin and San Antonio for my birthday weekend, I knew I had to stop in the historic district of Gruene, in New Braunfels, TX, on the way! 

This town reminded me of Mystic CT, but instead of the ocean this town has hidden in the Texas Hill Country. The town was bustling with women antique shopping, groups of tourists and teens with tubs headed to float down the river, and an old fashion ice cream palor or two. 

Texas Hill Country-5216
Texas Hill Country-5299
Texas Hill Country -5407
Texas Hill Country-5239
Texas Hill Country-5201

If you decide to venture to Gruene make sure to do the following:

SEE: Gruene Dance Hall, Texas’ Oldest DanceHall. Today, the Dance hall stands as one of the most important live music venues in Central Texas. Not to mention the movie MICHAEL featuring Jon Travolta was filmed here. 

EATGristmill River Restaurant and Bar – This restaurant used to be an old cotton mill, not only is it historic, but it has a view of the Guadalupe River and the food is on point!

DO: Antique shop! If you like Antiques then you died and went to heaven! However, if you want something more active than shopping, just float the Guadalupe River! Grab your friends, rent some tubes and layer on that sunscreen. 

Overall Matt & I were just stopping by but we are already planning a trip back! As I said, it reminds me of Mystic, an old summer town; totally worth seeing. 

P.S: Who else like old fashion Coca-Cola more than canned? xx Aubrey 

Texas Hill Country-5344

Texas Hill Country -5420
Texas Hill Country-5290

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