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A Day In Manuel Antonio National Park

April 23rd, 2018

Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow

Matt and I are finally back in Dallas after a whirlwind of a week in Costa Rica. If you were wondering what the heck we were doing there, we were actually on a combined family vacation! The vacation included both my family, Matt’s family and a few extended family members… because more is merrier, right? All in all, we were a group of thirteen exploring the county and taking in its culture one restaurant at a time. 
To give you guys some context, our families decided on rented a house together in Quepos, Costa Rica which was an area neither of our families had visited yet. We decided on this location after hearing how it was renowned for its diversity of wildlife and active fishing community. Oddly enough,  I’ve been to Costa Rica a total of five times now, and I’ve still never covered any of my trips or travels to Costa Rica on The Coastal Confidence platform, until now. When I first found out I was heading back and my sister/videographer/photographer/god-sent, Tessa, would be my roommate I knew it was time to capture that Costa Rica content. & oh boy did she agree.
My sister and I had the best time exploring Costa Rica and capturing its beautiful wildlife and scenic sights for you all, I’m already giddy about the upcoming posts hitting the blog over the next couple of weeks. Anyway, we kicked off our trip with a walk through Manuel Antonio National Park, and we took the camera with us to bring you all along. 

Vineyard Vines Flutter Sleeve Eyelet Dress Costa Rica The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5230
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park-5411

Our group got into Costa Rica late Saturday night and woke up bright and early on Sunday to visit Manuel Antonio National Park before the crowds rolled in. I always recommend heading to National Parks, actually any park for that matter, on the earlier side, especially if you are interested in seeing wildlife, as they are often more active and social first thing in the morning. When we decided on this tour we knew we had to hire a tour guide, so we could learn more about the history and animals of the region. The National Park is, of course, available to visit without a guide but our guide went out of his way to show us the unique creatures of Costa Rica. I mean, he was able to spot out animals almost invisible to the human eye, like that little frog in its home featured above. Yes, he spotted that frog and pointed him out so casually, and if you can’t see the frog in the above tree picture, zoom in!    
Before I get too ahead of myself, let me tell you a little bit about Manuel Antonio National Park. This beautiful National Park is located on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, which is just darn beautiful. The park is filled to the brim with flourishing rainforests, white-sandy beaches, and is home to some of the most diverse wildlife around. I had heard, from Google reviews obviously, that the park was known for its vast diversity of tropical plants and wildlife, but was shocked how many different animals we actually got to see up close and personal.

Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park-4933
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-4970
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5329
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5205
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-4903

At first, I was really unsure of my wardrobe choice, I mean I wasn’t sure how difficult this walking tour would be and my sandals, while comfortable, are the least practical footwear for a hike. Although I’d gladly risk a wiping out in order to capture that great content though. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and leisurely the hiking tour was. You could bring young children, elders, or just people like me in unfavorable hiking shoes with no problems what so ever. We walked along a gently pebbled covered path within this tropical forest that allowed us to get closer to Costa Rica’s wildlife then I’ve ever been before. 
Not only did we see both the two-toed and three-toed sloths, which Costa Rica is known for, but we also saw the endangered white-faced capuchin monkeys and the buck didn’t stop there. From poisonous frogs to rare bird species the park’s multiple terrains allowed us to get a real feel for Costa Rica’s animal population. Oh and don’t get me started about the beach hidden inside of the National Park. I’ve NEVER seen a more beautiful beach than the one hidden within the Manuel Antonio National Park. From pure white sand to crystal blue water, I couldn’t resist a swim. Post outfit photo taking of course. 
Now let’s digress a little bit and talk about this outfit! The moment I saw this dress, I knew it would look beautiful against the lush backgrounds Costa Rica has to offer. With an all over eyelet design and the feminine detail in the flutter sleeves, made this dress the ideal dress for vacation wear or for anyone’s upcoming graduation! I know this dress will be a staple of mine as we head into New England summer especially as it’s perfect to wear during the day and easy to transition into the night. 
I’m going to break down a lot of my travel style hacks over the next couple of weeks but one that I live by is traveling with accessories that can be dressed up or down, like this hat and tote. You’re going to see several blog posts with these pieces being styled in different ways from evening wear to lying on the beach in a bathing suit, traveling with versatile accessories will make your outfits pop. Anyone else agrees? 

Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5469
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5311
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence-5288
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5297
Costa Rica Wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park | The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow-5481

Overall we spent the better half of Saturday morning exploring the park in what seemed to be 100 degrees. The sweat was rolling so when we finally made it to the beach the cool breeze and scenic views allowed us to cool off and go for a dip. I had packed a bathing suit inside of my tote, and thank goodness I did. I slipped it on underneath my dress and dove into the crystal clear water for a break. It was the best way to start off the vacation and it’s was actually my favorite travel excursions I’ve done so far in Costa Rica. Maybe because it’s the most leisurely and I’m all about taking life slow and capturing nature when on vacation. 
Okay, so I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to Costa Rica? If so what part and what excursion was your favorite? I can’t wait to hear from you guys and continue to bring you along. 

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Texas Bluebonnets

April 13th, 2018

Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Before heading to Costa Rica with Matt and my family tomorrow, Matt and I decided to play hooky for a day and head on a road trip to see the infamous Texas Bluebonnets. I think I mentioned this in Monday’s work wear post, but recently Matt and I have really been non-stop. I’ve been working extra hours to financially save up for a big upcoming project (hopefully) and Matt’s been busy with March Madness, keeping food in the fridge and my spirits up; as I’ve been checked out due to work. 

I’m the definition of a workaholic. I read one quote that said something along the lines of ‘if you love what you do than work-life balance isn’t an issue because your work gives you life’ and I totally agree. I’m my happiest after we land a partnership, complete an epic shoot or wrap up editing a video. Producing content for you all gives me energy and pushes me to explore new places and bring them to light here on this platform. I’d love to know what gives you guys energy though, is it time with your friend? Traveling? Iced Coffee? I mean, share what gets you up and going below. 

Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Anyway, when we decide to play hooky, which I admit I like to do on a monthly basis. Wait, reading that back makes me sound like I have a horrid work ethic. Okay, I like playing hooky on Fridays because I’d much rather do office work on a Sunday and give myself Friday to explore new places, during the day when the crowds are small and the lighting is good…makes sense right? Anyway when we were planning our hooky day I knew exactly where we had to head. Earlier that week when I was out shopping for bathing suits for our trip tomorrow, I heard a women raving about the Texas Bluebonnets in Ennis, a small town an hour south of Dallas, Again my eavesdropping came in for the win, and I knew it would be the perfect place to get you all inspired for spring. 

I mean the weather has been rough in Connecticut, I’m not going to lie but it’s all worth it, just think of the New England summer that awaits us. Wouldn’t you agree? I’m giddy just thinking about it. Until then I hope this post gets you excited to throw on your own lightweight wax jacket by Barbour and visit those stunning New England flower farms that should hopefully be opening next week if the weather warms up. If you missed our New England Flower Farms To Visit post you can view it here

Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Texas Bluebonnets Barbour Jacket The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Walking through the fields of brilliant bluebonnets made me think of my college days and when I started this blog. One of my first posts, which I can’t believe I’m linking for you guys but here it is, was taken at the The Flower Fields on Carlsbad Ranch. I was just a sophomore at college in San Diego, excited to learn more about growing a blog while experimenting with my Canon camera and basic kit lens. It really wasn’t that long ago but to think of where I am now and the TCC Crew members I’ve surrounded myself with, really keeps me grounded. There are moments when I feel like I should be further ahead, more financially stable or engaging with a larger Instagram following but to think it all started in a little dorm room with a base model DSLR camera, that I worked double shifts at my school’s gym job to afford mind you, makes me smile. 

What I’m trying to say is it’s Friday and it is finally starting to feel like spring. So take time out of your day to reconnect with yourself, what you’ve accomplished and enjoy the weather. Play hooky with your to-do list and enjoy the day with whatever gives you energy. I mean, if bees and bugs weren’t a thing, then you’d find me day in and day out gardening. I really want to get good at growing hydrangeas but that’s another post for another day. 

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Work Slacks For Day To Night

April 9th, 2018

April Blossoms -1585

Skirts and dresses are the pieces I reach for most, whenever I have to get dressed up for a work meeting; but recently due to this bizarre snowy April weather, I’ve found myself reaching for something with a little more skin coverage and warmth. This is going to sound over dramatic but I’ve been anti slacks for a long time now. In fact I haven’t purchased a pair in over ten years. I mean, I just always felt like they made me look like a little parochial school kid, which isn’t an ideal look for the workplace. Now, maybe it’s because I’m just a tad over five feet or maybe it was because I never found the right fit but for as long as I could remember I banned work slacks from my wardrobe. 

I mean, it was a practical solution because I worked from home, and most of my meetings were done via conference calls anyway. This meant I had the greatest excuse to elude work slacks for what I hoped would be my entire life. I could successfully pitch a brand from the comfort of my home office in my comfiest pair of joggers and L.L Bean slippers, and they would never know. I guess you could say my style peeked, I kid I kid. 

But with my business and crew growing larger and larger each month, I found myself having to step out of the home office and into face to face meetings. Having the opportunity to travel and meet in person with brands I’ve been working with for years is something I’ve always dreamed…until I realized I had nothing to wear. Ideally I wanted to wear dresses, but with April snow showers I had to opt for a warmer option which brings me to my main point of how I met my dream work slacks

April Blossoms -1494
April Blossoms -1707
April Blossoms -1613
April Blossoms -1478
April Blossoms -1446

I went out a few weeks ago and pushed myself from store to store until I found the perfect slack. I was really determined and towards the end when I was giving up, I figured I’d make one last stop at Chicos, and I’m so happy I did. I walked through the doors and saw the mannequin styling these comfort waist utility pants and instantly got excited. I loved the cuffed details because as you guys I know I love a good cuff, so I grabbed a few sizes and headed into the fitting room. 

I’ve never spent less time in a fitting room in my entire life. Sometimes I’ll sit in the fitting room and hem and haw about whether I should pull the trigger but not with these slacks, they were not only flattering but SUPER comfortable. It made sense when I realized they were made out of a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex; basically as comfortable and functional as yoga pants. I quickly purchased two pairs and if you’re interested I highly suggest sizing down! I went down two sizes due to that stretch factor. 

Anyway, I’m excited to pack these babies up for a few upcoming meetings and work trips I have in May. The images above are the last ones I have from my most recent work trip to Charleston, and in just a few weeks I’ll be off again to a warmer location with my family and Matt. I’ve been basically working non-stop through February and April, so I’m taking a little vacation of my own & the slacks are definitely being left at home for that trip. Has anyone else felt like this year has been insane with work? I’m not complaining by any means but I’d love to hear how you all are doing below. 

April Blossoms -1545
April Blossoms -1631
April Blossoms -1604
April Blossoms -1647
April Blossoms -1556

Okay, I’ll be running around this week trying to get everything packed before we head out on Friday. The chaos before vacation is kind of my favorite, and I always mean business. Maybe you’ll see me running around Westfarms Mall in these slacks or at Walmart loading up on sunscreen, who knows. Oh and I still have to find a place to stay for one of the nights…opps.  

On that note, I have to go but leave a comment below if you have a pair of slacks that I need to investigate. With this bizarre weather we might be wearing slacks into June! 

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Dinner On Sullivan’s Island

April 6th, 2018

Dinner On Sullivan's Island


By far my favorite part of vacation is eating dinner on the beach. I mean nothing is more relaxing than kicking your shoes off burying your feet deep in the sand, and watching the sunset over a delicious dinner. It’s something I look forward to all year long, but there’s just one issue with eating dinner on the beach, and that issue is figuring out what to wear. 

Okay, I have to tell you guys a funny story; let me rewind to last year when my family, Matt and I went to Aruba for Easter. On Easter Sunday my Dad went the extra mile to get us a reservation at the fanciest restaurant, which mind you only had one round of sitting that took place on the beach, at sunset. Basically, to make this long story short, we decided before dinner that it would be fun to walk from our hotel to dinner on the beach boardwalk. I mean we had good intentions, we even went and asked the concierge if the distance was walkable and they replied ‘yeah, it’s just up the boardwalk’. So off went my sisters and I, all decked out in our Easter dresses and kitten heels thinking we’d take a leisurely stroll to dinner, just up the boardwalk. Well a mile and a half later, right up the boardwalk, we ended up being 30 minutes late for our dinner reservation, which we almost lost and all of our feet were blistered from running in our kitten heels in the sand. Oh, and if you are wondering we 100% missed the sunset but it was comical, to say the least.

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Style

Dinner On Sullivan's Island-0360
Dinner On Sullivan's Island-0030

All I have to say from this is I learned my lesson. From now on I set my fanciest shoes aside, settle for my favorite pair of Jack Rogers and reach for something flowy and breathable to wear it with. I love wearing white to beach dinners so when I saw this bell sleeve, Lilly Dress, I knew I had to add it to my summer wardrobe. I can picture myself now wearing it to a dinner in Nantucket or an afternoon polo match in Watch Hill. Basically, I had to have it and I can’t wait to bring it with me on my upcoming trip to Costa Rica

We are leaving one week from today, which is insane to me, I honestly don’t know why this year has been slipping away from me. All and all though I’m really excited. This is my first big family vacation, and by big, I mean thirteen of us under one roof. Oh and to make matters better, I’m bunking with Tessa, so you guys better follow us over on Instagram for some hilarious late-night shenanigans and TONS of video content. Dinner On Sullivan's Island-0155

Dinner On Sullivan's Island-0315
Dinner On Sullivan's Island-0174

My brother once joked that my work-life balance is reversed because I create content while traveling and relax while at home; but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I LOVE making content for you guys especially while exploring new destinations. Both Tessa and I are already pinning away inspiration and if you have any suggestions in terms of what you want to see…let us know! 

Anyway, I’m off to the mall to grab a few more items before flying out next week.  Wish me luck and don’t forget to tell me your suggestions for content below. 

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New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring

April 2nd, 2018

New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-

Now, if you are subscribed to our weekly New England newsletter you know where this post is going! Our crew published this New England Flower Farm guide last week in our newsletter, but since so many of you missed the signup deadline to receive this content, straight to your inbox, I decided to also publish it here on the blog. Our TCC Weekly Newsletters are usually exclusive guides to New England, so if you like this post PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE. 

You guys April has arrived, which means it’s time to plan your spring photo-op moments, I kid. But guys really, spring is here and it’s time to support your local farmers, grab your cameras and head out to my three favorite New England flower farms! 

New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-0962

Wicked Tulips // Johnston, RI

Tulips are actually one of my favorite flowers, so when this organic pick-your-own tulip farm opened in Rhode Island, I had to see it with my own eyes, with my tulip picking basket in hand. Now, this farm is the perfect excuse for a day trip to Rhode Island but don’t make plans too soon because they expect to open their gates in late April. I do highly suggest you purchase your tickets online in advance because they did, in fact, sell out last year, so make sure to snag a ticket here when they go on sale!

Lavender Pond Farm // Killingworth, CT


You might remember seeing Lavender Pond Farm in this blog post from a few years back. I’m a huge fan of lavender, whether I’m spraying it on my pillow before bed or throwing some lavender in my morning lattes; I’m all for it. I always plan an annual trip to Killingworth to this local farm to smell the beautiful lavender fields and to stock up on lavender goodies for, well basically, the entire year.

Buttonwood Farm // Griswold, CT


Nothing says summer like sunflowers, am I right? Now while these flowers don’t bloom until late July I had to include Buttonwood Farm on our flower farms list, because of how they give back to the community! Not only do they open their gorgeous 14-acres of sunflower fields up to the public, but they also donate 100% of proceeds from their sunflower sales to Make-A-Wish foundation. I mean, it’s a win-win for everyone and I highly suggested stopping for some of their homemade ice cream after your sunflower photo op. 

New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-0991
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-1056
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-1123
New England Flower Farms To Visit This Spring-1324

Oh, and don’t forget to plan the perfect outfit for these photogenic farms while you’re at it. When I heard I was going to Charleston in the spring I knew there would be flowers on flowers, which meant I needed to invest in more gingham. Nothing says flower farm attire quite like a Dorothy inspired large gingham print. I’ve been trying to include more green hues in my closet, so I instantly purchased this wrap silhouette gingham print, mini dress when it popped up on my feed.

I mean, it’s perfect, right? Just imagine the green in a crisp purple field of lavender…Instagram worthy, to say the least. Anyway, I’d love to hear from you guys! Are there any flower farms I missed? If so leave the name and location of them below.

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Easter Brunch in Pastels

March 30th, 2018

Easter Brunch in Pastels-2749

This year, Matt and I will be celebrating Easter together in Dallas. Now while we don’t have any big plans for celebrating the holiday, you bet I’m buying each of us a hand full of Russel Stover chocolate marshmallow eggs to eat for dessert. To be honest, my family and I usually go out of town for Easter, last year we spent the holiday with our family in Aruba, which you can see in this post. But this year since it’s just Matt and I, we decided to make casual brunch reservations. Which got me thinking that I needed more pastels in my closet. So I ran down to North Park Mall on Wednesday to check out Free People’s new arrivals

Easter Brunch in Pastels-2513
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2855
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2542
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2558

This year, I’ve fallen in love with Free People. I use to never be able to find a cut that worked for me, but the dresses this year are almost all within my price range and fit like a glove! I had a hard time deciding which dress to get, I was in-between this one and this one; but decided on getting the one I’m wearing above. I think the little bow detailing on the sleeves, sold me on it. & I just adore wearing anything pastel for Easter, it just fits perfectly with the season.

I’m so glad it’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Dallas. Last week we had a few days in the eighties and this weekend Matt and I are going to head to the Botanical gardens to see the tulips bloom. It should be a wonderful day in the park and I’m hoping to meet up with my sister Sarah who goes to TCU as well, maybe I can even convince her to snap a few pictures of Matt and I while we are at it. I mean, spring is finally here guys, I mean TCC Crew member Tessa might not agree since they just got their fourth Nor’easter in March last Wednesday but my siblings and I in Dallas have no complaints. 

Easter Brunch in Pastels-2544
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2823
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2886
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2723
Easter Brunch in Pastels-2691

It’s Friday and a holiday weekend, so I’m keeping this post extra short. I’d love to hear what you are all up to for Easter weekend? Any big Easter egg hunts on the calendar? Let me know below and have a wonderful, hopefully warm, spring weekend! 

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Charleston Itinerary For Spring Break

March 23rd, 2018

Chico's Outfit #1 -1786

Hey guys and happy Friday, this post was highly requested over on my Instagram, so I hope you like it! I feel like a broken record saying this, but Charleston was truly one of the prettiest places I’ve visited so far. Whether you’re renting a bike and strolling down the battery or walking through the colonial streets of residential downtown; it is hard to ignore Charleston’s deep historical roots. Almost all the buildings downtown were historic in some way and getting to see the colonial city first hand was extraordinary. 

If you’re a fan of Boston then I really think you would like Charleston, SC. I do however know all too well how hard it can be planning a trip, so today I’m sharing my Charleston Itinerary for spring break with you all. I hope this makes planning your next trip to this city less stressful, while inspiring you to visit sooner than later. So let’s get to it. 

Chico's Outfit #1 -1976
Chico's Outfit #1 -1904
Chico's Outfit #1 -1867
Chico's Outfit #1 -1799

To Eat:

 I mean, where to start! The food in Charleston was nowhere near what I had anticipated. I was mentally preparing myself and my stomach, for some heavy southern dishes similar to Texas’ style, but was surprised how light and seafood based a lot of the restaurants’ menus were. I did get my fair share of fried chicken, but was delighted with the amount of fresh salmon, shrimp and scallops local restaurants had to offer. Here are the restaurants I would recommend checking out: 

+ Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits – I would highly recommend visiting this store for breakfast, not only are the biscuits divine but the iced coffee is superb. 

+ Poogan’s Porch: I think this was actually my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston! My Mom got the scallops and I had the seared salmon. Oh, My, God, guys it was so good. This is the perfect place to eat if you’re headed out on a romantic date night or in need of celebrating an occasion.

+ Black Tap Coffee: Three words: Iced Lavender Lattes! I’m a huge latte fan and the kind barista insisted I get a little edgy with my order and add a pump of lavender, and it’s always hard to say no to new things while on vacation, so I went for it. Now I’m addicted to lavender lattes and Matt can thank this coffee shop for my newest coffee addiction. 

+ The Darling Oyster Bar: I mean, sometimes you just need a hot buttery lobster roll after a long day of being a tourist. I was really dying for a lobster roll since the seafood in Dallas isn’t that great, and instantly fell in love with the aesthetic of this quaint oyster bar, the moment I walked through the doors. The delicious lobster roll was just an added bonus.

+ Vintage Coffee & Cafe: My Mom and I stumbled upon this cute breakfast joint on the way back from watching the sunrise on Sullivan’s beach. It was just about 8 AM in the morning and I was in need of some food before the hangry set in, so we quickly decided on this place. I was in heaven the moment I stepped through the door, now while their indoor seating is extremely limited their acai bowls are 100% worth trying to find a seat. I mean, if it wasn’t raining I would have gladly eaten outside on their gigantic outdoor patio area. 

Chico's Outfit #1 -1965
Chico's Outfit #1 -1761
Chico's Outfit #1 -1995
Chico's Outfit #1 -1979

To Stay:


 While visiting we actually stayed at two hotels, as our trip got extended a day due to weather conflicts and we needed to find a room. Below I’ve broken down the two hotels and my thoughts: 

+ King Charles Inn: Loved this hotel, we were in a really convenient location and the accommodations were superb. This hotel is golden if you’re traveling to Charleston with a car, as they are one of the few hotels with guest parking downtown. 

+ Elliot House Inn: This hotel was in a great location too, right next to Poogan’s Porch in fact, however it was a tad noisey due to late night restauranteurs chit chatting outside while waiting for a table. All and all this hotel was quaint and a more affordable avenue for staying downtown! Not to mention the team is so insightful, they really helped us get our money’s worth when it came to having coupons on hand for almost all touristy activities. 

To See:


We ended up spending about four days in Charleston but honestly I could have spent over a week! There is just so much to learn, see and take in; but when push comes to shove here are the activities I would suggest hitting first and foremost: 

+  Antiquing on King Street: King Street aka the 5th Ave of Charleston is the place to go shopping while in Charleston, from high end designers to historical antiques this cobblestoned street has it all. I would recommend grabbing a coffee from Black Tap Coffee and just walking the entire street, from start to finish. There are so many little mom and pop stores worth taking in. 

+ Day Trip To Sullivan’s Island: I never take a beach for granted especially when we’re talking about spring break. Anyway on the second day of visiting Charleston my mom and I took a $10.00 Uber to Sullivan’s Island to walk the beach, take photos and see the sunrise. It was the perfect way to start our trip and I’d highly recommend taking the drive over. 

+ Ghost Tours: I mean, I hate scary things but after taking a historical tour of the city, I would say a ghost tour is necessary. Charleston has an interesting back story, from pirates to torture prisons and taking a ghost tour at night is the perfect way to tour the city at nightfall without dealing with the hot Charleston sun. 

+ Boone Hall Plantation: I would highly recommend visiting this planation, and if you are interested click here to read a whole post about my time at Boone Hall. 

+ Rainbow Row: I mean, how could you not visit Rainbow Row! Chico's Outfit #1 -1978

Chico's Outfit #1 -1962
Chico's Outfit #1 -1992
& as Bugs Bunny says, that’s all folks. I hope this guide is helpful in some way, shape or form. Make sure to leave a comment below sharing any additional places you would recommend and have a wonderful weekend. 

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Boone Hall Plantation

March 16th, 2018
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3344
Our trip to Charleston, last week, ended up getting extended by almost two days due to a freak Nor’easter which I gladly appreciated. I mean, by no means is Charleston a bad place to get stuck during a storm. With all this free time on our hands after two days of endless shooting, we quickly decided to take the extra days and make the most of it! We had already covered the entire downtown area of Charleston, so we used this opportunity to explore historical sites outside of the city. We woke up early, found a delicious breakfast joint and caffeinated up before taking a 20 minute Uber ride to Boone Hall Plantation. 
First and foremost, if you haven’t watched our Charleston Vlog yet, do so here! In the video I take you guys all along for the tour of this historic plantation and even antique shopping at the end, I promise it is good. Oh, and don’t forget to subsribe to our Youtube channel, we publish new videos every Wednesday. Okay, now back to the tour…we arrived at the plantation wicked early, we did this primarily to make the most of our day and to insure we wouldn’t have too many wandering tourists in the back of our photo shots. All and all we spent almost four hours on this plantation taking in all the history and snappingg a few pictures of these historic oak trees draped with moss. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3006
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3291
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3327
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3119
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3475
The Boone Hall Plantation was the first plantation I’d ever been to and it was honestly, much different than what I had pictured in my mind. I originally thought it would be more grandiose, like the Newport Mansions, but really the Boone’s home was modest in size and interior detail. The true showstopper of the tour was not the home but rather the plantation grounds. With over 738 acres, from fields of seasonal crops to naturally preserved wetlands, creeks and ponds; it was marvelous getting to see one of America’s oldest running plantations at work. Actually when we were visiting it was the first day of peach picking, and it was fun to drive by the families with their baskets of peaches freshly picked from the trees. 
Now, if you’re a fan of the movie The Notebook, then you’ve seen this home before, as it was actually the location of Allie’s summer home or you might recognize this homes’ most notable natural feature, The Avenue of Oaks. I mean, this was one of the reasons I decided we tour this plantation over the others, was that I was really dying to see the sophisticated Avenue of Oaks, which was originally planted in 1743, crazy right!? Around eighty-eight oak trees run about three fourths of a mile from the entrance of the plantation to the front gate of the Boone’s Home. The dramatic grounds leading you towards the plantation home was suppose to symbolize both southern heritage and wealth at the time, and boy was it beautiful. Fun fact though, it took about over two centuries for the massive oak trees’ branches, which are draped in moss, to meet overhead; finally forming the shaded overhead Major John Boone envisioned. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3318
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3447
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3205
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3314
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3458
The weather on this day was being typical transitional weather with a high of 75, but with crazy wind making us feel like it was closer to 58 degrees when in the shade. This time of year is always tricky when it comes to picking out what you should wear. Before heading on this trip, I did anticipate a few colder days so I did fortunately pack this pair of polka dot straight legged pants. I usually avoid all things polyester, but I felt like this was the perfect piece for anyone’s transitional wear closet, whether you pair them with just a white tee or a tee and a jacket; these pants feel like spring no matter the actual temperature. Oh, and the pants are now on sale…so I think we all need a pair. 
Anyway, I hope this post inspires you to visit Charleston and I’d love to hear from you guys about which historic city has the best homes to tour. Right now, I think it’s Newport, RI but I’d love to hear where you’ve all been below.
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3412
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Ways To Find Inspiration in Life and in Business

March 12th, 2018
 The words, “I’m just tired” have been coming out of my mouth non-stop for just about the last three months. I want to sit down and talk to you guys about ways I find inspiration in life and business during unsure times. If I’m being honest with you all, these past few months have felt like being on a very long episode of Punked, minus the good part of getting to actually meet Ashton Kutcher at the end. To break it down, since December, I’ve been hitting one little bump on the road after another. Normally I’m good at overcoming these hurdles, but three months into it I’ve gotten a little crispy with the whole thing. As always, I’m so grateful for good-health and my TCC Crew, but recently I’ve felt these continuous hiccups are starting to have an effect on my overall happiness. 
I mean, our stuff gets stolen in San Francisco, and I’m very good at finding the positive viewpoint in these situations which for me at the time was that, we still have the images. I was okay with the setback because I found an upside, until I get an email two weeks ago from the very talented photographer, apologizing that her hard drive had crashed and all the images were gone. I mean, that’s one example of the bumps I’m talking about, by no means are these serious situations but it just felt like I couldn’t catch a break and that no matter how hard I worked, the TCC Brand and my job just wouldn’t work out. It was these little fires after fires that started to take a tole on me, my job and the TCC brand. 
I honestly lost inspiration and almost felt as if the universe had just given up on me. Has anyone else ever felt that way? I mean, if I don’t do my job no one will so it became really hard to manage my crew, respond to emails, publish content on time, respond to friends via text messages whilst dealing with so many setbacks. I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t working hard enough, if I wasn’t good enough or if it just wasn’t meant to be. I was having the hardest time grasping at inspiration when everything around me felt like it was burning down. Through it all, I kept telling Matt, I’m just tired. Obviously running this blog, and expanding it via upcoming projects and new TCC Crew Members is my passion in life. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE connecting with you all, and I LOVE showcasing New England lifestyle; and I’m so thankful for everyone that has helped me over the last couple of months, but through it all I’ve really found a new outlook on our brand, the blogging industry and how to find inspiration in life and business when everything around you is going to s***. 
Charelston SC-2269
Charelston SC-2056
Charelston SC-2433
Charelston SC-2090
Charelston SC-2466
Whether you are a creative (which is what I consider myself), entrepreneur, student, influencer or innovative; we can all find ourselves feeling burnt out or as my sister likes to say DONE. Personally, I believe creativity and inspiration are essential to each other, as without inspiration you wouldn’t create and with out someone else or something else being created you wouldn’t become inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere, it can come from books, music, nature, ‘signs’, architecture, motion pictures or even sitting in a flower shop. Inspiration is all around us, but when our minds are constantly putting out fires, it can be hard to find our way, so below I’ve listed things I do to get outside of myself and find inspiration when it all seems too much. 
+ Go For A Drive: New England is the ideal place for a road trip so whenever I’m feeling stuck, angry, agitated or just overwhelmed; I get in my car and drive around. Whether I end up exploring a new town or visiting the shore, it always seems to bring me clarity. Nothing makes me happier than listening to good music and taking in the spring, summer or fall air through the sunroof. I’ll admit I often end up driving towards the shore like Essex, Old Saybrook or Haddam but sometimes I admit I end up at Friendly’s to get a monster mash ice cream. 
+ Listen To Music: Music is a big way I find inspiration, and I’m a huge fan of making playlists to fit each and every mood I have. I have a playlist for just about everything including a creativity playlist and an inspiration playlist. I often need inspiration when it comes to writing blog posts, and I often rely on this playlist to set the mood and calm down my thoughts. 
+ Meditating: I often find inspiration by getting outside of myself, but sometimes getting inside yourself works too. Recently I’ve been using the app Headspace to meditate from anywhere between three to ten minutes a day, and it’s really made a difference. I can often get down on myself when I hit all these bumps, thoughts like I should be working longer hours, that I’m not made out for this job, or that I need to be making more money; can become consuming, so giving my mind a break and rewiring my brand to look at the big picture helps me get reinspired about TCC mission. 
Charelston SC-2290
Charelston SC-2308
Charelston SC-2403
Charelston SC-2167
Charelston SC-2136
+ Connect with History: Sometimes I get so sucked into technology with my career, that it’s really good to get perspective and my favorite way of doing that is by connecting with history. I love learning about New England’s history and the incredible people and stories it has to tell. In fact the other day I was doing just that in Durham, and stumbled upon the home of Moses Austin 1761, and after reading up on him, I learned that he was an American businessman with the first land grant to settle Texas. Yup, who would have thought that the original founders of Austin Texas came from, Durham CT, but they did and his colonial home where he made all the plans for the settlement stands today in Durham, CT. I mean, that’s incredible and if that doesn’t give you perspective about instagram followers, I don’t know what will. 
+ Travel: My last resort for inspiration is to travel. On average I find New England very inspiring but something about the muddy season of February and March has me urging to explore, so after so many hiccups I decided to plan a spontaneous trip to Charleston with my mom over the last week. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and again was a great way to refuel my inspiration tank and warm up my soul. 
+ Signs: I’m a true believer in signs and they are often my prime source of inspiration and perseverance. Whenever I feel like I can’t go on anymore, I often get the best sign or inspiration from the universe; I mean, call it what you want: god, spirit guides, the universe, but I do believe there is something greater out there offering a helping hand to each of us here and there. I mean yesterday I was honestly at my wits end, so tired, so much to do and just stuck on the process to take for an upcoming project; and then out of nowhere I literally bumped into a stranger who specialized in exactly the topic I needed council on whilst I was walking in the park. I mean, what are the odds, especially since I normally never even talk to people in the park. I guess what I’m saying is be open to all sources of inspiration, whether it’s something someone said on the radio or the fortune you got inside your fortune cookie; whatever the sign is if it inspires you in some way run with it! 

Okay, I can’t wait to continue to share more images from my recent trip to Charleston and I hope this post helps you find inspiration when your down. Anyway let’s talk about this Eva Franco skirt now, I mean how fitting is it for spring. I paired it with an olive t-shirt, to bring out the green hues in the skirt’s embroidery, and paired it with these Carrie Forbes handwoven sandals. I honestly love love love Eva Franco’s spring skirts, I know a lot of you request me to do a skirt video similar to my winter skirt video seen here, and I bring that to you all as soon as I stock up on some of her new arrivals. From embroidery to feminine tulle, I get giddy whenever I see her new arrivals at Anthropologie
Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys this Monday. Leave a comment below with how you find inspiration and have a wonderful week. 
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Must Have Spring Dresses, Under $100

February 26th, 2018

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6940

Matt and I had a dose of spring weather early this year, during our most recent trip to San Francisco. With temperatures in the mid to upper seventies, Matt and I took advantage of the unusually warm San Fran weather, by spending the afternoon taking in the Golden Gate Bridge, with our bums in the sand on Bakers Beach. Matt and I had some good karma on our side, because you never know what view you’ll get from Bakers Beach, due to the cities thick fog. But we felt extremely fortunate when we walked onto the beach and had both beautiful spring weather and completely blue skies, giving us an epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. To be honest, I get chills every time I see this bridge, whether it’s in person or in a movie, there is something so beautiful about its entirety. 

I know what you guys were thinking when you read the title of this post, Aubrey spring is still around a month away, but New England weather has been extremely unpredictable lately and I figured let’s just throw spring thoughts out into the universe. New England has experienced both snow and warm peeks within the last week, that I figured it’s never too early to stock up on spring dresses. Oh, and don’t kid yourself I know a lot of you have fun trips coming up, in fact, a lot of you have DM’d me on Instagram saying you’re headed to SF soon too. So whether you’re heading out of town to warmer weather or taking advantage of every random warm weather day New England throws at us, we hope this guide will help you affordably stock up your closet with must-have spring dresses. Anyway, I can’t wait until the day where my closet is completely turned over for spring and summer, but for now, let’s just take it one dress at a time.  

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6879
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7026
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6921
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6875

Last year, I invested in a serious amount of midi-length dresses under $108, like this one and this one, that I knew it was about time to even out my closet with a few midi dress. I’m actually only 5′ 2″ so mini dresses usually fall right above the knee making this dress style perfect for day-to-night looks. So yesterday, when Tessa and I headed down to NYC for a meeting I decided to wear this floral mini wrap dress, which I had purchased from Hope & Stetson over the weekend, for just $98! Whilst down there, I decided to run into Free People and I instantly fell in love with this Audrey Hepburn inspired mini dress, the moment I saw it, and after reading the reviews I actually went as far as to purchase it in both colors.

Mini dresses seem to be everywhere this spring, so here are a few more I’ve been eyeing recently. This femme lightweight yellow number, this white A-Line dress perfect for a night in the city, and I saved my favorite for last this stone embroidered number. Again, I’m not super tall, to begin with, so all of these styles end up falling at the perfect length and aren’t too short on my body type. Ugh, just looking at these dresses hanging on my rolling rack make me giddy for an upcoming trip I have planned with my Mom, next week. To think that March is just around the corner makes me excited for what warmer weather will bring. 

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6885
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6790
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7080
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6893
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7072

You know that saying, when you look good you feel good? Well, I think changing my closet over to spring will help clear my mind of those dark hues and winter style while making room for the epic New England spring and summer that lies ahead. I’m especially excited for this summer because I’m finally going to make it to Nantucket, I’ve actually never been before, can you believe that!? Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted and make sure to scroll through the widget below to discover even more must-have spring dresses, under $100. 

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