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Boone Hall Plantation

March 16th, 2018
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3344
Our trip to Charleston, last week, ended up getting extended by almost two days due to a freak Nor’easter which I gladly appreciated. I mean, by no means is Charleston a bad place to get stuck during a storm. With all this free time on our hands after two days of endless shooting, we quickly decided to take the extra days and make the most of it! We had already covered the entire downtown area of Charleston, so we used this opportunity to explore historical sites outside of the city. We woke up early, found a delicious breakfast joint and caffeinated up before taking a 20 minute Uber ride to Boone Hall Plantation. 
First and foremost, if you haven’t watched our Charleston Vlog yet, do so here! In the video I take you guys all along for the tour of this historic plantation and even antique shopping at the end, I promise it is good. Oh, and don’t forget to subsribe to our Youtube channel, we publish new videos every Wednesday. Okay, now back to the tour…we arrived at the plantation wicked early, we did this primarily to make the most of our day and to insure we wouldn’t have too many wandering tourists in the back of our photo shots. All and all we spent almost four hours on this plantation taking in all the history and snappingg a few pictures of these historic oak trees draped with moss. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3006
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3291
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3327
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3119
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3475
The Boone Hall Plantation was the first plantation I’d ever been to and it was honestly, much different than what I had pictured in my mind. I originally thought it would be more grandiose, like the Newport Mansions, but really the Boone’s home was modest in size and interior detail. The true showstopper of the tour was not the home but rather the plantation grounds. With over 738 acres, from fields of seasonal crops to naturally preserved wetlands, creeks and ponds; it was marvelous getting to see one of America’s oldest running plantations at work. Actually when we were visiting it was the first day of peach picking, and it was fun to drive by the families with their baskets of peaches freshly picked from the trees. 
Now, if you’re a fan of the movie The Notebook, then you’ve seen this home before, as it was actually the location of Allie’s summer home or you might recognize this homes’ most notable natural feature, The Avenue of Oaks. I mean, this was one of the reasons I decided we tour this plantation over the others, was that I was really dying to see the sophisticated Avenue of Oaks, which was originally planted in 1743, crazy right!? Around eighty-eight oak trees run about three fourths of a mile from the entrance of the plantation to the front gate of the Boone’s Home. The dramatic grounds leading you towards the plantation home was suppose to symbolize both southern heritage and wealth at the time, and boy was it beautiful. Fun fact though, it took about over two centuries for the massive oak trees’ branches, which are draped in moss, to meet overhead; finally forming the shaded overhead Major John Boone envisioned. 
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3318
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3447
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3205
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3314
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3458
The weather on this day was being typical transitional weather with a high of 75, but with crazy wind making us feel like it was closer to 58 degrees when in the shade. This time of year is always tricky when it comes to picking out what you should wear. Before heading on this trip, I did anticipate a few colder days so I did fortunately pack this pair of polka dot straight legged pants. I usually avoid all things polyester, but I felt like this was the perfect piece for anyone’s transitional wear closet, whether you pair them with just a white tee or a tee and a jacket; these pants feel like spring no matter the actual temperature. Oh, and the pants are now on sale…so I think we all need a pair. 
Anyway, I hope this post inspires you to visit Charleston and I’d love to hear from you guys about which historic city has the best homes to tour. Right now, I think it’s Newport, RI but I’d love to hear where you’ve all been below.
Boone Hall Plantation, SC-3412
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Ways To Find Inspiration in Life and in Business

March 12th, 2018
 The words, “I’m just tired” have been coming out of my mouth non-stop for just about the last three months. I want to sit down and talk to you guys about ways I find inspiration in life and business during unsure times. If I’m being honest with you all, these past few months have felt like being on a very long episode of Punked, minus the good part of getting to actually meet Ashton Kutcher at the end. To break it down, since December, I’ve been hitting one little bump on the road after another. Normally I’m good at overcoming these hurdles, but three months into it I’ve gotten a little crispy with the whole thing. As always, I’m so grateful for good-health and my TCC Crew, but recently I’ve felt these continuous hiccups are starting to have an effect on my overall happiness. 
I mean, our stuff gets stolen in San Francisco, and I’m very good at finding the positive viewpoint in these situations which for me at the time was that, we still have the images. I was okay with the setback because I found an upside, until I get an email two weeks ago from the very talented photographer, apologizing that her hard drive had crashed and all the images were gone. I mean, that’s one example of the bumps I’m talking about, by no means are these serious situations but it just felt like I couldn’t catch a break and that no matter how hard I worked, the TCC Brand and my job just wouldn’t work out. It was these little fires after fires that started to take a tole on me, my job and the TCC brand. 
I honestly lost inspiration and almost felt as if the universe had just given up on me. Has anyone else ever felt that way? I mean, if I don’t do my job no one will so it became really hard to manage my crew, respond to emails, publish content on time, respond to friends via text messages whilst dealing with so many setbacks. I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t working hard enough, if I wasn’t good enough or if it just wasn’t meant to be. I was having the hardest time grasping at inspiration when everything around me felt like it was burning down. Through it all, I kept telling Matt, I’m just tired. Obviously running this blog, and expanding it via upcoming projects and new TCC Crew Members is my passion in life. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE connecting with you all, and I LOVE showcasing New England lifestyle; and I’m so thankful for everyone that has helped me over the last couple of months, but through it all I’ve really found a new outlook on our brand, the blogging industry and how to find inspiration in life and business when everything around you is going to s***. 
Charelston SC-2269
Charelston SC-2056
Charelston SC-2433
Charelston SC-2090
Charelston SC-2466
Whether you are a creative (which is what I consider myself), entrepreneur, student, influencer or innovative; we can all find ourselves feeling burnt out or as my sister likes to say DONE. Personally, I believe creativity and inspiration are essential to each other, as without inspiration you wouldn’t create and with out someone else or something else being created you wouldn’t become inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere, it can come from books, music, nature, ‘signs’, architecture, motion pictures or even sitting in a flower shop. Inspiration is all around us, but when our minds are constantly putting out fires, it can be hard to find our way, so below I’ve listed things I do to get outside of myself and find inspiration when it all seems too much. 
+ Go For A Drive: New England is the ideal place for a road trip so whenever I’m feeling stuck, angry, agitated or just overwhelmed; I get in my car and drive around. Whether I end up exploring a new town or visiting the shore, it always seems to bring me clarity. Nothing makes me happier than listening to good music and taking in the spring, summer or fall air through the sunroof. I’ll admit I often end up driving towards the shore like Essex, Old Saybrook or Haddam but sometimes I admit I end up at Friendly’s to get a monster mash ice cream. 
+ Listen To Music: Music is a big way I find inspiration, and I’m a huge fan of making playlists to fit each and every mood I have. I have a playlist for just about everything including a creativity playlist and an inspiration playlist. I often need inspiration when it comes to writing blog posts, and I often rely on this playlist to set the mood and calm down my thoughts. 
+ Meditating: I often find inspiration by getting outside of myself, but sometimes getting inside yourself works too. Recently I’ve been using the app Headspace to meditate from anywhere between three to ten minutes a day, and it’s really made a difference. I can often get down on myself when I hit all these bumps, thoughts like I should be working longer hours, that I’m not made out for this job, or that I need to be making more money; can become consuming, so giving my mind a break and rewiring my brand to look at the big picture helps me get reinspired about TCC mission. 
Charelston SC-2290
Charelston SC-2308
Charelston SC-2403
Charelston SC-2167
Charelston SC-2136
+ Connect with History: Sometimes I get so sucked into technology with my career, that it’s really good to get perspective and my favorite way of doing that is by connecting with history. I love learning about New England’s history and the incredible people and stories it has to tell. In fact the other day I was doing just that in Durham, and stumbled upon the home of Moses Austin 1761, and after reading up on him, I learned that he was an American businessman with the first land grant to settle Texas. Yup, who would have thought that the original founders of Austin Texas came from, Durham CT, but they did and his colonial home where he made all the plans for the settlement stands today in Durham, CT. I mean, that’s incredible and if that doesn’t give you perspective about instagram followers, I don’t know what will. 
+ Travel: My last resort for inspiration is to travel. On average I find New England very inspiring but something about the muddy season of February and March has me urging to explore, so after so many hiccups I decided to plan a spontaneous trip to Charleston with my mom over the last week. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and again was a great way to refuel my inspiration tank and warm up my soul. 
+ Signs: I’m a true believer in signs and they are often my prime source of inspiration and perseverance. Whenever I feel like I can’t go on anymore, I often get the best sign or inspiration from the universe; I mean, call it what you want: god, spirit guides, the universe, but I do believe there is something greater out there offering a helping hand to each of us here and there. I mean yesterday I was honestly at my wits end, so tired, so much to do and just stuck on the process to take for an upcoming project; and then out of nowhere I literally bumped into a stranger who specialized in exactly the topic I needed council on whilst I was walking in the park. I mean, what are the odds, especially since I normally never even talk to people in the park. I guess what I’m saying is be open to all sources of inspiration, whether it’s something someone said on the radio or the fortune you got inside your fortune cookie; whatever the sign is if it inspires you in some way run with it! 

Okay, I can’t wait to continue to share more images from my recent trip to Charleston and I hope this post helps you find inspiration when your down. Anyway let’s talk about this Eva Franco skirt now, I mean how fitting is it for spring. I paired it with an olive t-shirt, to bring out the green hues in the skirt’s embroidery, and paired it with these Carrie Forbes handwoven sandals. I honestly love love love Eva Franco’s spring skirts, I know a lot of you request me to do a skirt video similar to my winter skirt video seen here, and I bring that to you all as soon as I stock up on some of her new arrivals. From embroidery to feminine tulle, I get giddy whenever I see her new arrivals at Anthropologie
Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys this Monday. Leave a comment below with how you find inspiration and have a wonderful week. 
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Must Have Spring Dresses, Under $100

February 26th, 2018

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6940

Matt and I had a dose of spring weather early this year, during our most recent trip to San Francisco. With temperatures in the mid to upper seventies, Matt and I took advantage of the unusually warm San Fran weather, by spending the afternoon taking in the Golden Gate Bridge, with our bums in the sand on Bakers Beach. Matt and I had some good karma on our side, because you never know what view you’ll get from Bakers Beach, due to the cities thick fog. But we felt extremely fortunate when we walked onto the beach and had both beautiful spring weather and completely blue skies, giving us an epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. To be honest, I get chills every time I see this bridge, whether it’s in person or in a movie, there is something so beautiful about its entirety. 

I know what you guys were thinking when you read the title of this post, Aubrey spring is still around a month away, but New England weather has been extremely unpredictable lately and I figured let’s just throw spring thoughts out into the universe. New England has experienced both snow and warm peeks within the last week, that I figured it’s never too early to stock up on spring dresses. Oh, and don’t kid yourself I know a lot of you have fun trips coming up, in fact, a lot of you have DM’d me on Instagram saying you’re headed to SF soon too. So whether you’re heading out of town to warmer weather or taking advantage of every random warm weather day New England throws at us, we hope this guide will help you affordably stock up your closet with must-have spring dresses. Anyway, I can’t wait until the day where my closet is completely turned over for spring and summer, but for now, let’s just take it one dress at a time.  

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6879
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7026
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6921
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6875

Last year, I invested in a serious amount of midi-length dresses under $108, like this one and this one, that I knew it was about time to even out my closet with a few midi dress. I’m actually only 5′ 2″ so mini dresses usually fall right above the knee making this dress style perfect for day-to-night looks. So yesterday, when Tessa and I headed down to NYC for a meeting I decided to wear this floral mini wrap dress, which I had purchased from Hope & Stetson over the weekend, for just $98! Whilst down there, I decided to run into Free People and I instantly fell in love with this Audrey Hepburn inspired mini dress, the moment I saw it, and after reading the reviews I actually went as far as to purchase it in both colors.

Mini dresses seem to be everywhere this spring, so here are a few more I’ve been eyeing recently. This femme lightweight yellow number, this white A-Line dress perfect for a night in the city, and I saved my favorite for last this stone embroidered number. Again, I’m not super tall, to begin with, so all of these styles end up falling at the perfect length and aren’t too short on my body type. Ugh, just looking at these dresses hanging on my rolling rack make me giddy for an upcoming trip I have planned with my Mom, next week. To think that March is just around the corner makes me excited for what warmer weather will bring. 

Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6885
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6790
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7080
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-6893
Must-Have Spring Dresses, Under $100-7072

You know that saying, when you look good you feel good? Well, I think changing my closet over to spring will help clear my mind of those dark hues and winter style while making room for the epic New England spring and summer that lies ahead. I’m especially excited for this summer because I’m finally going to make it to Nantucket, I’ve actually never been before, can you believe that!? Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted and make sure to scroll through the widget below to discover even more must-have spring dresses, under $100. 

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A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other

February 11th, 2018

A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3259

Over this past weekend, Matt and I took a spontaneous trip to one of my favorite cities of all time, San Francisco. If you’ve never been, I recommend you stop what you’re doing and book a quick trip right now. Ugh, you guys, this city wins my heart over with each and every visit. Anyway, after Matt and I had a somewhat rocky start to 2018, which you can read about here, we decided to take a spontaneous trip somewhere we could get to under $300, roundtrip. After daydreaming of warm locations like Palm Beach, Santa Fe, and San Diego; I saw that Southwest was offering a wicked sweet deal of $129 for a direct flight to San Francisco…so I booked it. 

 Matt was at first hesitant about visiting this city, especially since we were visiting during Super Bowl weekend of all times, but I quickly urged him to buy a plane ticket before the deal ran out, and just like that we were off to San Francisco. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with traveling, I really love traveling via airplanes, getting the chance to explore a new city and most importantly experiencing new foods; but naturally, I’m a homebody, so traveling can take a lot out of me physically, as I always overbook myself. If you are a long time TCC reader than you probably remember this post, where I said I was working on taking time off and not overbooking myself, but I mean I squeezed all of San Francisco into a three day trip, and it was totally worth flying home tired and a tad sick, because of it.

Which brings me to my point, Matt and I have over six trips planned and while traveling looks like all fun and romantic in front of the camera, we are also the first to admit that traveling together comes with its bickering matches, hangry arguments and getting lost via apple maps until one of us snaps. I mean while this trip was magical it also came with hectic moments too, like a few Uber rides due to us walking a mile in the wrong direction and an epic trolley chase down in Sausalito because Matt wasn’t about to wait another 30 minutes for the next one to arrive. I mean overall we are the definition of high-maintenance travelers but with each trip, we take together we’ve gotten better and better at managing each other. So today we wanted to share a long list of tips for traveling with your significant other.  

A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3174
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3164
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3243
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3369
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3115

Before jumping straight into the list, I wanted to share a new favorite designer of mine with you all, called Eva Franco. I discovered her brand over the holiday season at Anthropologie and recently, I just can’t get enough of her new arrivals. I’m all for a romantic skirt come spring, summer, and fall, including the beautiful lace detailed one I’m wearing below. Anyway, check her collection out here, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Okay, so let’s get to these tips, first off by no means should traveling with your significant other be a stressful experience. In fact, I often like to view it as an adventure because rarely will you ever find Matt or I just lounging around. Whether we are going to the Caribbean, Europe or California you bet you’ll see us running around at the crack of dawn, camera in hand. I always like to joke that Matt and I need a vacation from our vacations, at the airport, because we really get the most out of our time at each stop. Which brings me to tip number one… 

1) The Two Types of People at Airports: I would say, no matter the trip time, place or destination Matt and I always get into a bickering war at the airport, parking garage or even better in our home on the way to the car, on the way to the airport. Now, I travel a lot and have been for the last eight years. As many of you know, I went to college in California which meant I was flying cross-country at least eight times a year, so going to the airport for me, is a normal task. I arrive an hour before my plan boards, I’m not stressed out, I’m in no rush and I’ve NEVER missed a flight, yet Matt, on the other hand, is in total meltdown mode. 

 I mean, you would think he was launching a rocket at NASA, he’s running around the apartment five hours before our flight yelling at me to get everything in the car, because we are going to be late. Not to sound “yuppy” here but as someone who travels monthly and often alone, Matt drives me BANANAS at the airport and his negative attitude about flying used to REALLY get to me, but now I just ignore it. So if it is your first time traveling with your significant other, just know that there are two types of airport people: the cool as a cucumber people (me) and the NASA Space Launch people (Matt). I find it helpful to remember that his attitude stems from being anxious and to be honest, my Dad can be the same way at airports; yes it’s annoying and a buzz kill but usually as soon as those NASA Space Launch people are sitting and buckled into their airplane seat, the mood instantly changes, so just pick your battles and enjoy the meltdowns as they come. 

 2) Decide What Type of Trip You’re Taking, Before You Go: Matt and I like to categorize our trips so we know what to expect from each other/pack before we go! Is it a blogging trip? If so we make sure to pack all of our equipment, several bags of outfit changes and block out one entire day to focus on our blog content. Is it a relaxing trip? If so we try to bring books to read, movies to watch and comfortable shoes to slip on and walk around in. Is it a family trip? If so we make sure to pick a time for us throughout the day to catch-up. If we’re traveling with my family that basically means I’m fourth wheeling between the amount of time Matt spends with my brother and dad; so on these trips, we set aside a time (usually at sunrise) to take blog pictures, eat breakfast, chat before going our separate ways for the entire day. 

 Basically talking about what type of trip you’re headed into and what you need to accomplish or do together, diminishes any room for disappointment or letdowns. By having open communication about your expectations for the trip, you’ll have smooth sailing. 

A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3214
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3286
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3360
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3249


3) Delegate Trip Responsibilities and Expenses: This tip is key! Let’s say you are traveling to San Diego and are really overwhelmed with hotel choices, activities, restaurants, and transportation; just delegate! I often take on the responsibility of picking the hotel, airfare and transportation and give Matt the responsibility of selecting the restaurant (since he is a picky eater) and the activities. By dividing responsibilities it often decreases stress on ‘the planner’ in the relationship and allows everyone to get excited about the trip to come. I use the same system to delegate expenses, so if Matt is paying for the restaurant bills I’ll pay for all the uber rides throughout the city; which usually equals out. 


4) Always Pack a Snack: Matt and I have learned our lesson about packing snacks the hard way. To make a long story short, one time Matt and I were visiting New York City on an extremely hot day in August. Between going seven hours without eating, due to leaving my half-eaten breakfast on the train and the fact that we were trying to skip lunch so we could eat a HUGE dinner at Becco’s, I ended up fainting on the subway. Which resulted in me having to lie down on the sticky Subway terminal, whilst drinking a lemon Snapple ice tea and eating a salted NYC pretzel. Oh, and if that doesn’t paint a pretty picture for you I was wearing a tulle Anthropologie dress, so basically New York fashion at its finest, whilst lying down on the Subway floor…ew. Moral of the story: Always pack a snack so if you are hungry between meals you have something to eat without breaking the bank. 

5) Something Will 100% Go Wrong, And That’s Okay: Finally, it’s important to know that sometimes unfortunate things happen on vacation and that IT IS OKAY! Really, don’t let one minor hiccup ruin a whole trip for you, I mean I would go as far as saying, every trip Matt and I have taken together has resulted in something going wrong. BUT no matter the situation you’ll get through it. From our Ireland trip where my Dad, Brother and Matt ‘lost track of time’ in a pub and left my Mom, Sister and I at a national park two hours after its closing time in the pouring rain; to last April’s trip to Aruba where Matt claimed he wouldn’t get sun burnt and forwent putting sunscreen on, resulting in him having sun-poisoning for the entirety of the trip. All and all, these memories weren’t fun in the moment but looking back at them they are too funny not to laugh at. 

All and all remember that it’s completely normal to get annoyed, irritated or overly ambitious when it comes to traveling with your significant other. As long as you stay patient with one another, delegate tasks and expenses, and roll with the punches you’ll be able to tackle anything life throws at you. Okay that’s all Matt and I have for now, but we’d love to hear if you guys have any travel tips. If you do make sure to leave them in the comment section below! 

A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3223
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3318
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3235
A Long List of Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other-3308

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Thank you to our wonderful San Francisco photographer and tour guide, Inna Elsie

Districts of Dallas

February 5th, 2018

Districts of Dallas-9911

I always feel like Friday nights are meant to be spent downtown, does anyone else agree? When Matt and I first got notified that we’d be living in Dallas for two years, we knew the best part of living outside a city, would be having the chance to experience a youthful city nightlife. Both Matt and I love keeping ourselves busy so we felt this two-year adventure would leave us with lots of different neighborhoods to discover and coffee shops to explore. 

I’ll admit Dallas wasn’t exactly what I pictured when I first visited. I thought the city would be more on the historical end, like a Boston or Charleston, filled with old homes and charming streets; but in all honestly, Dallas is a classic metropolitan city. Between massive highways and building cranes filling the skyline, you can tell this city is in the mists of a huge growth spurt, making Matt and I, very grateful that we get to experience a city that welcomes new businesses with open arms and land to build on. This growing metropolitan area has provided Matt and I, with an ever growing amount of restaurants, coffee shops and dessert joints to choose from, making our trips downtown that much more fun. 

Districts of Dallas-9862
Districts of Dallas-0107
Districts of Dallas-9823
Districts of Dallas-9901
Districts of Dallas-9876

I guess the hardest part about living in such a growing city is keeping up with all the different districts and what they have to offer. If you’re new to Dallas or just visiting for the weekend you might feel overwhelmed, I know I did, so I wanted to share some of my favorite districts with you all and what they have to offer: 

+ Downtown District: I visit Downtown not nearly enough, but when I do I like to take in the museum and events the city has to offer. I often find myself visiting The Sixth Floor Museum, which showcases the life, death, and legacy of President JFK, with family members visiting the city for the first time; or I’ll find myself at the American Airlines Center watching the Dallas Stars shred up the ice. Hockey has always been one of Matt and I’s, favorite sports to watch, so having an NHL team so close to where we live has truly been a blessing. Also located downtown is Neiman Marcus Headquarters and original store. 

+ Deep Elm District: This district is by far my favorite place to visit if I’m headed out for the night or in need of some good old fashion comfort food. From Pecan Lodge’s BBQ to Tex-Mex, Deep Elm has you covered, but don’t rush out of this district after dinner, stay around an explore the insane nightlife and bars Deep Elm has to offer. I mean they even have a dueling piano bar and thriving street art; all and all this district is by far the hippest in town and reminds me of a mini-Austin. 

+ Harwood District: By far one of my favorite districts to stroll around in, take photos in and finish off with a bite to eat. Dolce Riviera for Italian food, The Grove at Harwood for tacos and ice cones (last shown here), and Mercat Bistro for French pastries and coffee; I mean need I say more.  

+ Bishop Arts District: I feel most at home here, to be frank, with over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, this district is the perfect place to stroll around with a latte in hand and just get outside. I often head to this district to visit Society, a local high-quality candle shop. They specifically have a collection dedicated to the scents of Texas, and I plan on stocking up on hundreds of candles before moving back to New England with Matt.  

+ Uptown District: With high-end fashion stores, electric bars and a bumping restaurant scene; the Uptown District would be the place I’d most likely buy an apartment in if I wanted to live within the Dallas metropolitan city area. Being the country mouse that I am, Matt and I decided on an apartment just outside of Dallas but I could easily see myself moving to Uptown. I mean they have a Soul Cycle, guys! 

Districts of Dallas-9993
Districts of Dallas-9931
Districts of Dallas-0086
Districts of Dallas-9926
Districts of Dallas-9762

It’s all a little overwhelming, isn’t it? I still can’t believe Matt and I have been in Dallas for almost two whole years, I don’t know where the time has gone and it makes me a little sad that I haven’t spent more time here. I still feel like we haven’t done or seen enough but each weekend Matt and I make it a point to revisit the districts and see what new businesses have opened and what has changed since our last visit. 

Okay, so now I’d love to hear from you guys! Have you been to Dallas? If so which district is your favorite? Did I miss any I need to include? Let Matt and I know below, we are still taking suggestions even though we’ve lived here two years, oh well and happy Friday

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15 Patriots Bars Across 15 Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At

February 2nd, 2018

15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9742

Just like that Matt and I are leaving Dallas and heading out to San Francisco to capture, what I believe is, one of the prettiest cities in America. Not only was this weekend the perfect weekend to get away, it also happens to be Super Bowl weekend…LET’S GO PATRIOTS! To be honest, at first Matt was hesitant about traveling on such an important weekend, but I insisted that no matter the city, Patriot fans are in it to win it. Hopefully literally.  

You might remember that last year, Matt and I were fortunate enough to attend what I believe has been the best Super Bowl yet. We were in Dallas at the time and just three nights before the big game found tickets on Craigslist and well the rest is history if you want all the details make sure to check out this post where I share our Super Bowl experience.  Anyway, back to going to San Francisco, I actually went to college in California and my best friend currently lives outside the city. After going over two years without seeing each other, I figured it was about time for a visit. Matt has actually never been to San Francisco either and I’ve only visited once before so I’m giddy with excitement about getting to revisit one of my favorite cities. 

With that being said, I started this blog when I was attending college in California with the idea that you could live a New England lifestyle no matter the coast, thus The Coastal Confidence. So this weekend I’m bringing that mission statement to life, while Matt and I will literally be on the other coast of the country. We plan on celebrating the big game with all the hoopla and hurrahs of an official New England Tailgate. Whilst doing my research, I figured I’d throw in a couple more cities and somehow we ended with this epic post. 

15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9562
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9457
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9493
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9588
15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9629


15 Patriots Bars Across15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At:



  • Boston — Cask ‘n Flagon: If you are a true Boston sports fan than you’ve been dragged to The Cask ‘n Flagon a time or two. Between Super Bowl-themed cocktails and hundreds of die-heart Boston fans this bar is the perfect place to watch the biggest game of the year along with some epic people watching.
    • Los Angeles — Sonny McLean’s: This Irish Gastro Pub in Santa Monica is like a little piece of New England on the West Coast.  With homemade Shepherd’s Pies, Fish & Chips, and New England Ipswich Fried Clams; you’ll feel like you’re in Massachusetts the moment you step in the bar. Seats are filling up fast, so reserve a seat ahead of time to watch the big game with fellow Patriot Fans.  
    • Chicago — Theory: I mean not only is this bar aesthetically pleasing and perfect for that game day Instagram, it’s also an ‘official’ Patriots bar! So gather up all your Tom Brady jerseys and Patriots beanies and head on over. 
    • Houston — Biggio’s: Between ceiling to floor TV displays and a sweet downtown location, this bar is a great place to watch the big game if you’re visiting. Matt and I visited this spot when we attended the Super Bowl last year and I promise you won’t miss a moment of the game with the amount of TVs present. 
    • Seattle — Bar Harbor Bar: I mean doesn’t the name say it all. This delicious seafood restaurant is the ‘official Patriots bar’ for Pats fans in Seattle. Better yet the event is free for anyone to attend on a first come first serve base, but everyone is asked to leave a donation for the Jimmy Fund! True Boston fans, am I right! 
    • Philadelphia —  Field House: If you happen to be in Philly for the Super Bowl, I’m sure the city will be nuts! With a ton of events to pick from, I’d recommend checking out Field House. With 100% of their 40 beers on tap coming from within 100 miles of Philadelphia, this bar is a hit for sports fans and beer connoisseurs.
    • Denver — Three Dogs Tavern: Someone on Yelp described this bar as ‘An oasis of blue, silver, and red in a sea of orange’ and I just about died. Anyway again this is an ‘official Patriots meeting place’ for Pats fans in the city of Denver. 

      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9690

      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9594
      15 Patriots Bars Across 15 U.S. Cities, To Watch The Super Bowl At-9516

    • San Diego — Barleymash: I mean between the rich food and the prime Gaslamp District, Downtown location, what isn’t to love about this bar. Watch the game here and then head outside to a street full of restaurants, bars, and dessert shops to pick from. 
    • Dallas — The Nodding Donkey: The Nodding Donkey is one of the Best Sports Bars in Dallas, with a prime Uptown location. With great food and great beer specials, this place will be a hoot to watch the game at. 
    • Washington D.C — Capitol Lounge: An ‘official’ Patriots bar’ where even the waiters are decked out in jerseys. This restaurant is the perfect place to come together with New Englanders and get that team spirit pumping. 
    • Austin — B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub Downtown: Someone on Yelp described his experience at this bar as ‘hoist a pint every Sunday with fellow Pats fans, Chowdaheadz, transplanted New Englanders and enlightened Austinites. Oh and if that didn’t sell you on visiting this ‘official Patriots bar’ it’s also conveniently located in Downtown Austin on Sixth Street.
    • Nashville — Whiskey Rhythms Saloon: If you want to see what an ‘official Patriots bar looks like just click on their Facebook Page. Whether you just moved to Nashville or just visiting, join your fellow New Englanders to cheer on our Patriots. 
    • San Francisco — Connecticut Yankee: I mean when I saw this bar I instantly knew this is where we would be watching the Super Bowl, just check out their website, it basically screams Aubrey and Matt. I guess I’ll see SF TCC readers there! 
  • New York City — Professor Thom’s: This diehard Patriots fan bar is the perfect place to watch the big game and explore the East Village. Oh, and if you’re a Harpoon drinker this bar is for you because Professor Thom’s is renowned for having the largest selection of Harpoons outside of Massachusets. 
  • Charleston — Hometown BBQFootball and BBQ, basically any guys dream. If you are visiting Charleston I would recommend stopping here for some good ole southern comfort food. Nothing is more game day appropriate than BBQ ribs and pulled pork.

I know, I know; that was a lot of information but I hope this post inspires you to attend one of these sports bars or look up one of your own in the area. Watching the Super Bowl with other New England fans, no matter the city, is a great way to meet new people, come together as a region and root on our favorite team. Now Matt and I are officially landing in San Francisco so all I have to say is GO PATS! 

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Fried Chicken in Dallas

January 29th, 2018

 Fried Chicken in Dallas-9371

I spend a good amount of time traveling between Connecticut and Dallas, and whenever I’m traveling by airplane, I often arrive at my destination on an empty stomach. When I land in Connecticut I often head to my parent’s house, aka a stocked fridge, but Dallas is a different story. First off, whenever I  leave Matt alone for a long period of time, I can bet my bottom dollar that the fridge will be bear and the pantry nonexistent. With that information in mind, I can’t help but get excited after landing in Dallas for the restaurants that await me. I’m a huge seafood fan, so I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by seafood almost year-round in Connecticut, but the moment my feet touch the ground in Dallas, I can’t help but anticipate the mashed potatoes and fried chicken, that are calling my name.  

From the moment I shut the car door, I often beg Matt to bring me to one of the many delicious restaurants Dallas has to offer. I’m a huge fan of quick in and out eating spots, so Bubba’s Cooks Country is always at the top of my list, because what sounds better than getting off a plane, eating fried chicken, going home to shower and hitting the hay? Nothing! 

Fried Chicken in Dallas-9320
Fried Chicken in Dallas-9399
Fried Chicken in Dallas-9359
Fried Chicken in Dallas-9409
Fried Chicken in Dallas-9248

When I first stepped into Bubba’s Cooks Country, I was drawn to the classic diner aesthetic and red vinyl booths but was greatly surprised as to how good this spot was, when I bit into my first piece of crispy fried chicken. On a whole, diner food is always a go for me, but Bubba’s Cooks Country is the perfect definition of traditional southern cooking, with homemade sides like mashed potatoes and fluffy rolls, you’ll have a new definition of comfort food by the time you leave. Oh and if you are extra tired after your flight and don’t want to wait around or sit-down, don’t worry they actually have a drive-through option for quick in and out hits. 

 After living in over three states: Connecticut, California and Texas; I would stand by the fact that Texas not only has the best food but also has bargain prices to boot. When Matt and I first got an apartment in Dallas you guys, sent in tons of restaurant recommendations from North Texas to Fort Worth and in between; and to be honest, at first it was slightly overwhelming. I still to this day feel like we still have so many places we have to try, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you all in case you’re in the Big D, for a quick stop. 

Of course, you have to stop at Bubba’s Cooks Country but here are some more of our favorite restaurants in the Dallas/DFW area:


 Pecan Lodge — Deep Elm, Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant — Fort Worth, Monkey King Noodle Company — Deep Ellum, True Foods — Plano, Cadillac Pizza — McKinney, Yolk — Dallas, Frisco Diner — Frisco, Emporium Pies — Bishop Art District

Fried Chicken in Dallas-9382

Fried Chicken in Dallas-9417
Fried Chicken in Dallas-9414

Overall though, I can’t allow you to leave Dallas without trying their BBQ or Fried Chicken, I mean I don’t think I could ever be satisfied with the rib dinner from Chili’s again after living in Dallas. One thing I’ve learned from traveling so much is to really embrace the food each place has to offer, in New England that means seafood, in Dallas that means BBQ and Fried Chicken and don’t even get me started on California and their acai bowls; because every time I move I seem to miss the restaurants and food more than anything else. I mean I still to this daydream of Taco Tuesdays in San Diego, let’s just say my Mexican food obsession peaked. 

Okay, so tag you’re it! Tell me below, which place you’ve visited that has the BEST food! I’d love to hear what type of food it was and if the restaurant is still around today. As always thanks for reading along and sharing your experiences. 

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5 Skirts You Can, Wear This Winter

January 24th, 2018

As we dive deeper into the brisk weather of these next few winter months, I can’t help but dream of tropical vacation spots, flip-flops, and elegant midi dresses. The idea of just throwing on a dress and running out the door feels so foreign to me right now. I’ll admit getting ready during these cold winter months, does seem like quite a hassle and it often takes me a little bit of planning, to get an outfit to look just right. However, these brisk temperatures don’t mean you have to fold up all your skirts and dresses just yet. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and fashion week to boot, I’m sharing five skirts you can wear this winter.

Don’t let the brisk air bring down your style game, I’m a skirt girl through and through, so I’m sharing some of my most popular skirt styles I reach for during these colder months. From photo shoots to casual nights out, a good skirt can really elevate the mood and switch things up, from the traditional jean and sweater uniform of winter. Below you’ll find five skirt types you can elegantly wear with a pair of tights this winter: the wool skirt, the faux suede skirt (last seen here), the metallic skirt, the tweed skirt and a personal favorite of mine the tulle skirt. I hope these feminine styles inspire you to give the jeans a night off and the tights a night on, and most importantly I’d love to hear which skirt styles you’ve been embracing this winter. Drop us a line in the comment section below, and let’s jump right into it.

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History & Cultural Heritage of New England

January 19th, 2018

History and High Culture of New England-2489

New England is deeply rooted in history and cultural heritage, which has made capturing it on the TCC all that more fun. I mean, from the pilgrims that came ashore in Massachusetts to the summer homes of America’s infamous business moguls and heirs of the Gilded Age in Newport; New England is bursting at the seams with untold stories and colonial homes to be explored. The historical towns of New England, with each passing photoshoot, have proven to be deeply rooted in the start of our nation and the hopes of a new life.

To be honest, I always use to take these old colonial homes for granted but now I see them as a way to bring a little piece of historical insight, and perspective, into what living a rural New England lifestyle meant for colonial Americans. Between cooking on a hearth and tiny stairways, I can’t even imagine the number of daily struggles, these New Englanders had to endure. Anyway, I’m lucky enough to live close to several historic districts with homesteads to tour and fires to be stoked. 

History and High Culture of New England-1972
History and High Culture of New England-2214
History and High Culture of New England-2423
History and High Culture of New England-2153
History and High Culture of New England-2019

One of my favorite colonial homesteads to visit is that of an American hero, Nathan Hale’s. The Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, Connecticut was home to one of the most renowned patriots of his time. Nathan Hale was an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, both a Yale graduate and a colonial elite, his homestead allows you an insight like no other. Tragically he was hung before the British in 1776 at the age of 21, for his work as a Continental Army spy, and is famously known for saying “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”. 

I’ve always admired how New Englanders go the extra length to preserve the history and cultural heritage of such homes. A ton of care goes into maintaining historic properties and still to this day The Nathan Hale Homestead is open to the public for tours and hearth cooking sessions, giving visitors a glimpse into New England’s history. So I often find myself in the car with my youngest sister and TCC photographer, Tessa, driving to the town greens of the oldest New England towns. 

From Old Wethersfield’s quaint town green, established in 1634, to Litchfield’s busy town green, established in 1720; there is no short of inspiration and architectural ingenuity on the town greens of small Connecticut towns. I often stroll down these greens to take images for our Instagram and get inspired by the untold stories and successes of our founding colonial families. 

History and High Culture of New England-1981
History and High Culture of New England-2180
History and High Culture of New England-2353
History and High Culture of New England-2222
History and High Culture of New England-2508

To this day, I’ll always be inspired by the history and cultural heritage of New England. It’s something that really adds perspective to my life and it’s the main reason why I love New England so much. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited most of Connecticut’s historical homesteads and town greens but I’d love to hear from you all. Are there any town greens we need to explore or colonial homes in your town that are just too good to pass-up? 

I love hearing what parts of New England inspire you, so leave a comment below with a place our Crew needs to head next. We love bringing you all along for the journey and we can’t wait to capture even more of New England as Matt and I gear up for our move back to New England hopefully this year. As always we’ll keep you posted, but until then have a great weekend. 

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5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England

January 15th, 2018

5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England-0983
5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England-0998

I mean if this last week wasn’t a closet wakeup call, I don’t know what is. Over the past few weeks, New England has embraced the harshest of winter weather, from icy mornings, casual blizzards on the weekend and a full week of temperatures in the negatives; I felt it was time to share the five jackets you need to survive winter in New England.

Now that we are in the midst of winter, now is a great time to snag a high-quality jacket for a January sale price (usually 40%-60% off!). Retailers are typically trying to clear out winter styles in order to bring out vacation wear in February, so I pulled a few of my favorite sale jackets to help you get through the rest of winter. I think we all learned that New England weather can be a tad unpredictable, so I’ve shared a range of different styles, weights, and colors to round out your jacket collection below.

5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England: 5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England-1097

5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England-0996
5 Jackets You Need To Survive Winter in New England-0851


This Wool Blend Wrap Jacket usually retails for $360.00 but is currently on sale for $179.00! Made by one of my favorite designers, Ralph Lauren, this jacket exudes timeless elegance and is crafted from a blend of cashmere and wool, for warmth and comfort. To be honest this jacket reminded me of the white wrap coat Meghan Markle wore in her engagement photos.

This White Puffer Jacket is the essence of warmth and weather protection and is always my go-to number when traveling to northern New England states during the winter. Whether I’m tagging along on a ski trip to Vermont or an ice-fishing tournament in New Hampshire, I basically live in this water-repellent, light-weight Parka styled jacket. Oh, and this jacket usually retails for $269.00 but is currently on sale for $169.99

This menswear-inspired jacket has been my everyday jacket leading into 2018. With a sophisticated double-faced wool blend, this jacket can be easily dressed up for an event, as seen here, or down for everyday activities as seen here. By far my favorite feature of this jacket is its balance between being both lightweight and warm, as some wool jackets can weigh you down like a pile of bricks. This jacket is easy to throw-on and has been by far my most-worn piece this winter; it currently retails for $223.50

This Sherpa topcoat is currently not on sale, however, it has been involved in many online flash sales (I’ve seen it up to 30% off). This polyester oversized fit duster is made for on the go street style. To me, this jacket just screams cabin in Vermont, I almost bought it before the holiday season but I knew more sales would come post-holidays madness, so it’s currently on my wish list and now I’m just waiting for them to restock, fingers crossed. This jacket usually retails for $265.00 but you can find a similar version here for $129.00.

This trench coat is my go-to winter to spring transitional piece, usually, it retails for $388.00 but it’s currently on sale for just $179.97! I mean that is a deal ladies and gentleman. I get a lot of questions about transitional wear and my response is always, purchase a trench coat. Whether you are transitioning from winter to spring or fall to winter, a trench coat is easy to layer and a year-round staple. In fact, I wore this trench coat so much, I purchased a similar one in navy a few weeks ago, last seen here in Friday’s blog post. All and all nothing says Parisian elegance like a trench and turtleneck combo.


All and all, winter style can sometimes feel overwhelming and pointless but don’t give up hope. Spend some time this week cleansing your closet of the old and taking inventory of styles of jackets and staples, you might need. I always recommend investing in good winter jackets before any other staple as you won’t get very far without one. Anyway stay warm and if you have time I’d love to hear what your favorite winter jacket is below.

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