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Applying to College and Picking a Major

September 20th, 2017

How to apply to college and pick a major-9553Sweater c/o || Vest c/o || Purse || Shoes || Jeans 

I can vividly remember six or seven years ago submitting my Common Apps to fifteen colleges in total (oh boy). I had colleges in Boston picked out, colleges in Virginia and of course a few randos like Denver, San Francisco, and San Diego; and life just kind of sorted itself out for me. 

Recently I’ve gotten questions from younger readers asking to break down my experience with applying to college and deciding on a major, so this one goes out to you guys. 

Also before we start, you can read more about my college experince hereHow to apply to college and pick a major-9530

How to apply to college and pick a major-9341
How to apply to college and pick a major-9488

Applying to college was a process I LOVED. I enjoyed touring the schools, I loved taste testing the food in the cafeteria, and I especially loved buying my college gear at the end of the tour. I was 100% on board with the entire process. 

So, being type A, I was prepared way ahead of time. When I applied for college there was a check-list and mine was checked off across the board. My SAT’s were done (I took them three times, once I even took them behind Matt when I had a nasty sinus infection and let’s just say…it was interesting) my essays were written and my Common App was all filled out. How to apply to college and pick a major-9634

How to apply to college and pick a major-9375
How to apply to college and pick a major-9418

When November 7th came, I was ready in advance so submitting my applications for college, was basically stress-free.  In hindsight, I was very lucky to have applied to all fifteen schools because in total I only got into, seven of them…so just under half. My number one school at the time was Wake Forest, which didn’t play out for me but my second choice was San Diego for obvious reasons. 

I figured this post would be a good time to be brutally honest about the college application process…How to apply to college and pick a major-9651

How to apply to college and pick a major-9373
How to apply to college and pick a major-9504

The truth is, you don’t know what’s going to happen. So it’s ALWAYS better to apply to more schools to give yourself the OPTION of choosing. I’ve seen way too many peers crushed when they only applied to schools they were ‘guaranteed’ to get into but didn’t, and I too experienced that. 

I can also remember applying to a ton of schools, all different ranges and the day before the deadline for Babson (which by the way is a very prestigious business school for entrepreneurs) my dad said just apply. So I wrote a mini essay about my love of New England and Red Sox and didn’t think twice. 

After getting a few no’s from schools that I ‘qualified’ for I got a letter from Babson saying I was in. I was shocked, I was under qualified, put zero effort into the mini essay, because I thought there was NO WAY I’d get in, and bang I did. 

So the one thing I took away from applying to college is ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, so give yourself options and apply to a range of colleges. 

How to apply to college and pick a major-9543

How to apply to college and pick a major-9440
How to apply to college and pick a major-9489

The other popular question I’ve received recently, from those of you looking to pursue a college degree is how to pick a major. 

I’m going to come right out and say, I was very lucky. I always knew I wanted to do marketing/business, to be honest, I think I decided on it way back in fifth grade and from then on it never switched. 

For me it was as easy as picking a topic that I loved and wanted to learn about, however, there are what feels like thousands of majors to choose from today, so don’t get discouraged if nothing catches your eye right out of the gate. 

Your first year of college can be dedicated towards core classes, so use that time to meet with teachers, department heads and prospective mentors in fields you’re interested in. 

I’d also recommend keeping the following in mind when deciding a major: 

  • What do you want to do post-college? 
  • How will this degree/training help you get there? 
  • Is this something I’m interested in? 

The questions above should help you pick the right major for the right reason. I can’t tell you how many friends went to the school of business of accounting, for the sole reason of a large paycheck. In the end, many of them had to switch majors, because going into something for the idea of money…isn’t the best plan. 

So keep your ears open and your motives pure and you all will be fine. 

Okay, I’d love to hear what college you guys went to and which major you picked! I love learning about you guys, xx Aubrey 


How to create your own sense of style

September 18th, 2017

How to create your own sense of style-0121

Lilly Pulitzer Dress c/o || Earrings (under $25!) || Shoes || Bag || Lipstick

The other day I got a DM on Instagram from a TCC reader with a great question. She asked how to create your own sense of style, when the brand’s your peers are currently coveting aren’t really up your alley. 

Right after reading this DM, I sat down to write this post because I once had this personal dilemma in college. I grew up in Connecticut and embraced classic American Style until I decided to go to college in San Diego. 

& oh boy guys, did my personal style go down a windy road once I was living full time in California. 

How to create your own sense of style-0009
How to create your own sense of style-9797
How to create your own sense of style-9711
How to create your own sense of style-9765
How to create your own sense of style-9723

All of a sudden I was being introduced to brands I’d once never heard of, which is an amazing experience. My roommates taught me all about WildfoxBrandy MelvilleLF Stores[] and of course Free People; serious 70’s California vibes. 

& oh was I excited. My personal style went from zero to one hundred here, I went from a classic Jackie Kennedy look, think Lilly Pulitzer, to the California extreme of maxi skirts, crop top sweaters and dare I say vintage Nirvana band tees.

Who was I… 

Looking back I can’t believe I wore some of the items I did, they were so NOT me, BUT they are a part of who I am today! By having fun and embracing the California clothing style and lifestyle, I’m where I am today. 

Now I digress, just because you try something out doesn’t mean you have to commit. So after a year of boho Free People Dresses and graphic tees; I packed up my suitcase and headed back East for summer.

Once summer break was in full swing and my duffle bags of vintages tees arrived in Connecticut, I realized it just wasn’t me. I wanted to go back to wearing brands and cuts of style that made me feel like, well ME!How to create your own sense of style-9960

How to create your own sense of style-9781
How to create your own sense of style-9691

I think finding a sense of style, is kind of like finding a sense of self…

To deep? I’m not kidding though, my blog is about embracing New England lifestyle which includes a clothing style; it’s part of who I am and who New Englanders are in their roots. 

Just like how Texans love Wrangler Jeans and Californians rock Brandy Melville bralettes left and right.

Your style tells a story and speaks to a culture you relate too. This whole experience actually promoted me to start the TCC, to help you guys embrace a New England lifestyle no matter where you are or what stage of life you’re in. 

& guys, style is meant to be fun and fluid, just because you like bell-bottom jeans today doesn’t mean you have to sign a marriage license to them tomorrowHow to create your own sense of style-0112

How to create your own sense of style-0233
How to create your own sense of style-9670
How to create your own sense of style-9711
How to create your own sense of style-0150
How to create your own sense of style-0188

So TCC Reader my advice on how to create your own sense of style when the brand’s your peers are currently coveting aren’t really up your alley, is to dress for YOURSELF! 

Yeah sure, sometimes I looked overdressed walking to class in this Lilly Dress, amongst San Diego yogis and beach babes but I felt darn good and that’s what mattered to me. 

I can vividly remember arriving back in San Diego for my sophomore year of college, Lilly Dresses and Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts in hand with roommates asking to borrow the dresses for dates or special occasions. Bringing something different to the table, style wise, was fun for both parties. 

Anyway, finding your own style is totally trial and error and it still is for me today. To this day my closet has elements of California and New England, you’d be surprised how many preppy pieces I find in Urban Outfitters of all places, while in CA, like this dress I just purchased. 

Overall, don’t worry about brands or labels, in fact, pulling a piece no one else has purchased might inspire others to take the preppy style out for a spin. As long as you wear your outfit with confidence and grace, you’ll fit in just find. 

Okay, that’s my experience and tips, I’d love to hear any advice you guys might have for creating your own sense of style. xx Aubrey How to create your own sense of style-0117

How to create your own sense of style-0012
How to create your own sense of style-0031

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When to say no, in business & life

September 15th, 2017

When to say no, in business & life-3610
When to say no, in business & life-3592

Jean Dress (on sale for $99!) || Shoes || Jacket || Necklace || Camera

Overall, I love every aspect of my job and I’m very fortunate for that. This doesn’t mean that I’m good at every aspect, but I love being challenged. Whether that means learning a new photo editing tool, researching a new social media platform or dipping my toes into vlogging; my job is interesting because it challenges me, and boy did it challenge me the other day. 

A big part of my job is working with PR firms and brands, both of which I love doing. I would say 99% of my interactions with PR firms and brands are fun, exciting and most importantly mutually beneficial. 

The other day though, I cracked.When to say no, in business & life-3652

When to say no, in business & life-3505
When to say no, in business & life-3553
Recently I’ve had a few encounters in my inbox where I look at Matt and sigh, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. 

Before I go in any further into this topic, I want to start by saying I’m not naturally a pushover but rather I’m an aggressor. I like to take a problem or a challenge and tackle it head on, I like to talk things out in person until it’s done and I’ll admit sometimes I have to go back and beat a dead horse, but it’s my way of processing and in the end, I do give and take. 

So when someone emails me wanting something, instead of just ignoring it (passive) or saying YES to EVERYTHING (pushover), I try to find a common ground. 

My goal is to always be rational and kind. I try to use phrases like ‘mutually beneficial’, ‘I see where you’re coming from’ and my favorite line ‘I understand’ because the truth is, I do get it. 

But recently, I’ve had to learn to stop beating a dead horse and just say NO sometimes. & guys this has been really hard for me and I’m sure many of you can relate.  Saying NO to a possible long-term collaboration or job offer is horrifying especially if it’s with a brand or company you love, but in life knowing when to say no is essential. When to say no, in business & life-3648

When to say no, in business & life-3667
When to say no, in business & life-3519

Anyway, back to my story, so I was chatting with a firm that reached out to me representing a brand I loved and I really didn’t want to turn them down. I was basically jumping through hoops, spending hours pitching ideas, making budget sheets and being over accommodating which sometimes isn’t a good strategy. 

& the emails I was receiving back basically had no regards for my time, the energy I’ve spent on the project or the money I would have to spend to carry out the collaboration. 

To sum it up, it was TOTALLY a one-sided deal and when the twelfth email came back with just a quick four lines and a passive aggressive … ending, 

I cracked. I had tried every angle to make it work, and instead of wasting any more of my energy, I turned down the collaboration. 
Not only was the overall conversation tone belittling towards my blog, brand and myself; & it reminded me that IT’S OKAY to stand up for yourself, to stop jumping through another hoop; it’s okay to say NO sometimes. 

When to say no, in business & life-3635
When to say no, in business & life-3621

So after experiencing similar encounters more and more frequently, I wanted to touch base and talk about it. Let’s talk about how I decided when to say no, in business and life. 

NO in Business:  When to say NO in business is when a deal is not mutually beneficial. 

I can’t tell you the amount of times, I’ve had brand’s ask me to create high-quality content for them with no ROI. Now ROI doesn’t always mean money, sometimes it’s product, sometimes it’s attending events and sometimes it’s as simple as creating content for exposure or to get reposted. 
But no matter how big the brand or boss is, don’t feel like your time isn’t valuable. If your gut is saying, you’re being taken advantage of, it’s time to step up to the plate and say something. At this stage in my career, I’d rather lose the collaboration and maintain the quality and aesthetic of my content; then be pushed around. 

NO in Life: When to say NO in life is when you’ve encountered a TAKER. 

I’ve talked about takers before in this blog post, but basically, it’s okay to say NO to a friend, extracurricular or event if they are running you dry. 

What I mean by that is, you should surround yourself with people and things that inspire you and fill you up with energy, life, and excitement. Don’t constantly say YES to getting coffee with a friend that spends the whole time talking about how amazing they are or how much they get paid. Blah.
Time is your most valuable resource, so it’s okay to say NO to situations with bad energy. It’s not worth wasting your time on, to be honest. 

THE DELIVERY OF NO – Most importantly let’s talk about the delivery of NO. It’s all in the delivery/approach, so keep it short and simple. For business, I usually say: ‘Hi, At this time our crew will have to pass. Thank you for thinking of us and I hope to collaborate in the future.’ Short, simple and sweet; we aren’t looking to burn any bridges here. 

Personal NO’s can be a little more difficult to construct and really it depends on the person you’re dealing with. Overall I find coming from a place of transparency is a good place to start. 

Okay, now I’d love to know what cracks you to the point of NO? Let me know below. xx Aubrey 

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My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England

September 13th, 2017

My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_3078

Sweater || Jeans || Shoes (ON SALE!) || Necklace

I woke up today and it was 55 degrees outside, need I say more. 

It finally feels like Fall here in New England, and I’m loving every second of it. To be honest, I’m not really a summer gal. I strongly dislike feeling hot and the moment I step inside from heat and humidity, I’m usually freezing due to the blessing of AC. So overall dressing for summer was never my forte. 

Instead, each year I welcomed September with open arms, even if that meant it was time to head back to school. Dressing for fall was much more my aesthetic, color scheme and vibe. 

My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England 2 - C
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_2932
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_3082
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_3043

So like I was saying today I woke up, pulled on this cozy sweater and slipped out the door, to take on the cold autumn air. This time of year inspires me to really embrace style after all this is sort of my last chance before the very un-style able layers of winter begin.

When it comes to embracing style in fall, especially in New England, layering is key but it can also get old quickly. Instead, I challenge you to layer different textures this year. From wool to velvet; fall brings the best of styled textures to our shopping carts and this year I encourage you to mix and match. 

My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_2930
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_3002

Below I’ve listed my top four closet staples and textures for Fall in New England: 

Tweed: This is actually my favorite trend of fall. Tweed is nothing new but each year designers come out with new twists on the classic look. I’ve been wearing this tweed skirt non-stop lately, along with this tweed jacket.  

Velvet Shoes: This year’s go to fabric seems to be velvet, but recently I’ve been obsessed with the velvet shoe trend. From these Lucky Brand Velvet Loafers to these blush velvet block heels; the trend is alive and I’m all in. 

Blazers Obviously I can’t leave blazers off our fall staples list. I recently did a whole post featuring my favorite blazer here. Blazers are the key to unlocking the perfect day-to-night style. Wear this sophisticated off the shoulder velvet top, and just pair it with a blazer for work and once 5 PM hits you’re all ready for happy hour, in a snap. 

Knitted Sweaters: My final favorite style is knitted sweaters. I love pull-over sweaters that showcase knitting details. I think it brings both style and depth into your look. I decided to take on this style today with the sweater I’m wearing above. 

My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_2956
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England - 01
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_3074
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_2993
My Closet Staples, for Fall in New England_2942

I’d love to hear from you guys, do you have a specific staple or trend you can’t wait to rock this fall? If so PLEASE let me know in the comments below, I really do love keeping up with what you’re all up to. 

Okay, I’m off to Starbucks now to grab a latte (regular not pumpkin spice) and start chipping away at some photo editing. Wish me luck. xx Aubrey 

Photos by Carter Fish

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Falconry at Ashford Castle

September 8th, 2017

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8284Yellow Rain Jacket (on sale)! || Skirt from Talbots || Shirt from Talbots || Sneakers || Bag || Camera

The way I plan most of my trips now, since blogging full-time, is through story telling. That might sound weird but I always think of TCC readers and what they’d like to see and what stories they would like to hear; before finalizing any details of my trip.

Just like if you were to sit down with your friend and chat about your most recent vacation, I want to bring you guys along for the best moments and stories of our trip. So when planning I knew I wanted to bring the very British storyline of Falconry to TCC Readers. It’s something that’s always interested me, and the whole experience felt very much like a moment from the Netflix show ‘The Crown’. 

Let’s just say once again I felt like I was in my element. I was lucky enough to be traveling with my family whom I knew had no fears of birds, as we’d be getting up close and personal with these amazing Falcons. I feel confident in saying this activity of our trip was probably the most memorable and enjoyed. Falconry at Ashford Castle-8324

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8277
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8437

It was actually our final day in Ireland and it started off at Ashford Castle, specifically the Lodge at Ashford Castle. I actually really loved staying at the Lodge and if I could do the whole trip over again I would 100% stay there longer. 

Tessie, my Mom and I all woke up at 7 AM and got ready for an early breakfast, before heading straight out the door; as we had a traditional boat ride planned for 9 AM. The boat ride was in a small four person handcrafted boat, crafted and driven by Frank as he taught us all about the history of the castle and the Guinness Family Curse.

Once again, I’m a huge history buff, so you bet I had to hear about Ireland’s most prominent family’s curse. You’ll have to google it, because it really is quite interesting and this historic family once owned the beautiful Ashford Castle that you can stay at today. 

Whenever I travel to an area I’m unfamiliar with, I’m huge on booking tours with local residents as it really is the only way to effectively learn and remember the history of the land. & if a tour isn’t available I’ll usually turn towards Youtube before or after my travels to learn about it. Overall, if you visit the castle I highly recommend hiring Frank, for a boat tour. Falconry at Ashford Castle-8630

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8612
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8529

Next up we met up with the boys after their epic round of rifle shooting. I only say it’s epic because they had been looking forward to it the entire vacation. To be honest, I think their aim was less than epic but I’ll keep that between us. While they were shooting Tessie and I headed back to the room to shoot some videos and edit pictures. 

It’s really important for me to balance work while traveling. Since our crew is so small, I really don’t have the luxury of checking out during vacations. I’m the first to admit, that being on 24/7 is one of the things I love about my job. It’s a go, go, kind of industry and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

If you’d like me to do a post on how I manage my blog while traveling…let me know below! Falconry at Ashford Castle-8673

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8598
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8651

Anyway at 1 PM we all embarked on our last journey of the vacation…Falconry. We took out two birds with a guide and flew these majestic animals around the castle premises. It was so exciting getting to work one on one with a real falcon and learn more about their talents and skills. 

Animals never cease to surprise me, and I was lucky enough to have both Matt and Tessie around to capture my time with the falcons. Oh and of course, I had to dress the part, I went with a tweed skirt from Talbots and my yellow rain jacket. I was trying to channel Katie Middleton style, did it work? Falconry at Ashford Castle-8677

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8774
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8661

After falconry we headed back to our rooms, squeezed in a few emails and packed up for Dublin! We flew out the following day, and I must say, thank goodness. After a week of jam packed sightseeing, photo taking and video recording we were all spent. 

While there are still a few more things on my Ireland bucket list, I’m feeling pretty grateful for all that I was able to see and accomplish with my family in this short time period. 

& don’t worry we’ll be bringing you our full travel guide on Monday. xx Aubrey


Cliffs of Moher and Travel Vlog

September 6th, 2017

Cliffs of Moher-7108

Yellow Rain Jacket (ON SALE!) || White Dress (on sale!) || Rain Boots || Matt’s Jacket 

I’ve been so excited to share this blog post with you guys, it’s one of my favorites so far from our recent trip to Ireland. In this post and vlog, you’ll see our crew exploring what I believe is the most iconic landscape in Ireland…the Cliffs of Moher. 

As our group of six made it up the Wild Atlantic Way from Kerry, our next stop was the Cliff Coast. This section of Ireland is full of iconic and dramatic cliff views, that honestly took my breath away. It was astonishing to me that a country covered in gray skies and rain storms could be so green. 

Seeing the Cliffs of Moher has been on my bucket list for a very long time, so I was giddy with excitement when the day finally arrived. Cliffs of Moher-7205

Cliffs of Moher-7006
Cliffs of Moher-7062

So when the day arrived, I woke up early, jumped in the shower and did my hair and makeup. Notice in the vlog below how I say not to cake on makeup due to the rain, well I believe I totally jinxed us with the weather. Initially, it said it would slightly rain so I wasn’t too concerned with my hair, makeup, and outfit of choice…but boy was I wrong. 

Anyway, it was a bit of a rocky start to the day as our boat tour of the cliffs got canceled along with our hotel forgetting to tell us that they never booked our walking tour…which, by the way, started outside in a parking lot. Unfortunately, after sitting 30min outside in a rainy parking lot, our hotel emailed us saying ‘oops’, I just about had it so we decided to screw it and take ourselves on our own tour.

As we drove onward towards The Cliffs, I was 100% in my element. Yellow rain jacket was on, a wool scarf was keeping me warm and I was ready to take on the world. The joke was on me because the moment we stepped outside of the car and into the viewing area of The Cliffs of Moher it started to POUR. 

I mean pour to the point where my white linen dress was COMPLETELY see through…and once again I was the official flasher of Ireland, only this time in a white see-through dress. MY LIFE GUYS. Cliffs of Moher-6938

Cliffs of Moher-6929
Cliffs of Moher-6804
Cliffs of Moher-6844

It was one of those moments in life where you just had to laugh. We literally were slipping and sliding all the way up the Cliffs of Moher, Matt took a few diggers and I got shocked by an electric fence, all of which was captured on camera by our video photographer/my sister Tessie. It is by far the funniest vlog because it just shows you life happens, and the weather is the weather. 

I can’t tell you how many times it’s rained on me during a photoshoot, but rallying always results in the best and most authentic pictures and in this case video. 

Even in the rain the cliffs were beautiful, and I would 100% recommend it, and make sure to get there early (10 AM ish) to beat the crowds. After the cliffs, we went to a pub to dry off and ended up deciding on visiting the Burren Perfumery. Andrew (my brother), Matt and my Dad dropped us girls off to tour the gardens and sniff our hearts out. 

It was really interesting seeing how long and diligent the perfume process is and when we were all done with the tour we stopped for a cup of tea. It was quite relaxing until the boys forgot to pick us up and we had to wait outside the closed perfumery in the pouring rain for an hour. 

Little side note, but I feel like I should do a whole post on how to manage traveling with men or bad planners in general. Does anyone else agree? Cliffs of Moher-6877

Cliffs of Moher-6706
Cliffs of Moher-6791
Cliffs of Moher-6762

Anyway, after a crazy and very wet day I was excited to take a hot shower, re-blow-dry my hair and watch the hilarious footage of us on the cliffs. It was a very cozy and warm way to end a damp and somewhat hectic (with plans falling through) day. 

One of my favorite parts of the entire Ireland vacation was getting to bunk with Tessie; especially after the new Taylor Swift song was released. We got ready for an oh so interesting dinner with that song on repeat, that night. 

Finally, I hope you guys are enjoying the vlogs!!! We only have two more Ireland posts to go, so we’ll see you back here on Friday for our final stop…Ashford Castle

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Ring of Kerry And Travel Vlog

September 4th, 2017

Ring of Kerry-1736

Skirt || White Turtleneck || Vest || Belt || Lipstick || Hunter Boots 

As I stated last week, when planning my first trip to Ireland, I had a vision of traveling up the Wild Atlantic Way. I knew I wanted to start in the south at the Ring of Kerry and make our way up to Galway, so I kept all of that in mind when booking hotels.

Our first hotel we stayed at was probably our favorite, Sheen Falls Lodge right outside the town of Kenmare. The hotel was beautiful and had a relaxed country aesthetic, with a roaring fireplace and french toast that I dreamed about each night.

With lots of activities, like fly fishing to rifle shooting, to pick from and a bustling town just up the road; this hotel was perfect for my VERY active family. Overall my main reason for picking this hotel was due to the fact that it was close to Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry. 

So on the third day of our trip, I woke my family up quite early and made everyone pile into the car to explore. I will say, driving the Ring of Kerry can be a tad scary, the roads are ridiculously windy which you might have noticed in the vlog below. Thus I would recommend visiting the park early, to avoid crossing paths with tourists bus and overflowing parking lots.

Ring of Kerry-1601
Ring of Kerry-1589
Ring of Kerry-1678
Ring of Kerry-1672
Ring of Kerry-1623

We arrived at the park at 10 AM and had plenty of time to jump out of the car and snap pictures. It was really fun just exploring the different terrains and taking in the views. Ireland has been the most scenic country I’ve visited so far.  

I decided to wear this skirta vest, and white turtleneck, oh and don’t forget my infamous Hunter Rain Boots. I’ll say my rain boots were by far my most worn item on this trip, second to only my yellow rain jacket. 

In hind sight wearing a skirt to the Ring of Kerry wasn’t a smart idea. I thought the park involved walking through paved trails but realistically it involved climbing over trees and through muddy creeks to see natures beauty like the Torc Waterfall; which I loved but wasn’t dressed for. 

I kept joking with my family saying I was the official flasher of Ireland because I probably flashed more than a handful of people with the fashion decisions I made. 

All for a good Instagram, am I right!? 

Ring of Kerry-1611
Ring of Kerry-1716
Ring of Kerry-1727
Ring of Kerry-1812
Ring of Kerry-1840
Ring of Kerry-1714

From the Ring of Kerry, we went straight to Killarney National Park; which overlaps with the Ring. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to see within the National Park specifically the Muckross House and Gardens. This mansion was beautiful and was actually owned at one point by the Guinness Family’s daughter.

Could you imagine owning a mansion in the middle of a national park, talk about a view? The mansion was beautiful and while we didn’t have time to go inside, we did make time to see the Muckross Abbey. Now I know this might sound weird but I’m a sucker for old graveyards. 

I hate all things spooky, so you’d never find me there at night or alone, but there is something so historic about reading the names of people who lived in the town so long before us. A lot of old tombstones even write how they died and how they embraced life, giving us all a glimpse into the past. 

So we spent quite some time at the mansion grounds and Abbey before hopping back in the car and heading to our final destination…food! 
Ring of Kerry-1880

Ring of Kerry-1873
Ring of Kerry-1790
Ring of Kerry-1886

We were starving by the time we got back in the car so we headed straight to the town of Kenmare, for some Pepsi and food. After a hangry fight over where we should eat dinner, my Dad desperately wanted lamb chops and the rest of us wanted spaghetti; we decided to go authentic with an Irish pub. 

We ate at, PF McCarthy’s Bar which was one of our most loved food destinations throughout our trip. You must leave room for dessert if you eat here though, who would have thought a pub would have good dessert but the apple crumble was everything. 

& that about wrapped up our third day in Ireland. Don’t forget to check out our 2nd official TCC Crew Vlog segment. & please let us know if this is something you enjoy. xx Aubrey 

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Cobh Ireland and Travel Vlog

September 1st, 2017

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5427

J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) || Hunter Boots || Rain Jacket (color sold out, same brand listed)  || White Jeans || Bag

I’m always grateful that my job allows Matt and myself, the opportunity and flexibility to travel. Recently Matt & I have been itching to visit Europe, specifically Italy, but our budget just couldn’t swing it…however one day I noticed flights from Hartford, CT to Kerry Ireland were just $325 so I took a deep breath and booked it. 

I’ll admit booking my first trip to Europe was a little overwhelming, in terms of figuring out logistics and the idea of renting and driving a car, oh boy. So I was very grateful that ALMOST my whole family ended up going to Ireland, after telling them how cheap the flights were.

My younger sister Sarah, couldn’t make it because she had already started college, but everyone else was down. Now, when I booked my trip I had a very specific vision for where I wanted to go, and my family basically went along for the ride (well MOST of them did at least)Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5674

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5512
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5662

I had a vision of traveling up the Wild Atlantic Way. I initially planned on covering the whole scenic route over a two week period, but decided on sticking to the southern half and reducing our trip to just one week; which in hindsight was perfect. I’m a home body through and through so being in Europe for a little over a week was just the right amount of time. 

Anyway, I’ll be posting several more Ireland themed posts and one specifically dedicated to breaking down everything about our trip, but I figured I’d share where we started. 

So before heading up the Wild Atlantic Way, I wanted to make a stop at two locations: 1) The Blarney Stone (for obvious reasons) and 2) the town of Cobh. I’ve been DYING to see Cobh because it was the last stop the Titanic made before it’s fatal trip. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5485
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5494
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5413
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5534

Something about the Titanic always intrigues me, so I really wanted to see this colorful port town and the pier where the final Titanic voyagers stood. I’m a huge history buff, so being able to embrace this town and its history was a highlight of my trip.

We woke up super early on Monday, and I decided to go with this J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) and hunter rain boots. Nothing too fancy but something light enough for walking and cute enough for some pictures. 

My family and I spent the morning embracing the town of Cobh, it’s beautiful hilly roads and delicious seafood. Let me tell you one thing if you like seafood especially salmon, Ireland is a good place to be. After finishing a light lunch on the pier, we took a tour of the Titanic museum and left Cobh around 3:30 PM for the Blarney Stone. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5952

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5589
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5661

We arrived around 4 PM to the Blarney Stone and by this time of day, we had already gotten caught in some rain, as my once straight hair was in the past and my white jeans had stew on them, but what can you do. I can’t even count how many times we got caught in a random downpour, I kept joking that getting wet and looking less than glamorous was my #ootd. It is what it is though, so I embraced every moment of water-proof mascara running down my face. 

Now here’s a travel tip, I would highly recommend going to the Blarney Stone later in the day. We had the castle all to ourselves and absolutely no line to kiss the stone (I had a friend wait in line for an hour and a half once), although it was a race against the setting sun…all in all, either GO early or GO late.

Overall Matt, Tessie (my younger sister and video photographer) and I had the best time exploring Ireland and getting a little messy. We spent a lot of time rushing around, trying to capture Ireland in between down pours and at the same time embracing the beauty of Ireland’s gray skies and green hues. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5977

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5849
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5875
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5835

Anyway, we figured now was the perfect time to launch our TCC Crew Vlog segment and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Now in retrospect, we are just beginners and we aim to improve and innovate with each video we create, but please do let us know if you enjoy the segment.

We have more videos from our Ireland trip coming and if enough of you say YES to the vlogs…this could become a weekly vlog series…just throwing it out there. 

xx Aubrey 

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How to make long distance work

August 30th, 2017
How to make long distance work -8216
Hey I’ve recently gotten a lot of readers reaching out about one topic specifically, how to make long distance work…in college. & oh have I been there, and done that. For anyone that doesn’t know, Matt (my long term boyfriend) and I have held a relationship for 8 years, HOWEVER, four of those years were via a long distance relationship. I actually attended college in San Diego while Matt attended college in New York, so I’m talking about cross-country long distance, OH BOY. 
Before going any further, like every relationship post, I always encourage you to do what works for you, and I’m in no way saying what I did is the right way, but here’s my experience with the touchy topic that is long distance. 
How to make long distance work -7699
How to make long distance work -7973
How to make long distance work -7940
& like the OCD college note-taker in me, I’ve made a syllabus to help break the process down.
A) Distance DOESN’T Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder…
First off, let’s debunk one of those old-wives tales, aka, distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I get why people feel this way, and I believe this phrase is completely true for short time periods. It’s exciting going out in the world and having your own experience to bring back to the table, and it’s SO FUN reuniting and catching up like two peas in a pod.
Whenever I’m traveling for a shoot or to visit friends, without Matt, it’s fun and exciting to reconnect after one to three weeks apart; it’s like a relationship cleanse and yes, totally makes the heart grow fonder. BUT two months and up, without seeing each other is a different story. That’s when the debunking comes in because you get into the ‘drifting zone’ and we’ve all been there. How to make long distance work -8104
How to make long distance work -8212
How to make long distance work -8161
B) MOST IMPORTANT: The Drifting Zone…
Definition: It’s basically the point of no return, it’s that moment when your friend is telling you a story and you realize you have no idea who, what or where they are talking about. It’s the moment when you’re not able to relate….
I’m a firm believer that we have all or will all eventually experience, the drifting zone. Whether it be with a friend, relationship, family member or co-worker; some relationships just aren’t meant to stand the test of time, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I’ve had plenty of friendships fizzle out, it’s just part of life.
Let me take a step back if you’re still confused as to what the drifting zone is, I’ll break it down further. Let’s say you’re a sophomore in college, look back at your high school friends, I’m sure there are some you’ve just drifted away from. Drifting is easy, and it’s usually a two-sided issue, and the scariest thing about drifting is that it’s the silent killer of relationships. You’ll always hear about the horrible stories of long distance relationships failing because of cheaters, because of a huge fight or because of jealousy; but to be honest, a lot of long term relationships fail because people just end up drifting apart. 
It’s hard having a relationship where your significant other or friend, doesn’t know your college friends, the environment you live in or your schedule/class load. I still to this day, have never been to Matt’s college campus and Matt still to this day hasn’t met all my California friends; which makes some exchange college stories, not as fun or interesting. 
So I get a lot of questions about how to prevent drifting and here are a few easy ways: 1) visit each other, 2) facetime and 3) active listening and engagement (get your friends on facetime, actively listen and engage with what they’re saying…always ask questions!). 
How to make long distance work -7886
How to make long distance work -7847
How to make long distance work -7759
C) Jealous Jelly Bean…
By nature I’m not a jealous person, sometimes I think Matt wishes I was more jealous because it’s not an emotion I evoke. I always joked with my friends saying, I’m too focused on myself to spend time being jealous…which sounds horrible but is true. I was way too focused in college on launching my blog to be worried about who Matt was hanging out with on a Friday night or a girl he had a group project with. I had zero worries and my roommates always made fun of me for this, stating I was like the man in the long-term relationship. 
I just had a very relaxed approach to long-distance and I think that came from 1) not being a jealous person but also 2) by being confident in the relationship Matt and I have. We are both very (I hate this word) confrontational people, which meant if our relationship was going to blow up…IT WOULD BE APPARENT. We have very loud, strong and vocal communication skills; but I think that’s why long distance worked for us…if someone wasn’t happy they voiced it! 
Anyway, Jealous Jelly Beans are a NO GO for long-distance, and if you’re one of these beans, especially if you don’t like confrontation, then either rethink taking your relationship long-distance or readjust your attitude. How to make long distance work -7905
How to make long distance work -7863
How to make long distance work -7908
D) Conclusion: Keep Me Posted…
This was always and still is my go to line with long distance relationships. Keep me posted, was how I ended every phone call. Making yourself available via phone is really important, it’s kind of like being a life coach; if Matt had a group project, interview or test…I wanted to know about it. 
If you want to make long distance work than you NEED to stay up to date with current events, and constantly check up on them. No one like a friend that sits there and talks only about themselves, make sure to always stay up to date with what’s going on in your friends like and leave yourself open to hearing about it. 
Basically, keep lines of communication mutually beneficial and ACTUALLY LISTEN, because where your attention goes your energy flows! & here’s a NEWSFLASH, long distance takes up both a lot of time and energy so don’t be hasty.How to make long distance work -8010
How to make long distance work -7969
How to make long distance work -8136
Okay, so that’s my long-distance syllabus for the fall semester. Should I do a second one for spring semester? Let me know below, along with any other tips and tricks you guys have up your sleeves. xx Aubrey 
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How to Style a Graphic Tee

August 25th, 2017
I was, and still am, a huge fan of graphic tees. Now, just because I’m a fan, doesn’t mean I’m not picky. Sometimes graphic tees can come off, cheesy and almost ‘Limited Too’-ish, but when done right, a graphic tee can really highlight your personality and style.
When I was in college, I would constantly come up with new ways to style my tees, whether it be with jeans, leggings, or even tied to the side with shorts; I lived in graphic tees and dresses. Yet no matter what, I always received the most comments when I paired these tees with skirts. 
If I learned one thing, throughout my years, it’s to NEVER underestimate the style factor and versatility of a good graphic tee. You can purchase them from basically any brand, and in different styles. For example, this Wildfox white teethis Italian themed graphic tee, and of course this iconic number.
new england style
preppy style
anthropologie skirt style
Anway, the other day I was running down towards NYC for some TCC meetings and wanted a put-together but youthful business casual look, after all, I’m only 23 and I’m currently planning on avoiding pant suits for as long as possible. So I reached for this skirt, which is a little more understated than my ‘holiday skirt’ (last seen here). 
While the skirt screams business, I dressed it down with an age-appropriate graphic tee. I think it’s essential to really embrace both your age and personal style when dressing for campus or work. This also makes it easy to transition from work to play, so after my meetings in Westport, I was able to meet friends at the beach for a quick walk and Starbucks break. 
mules for fall
preppy graphic tee style
anthropologie preppy style
Currently, Matt & I are still in Ireland and I can’t wait to get back to share the images with you all. But until then I’d love to hear how you all style graphic tees. 
Do you like layering necklaces? Styling them with jackets and layers or keeping it simple with a pair of blue jeans? Leave all your style details in the comments below. 
Anyway, Matt & I are off to our final stop in Ireland…Ashford Castle and I’m beaming with excitement. Make sure to follow us over on Instagram for all the details. xx Aubrey 

how to style a graphic tee

anthropologie business casual
graphic tee

Photos by Carter Fish

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