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Staying Zen During Finals

May 4th, 2015

zen, yoga & suchI know it sounds silly, but it’s actually really important to stay zen during finals. Keeping your cool during finals week is your key to living life with less stress & worries. I 100% agree, that it is hard to take a break from studying but honestly 6 hrs of studying isn’t healthy or normal. 

spot on workout gearShirt || here. Sports Bra || here. Pants || here. Sneakers || here. 
So remember with this busy time of year coming up, make sure to relax & take a break. Whether it’s Netflix, yoga, shopping, or chatting on the phone, find something that relaxes you & dedicate at least an hour to it daily! Trust me it will be worth it!!toning your armsstretching post-workoutstaying zen during finals

Good luck with your finals! xx. A


Move In Day Essentials!!

August 31st, 2014



1. :: 2. :: 3. :: 4. :: 5. 

Let’s talk… about college move in day!! 

While moving into your dorm / apartment/ sorority house { or whatever housing situation you are in } can be one of the most exciting & fabulous moments of your college life.

However, it can also be one of the most stressful moments {blahh}. 

Literally moving in anywhere gives me huge anxiety…because I am “Forgettable Frank” over here. I am always pulling every item out of my purse until I realize I left my sunglasses in the car & my phone in the apartment. 

So when it comes to moving, (esp. from CT-CA), I am bound to forget stuff!

& this year I forgot all my socks, a pair of Lululemon shorts for work, & photos. { EKK. }

anyways…moving in is a high stress ordeal. So make sure you are prepped & ready to take on whatever challenges you could face…from Home Depot runs to building bookcases. 

With a little prep & a great move in team { thanks family } moving in can be a little less stressful & a little more rememberable

& trust me…a water bottle is a must have for Move In Days! 

Let me know if your college has moved in yet & your must have items! 



July 25th, 2014


you can’t live with them & you can’t live without them!


Without a purse, life as a girl would be extremely difficult.

I don’t know how I do it, but I fit my whole life into a single bag!

Yet one purse really isn’t enough (& I am not just saying that)! You need a diversity of purses (totes, shoulder bags, crossbody bags & clutches), for different occasions!


Purses make traveling much easier & on long journeys, like the one I am on right now, calls for a tote! 

I am currently in route to Maine to visit my little sister at camp! I figured before packing I would share my top 2 purses for around the house & day trips. 

07.25pic707.25pic3This retro summer purse is made by Kate Spade & is awesome for long trips & shopping adventures!

I am kind of an over-packer so I always have some go to items in my purse. When I know I’ll be gone all day, I will 100% go with a tote! 

& some of the objects I would never leave behind with a tote are: my camera, a phone charger, a baseball hat, a makeup touch-up kit, sunglasses & headphones!

Besides being an expert packer, I sometimes don’t want to deal with the fuss & weight of a large tote. & when that is the cause I usually reach for a crossbody or clutch. 

Recently I have been really really really lazy & I have been opting for a crossbody purse!


Crossbody purses are PERFECT for summer! & my fav crossbody is 100% REBECCA MINKOFF! 

It basically only fits my wallet, keys, phone & sunglasses; but it is perfect for summer activities & an on the go lifestyle!

I am a purse hoarder (literally though) so I could go on & on about my love of purses, but for now I figured I would focus in on my summertime bag essentials! 

I’ll keep you posted on my crazy adventure in Northern Maine.

The tote is deff coming in handy during the long car ride, (9 hours ewwww)! 

PS: Deff check out the Nordstrom Sale, a ton of purses are on sale as we speak! 


Because I went to a All Girls Catholic High School

February 24th, 2014


High School.

“It was the best of times and it was the worst of times”–literally. I loved high school & it could have been because I went to an amazingly supportive all girls high school. My best friend from high school is still my best friend today; while also dating my boyfriend’s identical twin brother.

Here is Kelly (my BFF) & Ryan (Matt's brother)

Here is Kelly (my BFF) & Ryan (Matt’s brother)


Here is Matt & I

Yup…its a long story. Yet high school was such a fun time. The work was hard but not killer, the teachers were strict but still sympathetic & my high school had more school spirit than my college has (it’s really sad).

Anyways here were some of the perks that came with going to an all girls high school in CT:

ImageDances weren’t just a dance; they were more of a mini-Oscar afar. My pink Sherri Hill Dress was fully embroidered out & is still one of my favorite dresses I have ever worn ( I was only 15 there too).


Back to the days when hoop earnings & bandanas were in ( & I swear they were in style back in 2009)! Our school went to Mohegan Sun for a basketball game! How cool is that.


Last but not least we got to get down & nerdy in these super fashionable school uniforms. Trust me ladies no one who has a uniform dresses up their uniforms, like in Gossip Girl. Also you always feel a little awkward going out after school; as everyone tries to guess which private school you go to because of your unique attire ( also there are like 100 of these babies in CT).

PS: Imagine going to school in that skirt….in the middle of winter. Enough said on that note.

I am living vicarious through all you high schoolers as my week of college midterms begins.

Stay Confident & Enjoy Every Moment,


Just a Glimpse of my World

February 21st, 2014



Hi, hi.

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite California related pictures today (taken by yours truly). Anyone that is in my inner circle knows that I am a tourist no matter where I go. Even @ home in CT I make Matthew take me to all the museums, christmas shows, & even parks. I get an unreal amount of enjoyment, when it comes to doing things that our typically categorized as “so touristy” (weird I know). One of my all time favorite tourist locations is Niagara Falls! I will have to post about that soon! But anyways enjoy my California Collection.






That last picture reminds me of the song Sail; so I’ll probably be breaking out into song for the rest of the day (yikes). 

Stay Confident