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Finding Our First Home & The Architectural Styles We’re Considering

August 13th, 2018

finding our first home in New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Oh boy, it’s been a weekend. To recap, this past weekend Matt and I looked at over ten homes, wow; and while that may seem like A LOT or maybe it seems like NOT ENOUGH, we’ve definitely made progress in our house hunting predicament. Truth be told, we might even be close to wrapping it up, well at least the touring part. Now before I get too ahead of myself, let’s talk a little bit about the emotions that have gone into finding our first potential home, part one of many.  But before I get any further into this post, I wanted to share a new favorite shirt of mine, this flutter sleeve number from Dolan! I’ve been wearing it non-stop during my recent work trips and many of you have noticed over on my Instagram! So if you’re interested you can shop the shirt here, it’s wicked easy to style and the perfect top for any college campus or office. 

Overall, the experience has been…weird. And I really don’t think any other words could describe it better than that. In general, I’m a big picture thinker, so life transitions like buying a home, graduating, moving, which I feel like I do often; just doesn’t trigger any sort of anxiety for me. Which is great, right? I mean, I’ll get anxious over my inbox before I get anxious over purchasing a home; don’t know why that is, but looking at homes, and making this investment; which is what I see buying a home as is something I’ve loved doing. The possibilities are endless and the creative process and problem solving that comes, with this life transition is a space I thrive in. Now, I don’t want to speak on Matt’s behalf, but it’s pretty clear he has more of a hate relationship with the home purchasing process. And truth be told, we have bumped heads a lot during this process, but most of our head-butting has been over one thing, architectural styles. 

Cape Cod Architectural Styles In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
finding our first home in New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
dolan clothing flutter sleeve blouse the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
dolan clothing flutter sleeve blouse the coastal confidence aubrey yandow

Through and through, it’s no surprise that I want a fixer-upper. Out of the gate, I wanted a foreclosed, antique colonial in need of a TON of elbow grease and maybe a bulldozer or two. I kid, I kid but Matt, on the other hand, wanted a modern turn-key home. He wanted no work to be hand, no elbow grease to be rubbed and most importantly a finished basement; that was basically his only criteria (not kidding). Soooo you could say there was a conflict of interest, but we really made moves this weekend when we settled on three architectural styles and limiting our search to homes built between 1850 and 1950’s.  

Why, You might ask did we do this? The answer is simple because it was a happy medium for both of us. Homes during this time period have great bones and foundations but are certainly due for an upgrade. Basically, it’s a toddler of flippers, it needs help that’s for sure, but it doesn’t need too much structural work besides cosmetics and floorplan work. No slanted floors, no 17th-century heating, and no more dirt-floored basement; you have to love those wicked old historic homes! Anyway once we made that compromise our search got easier and we started to gravitate towards three architectural styles immediately. 

Victorian Architectural Styles In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Victorian Architectural Styles In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Victorian Architectural Styles In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Colonial Architectural Styles In New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

The first style I gravitated towards was The Cape styled home, anyone surprised? I’m just obsessed with capes, they appear so cozy and have a minimalistic interior which is something I like in a starter house. Honestly, I also think capes are the cutest houses on the block when a White Christmas hits. The second style I gravitated towards was The Victorian, something about a bay window just lights up my creativity. While The Cape style appears cozy and simplistic, The Victorian style is grandiose and ornate, mostly due to their high-ceiling architecture. All 5′ 2″ of me loves a high ceiling, and with endless window space opportunity, Victorians are a bloggers interior dream. Finally, the style Matt gravitates towards most often is The Colonial. Colonials are aplenty in New England, yet each is unique and filled to the brim with character and often square footage.  

Again, to be transparent, I would leave all three architectural styles above in a jiffy if I could get my hands on The Federal home, but sadly none are on the market that fit our budget, location or Reno-needs. So, who knows where our home buying journey will take us this week but I do know you’ll more likely than not see us in one of the architectural styles listed above. Okay on that note, I’m headed to bed and getting ready for another week of house hunting with Mr. Matt. Would you guys want me to write about the experience some more? If so leave a comment down below and we’ll make sure to post regular updates over here and on our twitter


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Big News Along Side An Even Bigger Move…

July 25th, 2018

This post is the definition of a long time coming, and boy does it feel good to get this off my chest.  I wanted to tell you guys right away when Matt and I suddenly got the news of our move back in May, but there was still so much up in the air, and soooo many trips and events going on between then and now, that we put a pin in it. We figured we should hold off and make the announcement once we were officially moved out of our apartment in Dallas and back in Connecticut for good. Yup, you read that right, two years later we are officially back in Connecticut full-time. 

For any of you who are new around here, Matthew and I announced two years ago, that we were moving to Dallas, in this post here. This curveball surprised TCC readers and myself, to say the least, however, Matthew and I were also very fortunate for an opportunity like this. To break it down, Matthew got an amazing job straight out of college, which presented us with the opportunity to live in a new city basically with no strings attached. Now initially I wasn’t keen about the move and throughout our two years I did learn a lot of life lessons along the way, but it also gave Matthew and I a way to pave our own bath. All ad all this major life shift really brought us together as a true team, from settling on an apartment to photoshoots in 108-degree heat we learned how to grow and pivot together. 

Also, the pros of moving to Dallas certainly outweighed the cons. I mean it didn’t hurt that we were moving to a place that was much more affordable than the places we’d thought we end up: California, New York, Boston or Connecticut out of college. Another hidden perk was the distance itself because we were so far away from family and friends, Matthew and I focused our weekends on putting our heads down, working hard, saving up money and planning for our next big step, which brings us to this post today. 

I always try to be transparent with you all, and while Matthew and I enjoyed our two-year stint in Dallas, we knew we wanted to get back to New England to be closer to family and enjoy all fall if we could. I mean don’t get me wrong there are some serious perks to living in Dallas: great food, affordable, so so so many antique shops, movie theaters with recliner seats and a thriving sport cultured city. All of these elements made us enjoy our time in the Big D, but come our evening walks, we’d always come back to the conclusion that we’d rather be home. Which is why we were beyond thrilled when we got the news that we’d be moving back in August!

I thought a good way to end this chapter of our lives would be to share posts related to Dallas in a Highs & Lows format. Moving to a city we’ve never visited prior to, was a rollercoaster of emotions, just like every experience in life, but I do believe this move gave Matt and I time to grow as a couple. Especially since we were away from outside voices and the chaos that big families can bring. Overall Dallas was our own little oasis, and while I’ll miss our quiet weekends, I am excited to see what this change brings and boy do I have some more big news related to moving, coming to you all soon. 



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Creating Traditions, Like Going To The Dallas Arboretum Annual Pumpkin Fest

Fried Chicken in Dallas & Exploring Local Food

Finally Purchasing The Green Velvet Headboard I’ve Pinned Since High School 

Sitting Down and Being Transparent With Each Other About Everything, Like Our Engagement Timeline



When Our Entire Apartment Got Flooded

Managing Moving To A New City After College


All and all I hope you enjoyed watching my whole moving process unfold and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel! We post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday, so subscribe to stay in the loop. xx Aubrey 

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My Dream New England Beach House Town…

July 23rd, 2018
My Dream New England Beach House Town Aubrey Yandow The Coastal Confidence
I mean, I feel like this post would be a fun way to open up a very important conversation. This conversation topic is something I’ve methodically thought about over and over again until I knew my decision was certain. So here it goes, let’s discuss where you’d buy a New England beach house if the budget wasn’t an issue. Good question, right?
Okay, before we go down the rabbit hole and dig any deeper into this topic we need to discuss this gorgeous flutter sleeve shirt, I’m wearing. This blouse has to be one of the most complimented pieces I’ve worn all season. Every time I step out in it I have numerous people stopping me, to ask where it’s from. I think a lot of that attention has to do with the flutter sleeve detail and structured front. It’s classic and yet still flirty and youthful, making it the perfect summer top, to transition from day to night. And I mean you’re going to need this blouse once you settle into your ideal beach house town, am I wrong? 
vineyard vines flutter sleeve top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
vineyard vines nantucket style the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
what to wear in nantucket the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
beach homes on nantucket the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Let’s get back to this topic because there is a lot to debrief. New England is filled with so many good towns, So many places with unique charms and so many gorgeous beach town communities to choose from, how do you pick! Now I guess I should prefix this topic by saying I defidently haven’t explored all the unique beach towns New England has to offer but no matter where I go, I end up coming back to the same town over and over. Fenwick! 
It’s actually home to Katherine Hepburn’s Lifelong Estate and the backdrop to many, many many of my most liked Instagram photos. It’s a slightly isolated town ajar to Old Saybrook, Which is another reason why I love it so much. While I love the hustle and bustle of beach towns, Fenwick is ideal for introverts like me, because this quaint private beach town is able to avoid all the hoopla and nasty beach traffic, that other bigger beach towns like Mystic suffer from. Fenwick effortlessly flies under the radar as the community is wicked small and only certain streets are driveable to the public. It’s basically the perfect hidden gem. 
In fact, the way I usually explore Fenwick is through a round of golf! While there is no public beach on Fenwick, they do have a public golf course intertwined into their beautiful town. I mean some of the tee’s are even located on prime ocean real estate, giving golfers better views than some of the local beach houses. I could go on and on, but to wrap it up if I could buy a beach house anywhere it would be here and it would be perfect. No long ferry commute, no crazy drivers, just simply a little quite Connecticut town that embodies the essence of picturesque. Oh, and the photos would be amazing, obviously. 
Nantucket American Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Fenwick Lighthouse The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Vineyard Vines Flutter Sleeve Dress The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
vineyard vines Martha's Vineyard Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Nantucket American Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Now it’s your turn. Where would you purchase a beach house if budget was no issue? Would you go for one of the big New England Island’s like Nantucket or something in the north like Bar Harbor or Kennebunkport? Let me know below where you would buy a home and why that specific town because there are still so many I need to visit. Can’t wait to read your responses. 
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Why I’ll Never Stop Blogging & Why I Love It

July 16th, 2018

Vineyard Vines Tie Front Dress The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

You can thank Instagram’s innovative features for inspiring this blog post today. Last Monday I decided to try out Instagram’s new ‘ask me anything feature’ and while I wasn’t sure what type of questions I’d get, or if I’d get any, I was very surprised when I saw a bunch of blogging related questions roll in. I was shocked but thrilled because blogging means so much to me and I was happy that it wasn’t a dying art form, which is how it can feel sometimes. A lot has changed since I started blogging and a lot of that has to do with Instagram, so before I go any further make sure to follow us on Instagram here.  

Okay, I digress, flashback to when I started blogging back in 2014, I was addicted to the blogging world and the bloggers creating it. To paint the picture I was a nineteen-year-old college student who would wake up every morning, two hours before my 9 AM class, head to Aromas, our on-campus college coffee shop, order a blueberry muffin and a medium ice coffee, cream, and sugar; sit in the same tall booth and open my laptop to dive into the freshly posted content. Back in 2014, I’d say 90% of bloggers were blogging Monday through Friday, which meant every day I had new posts to read, new ways to connect with bloggers I admired and read advice from bloggers who felt like friends to me. It was the original Facebook Community Group before the ones we have now and it really set the tone for my day. 

Vineyard Vines Tie Front Dress The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Vineyard Vines Nantucket Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Vineyard Vines Tie Front Dress The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Classic New England Summer Style The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
Blue Hydrangeas in New England The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

The blogging community four years ago was also so attainable and content-based, it was about connecting and creating community through value-based relatable content. It was less about links, loop giveaways and much less about selling Instagram preset. I think in the last four years a lot has gotten lost in translation with blogging as Instagram became the main focus and written content got pushed to the side. I mean, I don’t blame other bloggers who stopped blogging because it’s a ton of work. Planning an Instagram post takes nowhere near the time of what goes into a blog post; not to mention the expenses that come with running a site. 

 Now over the last year, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers stop blogging, and start solely being Instagram influencers, and it’s made me sad, to put it frankly. I would open my computer to find fewer new blog posts for my morning read through, and I quickly started to appreciate more and more, the bloggers who’ve stayed consistent through and through; because even though Instagram is all the rage, a picture is just a picture, where’s the value?

Which brings me to my point, why I’ll never stop blogging and why I love it. The reason I’ll never stop blogging is I’m too deep in. At first, I was doing it all for you, creating content to inspire you and style guides to get you all cute and cozy for fall football games. I created this space solely for user function, and as a place where I laid New England lifestyle out and provided you all with the most value and hopefully inspiration I could. 

New England lifestyle blogger aubrey yandow the coastal confidence
New England beach homes the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
Why I'll Never Stop Blogging & Why I Love It The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
New England Lifestyle Blog | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow-8052
Connecticut blogger The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow

Yet, fast forward four years later to 2018, where this space is something completely different to me. Not only is my brand bigger than my blog, we now have a flourishing TCC Crew, a Youtube Channel where we upload twice a week, and an ever-growing Instagram; what the blog means to me has changed. Not only is the blog a place that I can connect with you on a deeper level, it’s also a documentation of my life. I have my college graduation, family vacations, and my move to Dallas; all documented on this blog. I can look back at my life and see it unfold through blog posts and I love that. I get to document my life, share New England with you all, and most importantly share more than a pretty picture.

So why I’ll never stop blogging, well that’s a selfish reason. I’ll never stop blogging because I love that I’ve documented so much of my life here and watching my brand, content and life change via this platform is something I never want to lose, but more importantly, let’s talk about why I love it. I love blogging because of you. I was asked on the new Instagram feature what my favorite part of being a blogger is and it’s connecting and sharing my moments of New England living with you. I’ve meet TCC readers all over New England now and getting to share our love for New England together is something that never gets old. So if you see me in the streets or vlogging away with Tessa, stop and say HI. Connecting with you is what I love and something I’ll never change. 

Okay, now let’s talk about this outfit. I’m always a huge fan of Vineyard Vines dresses come July and August because they hold up so well in the heat. Same goes for this structured front tie dress, it’s the perfect lightweight piece for your hot summer fun. I would highly recommend ordering a size up though as it runs on the smaller side due to the front tie!  Finally, I want to check out your blog! Leave your blog title and why you love blogging below. I can’t wait to check out your blog in my morning read through.

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Why Mini Golf Makes The Ultimate First Date

July 9th, 2018

what to wear on a mini golf date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
what to wear on a mini golf date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

First dates can really put your emotions through the wringer, and it’s important to be prepared for anything and everything. Okay, chances are you’ll feel excited, nervous, stressed out and exhilarated; but in today’s world thinking of where to go or what to eat can seem almost as daunting as getting asked out on a date, which is why I had to pipe in and ease those first date jitters. Dating can be nerve-wracking, but finding the perfect date night activity doesn’t have to be, which brings me to this post and why mini golf makes the ultimate first date.

what to wear on a mini golf date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
vineyard vines women golf style the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

To be fully transparent, I was lucky enough to get paired up with Matt at a very young age, so while I haven’t had a ton of first date experince, per se, I have been on a ton of dates, that is for sure. Honestly dates come and go, but I would say that our mini golf date nights are some of the most memorable date nights ever. Which is really saying something because, Matt and I have spent nine summers together now, and as summers come and go the one thing that stays constant is our love for mini golf. I mean it’s a classic, and no matter your age, gender, height or skill set; mini golf is anybody’s game which is why it’s so fun.

It can be tempting to head to your favorite restaurant or a good movie for your big date, but nothing shakes off the jitters and allows you to really chat like a freshly turfed mini golf course. Whether you’re fishing your ball out of the water pathways or strategically trying to get your ball through the narrow doors of the lighthouse structure, and into the hole, embracing the now and letting loose is what dating is all about. Oh and it’s a good date night option if you’re looking to step away from your phone, which is another reason I love playing. I mean focus is key if you want to win and you know I’m all about winning! why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
why mini golf makes the ultimate first date the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
how to look cute on the golf course the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

Now that you know what you’re doing for your first date, it’s important to figure out what you should wear. Recently I’ve been living in this gingham printed sports polo dress from Vineyard Vines. Usually, I’m in between a size four/six but decided on a size small in this polo dress and honestly couldn’t be happier. The fabric is ideal for hot summer days and is cute as a button to boot. Very Jackie O and let’s just say that the compliments came pouring in while I was on the mini-golf course. Overall, polo dresses are a great New England wardrobe staple and can be styled from the golf course to the club with a few added accessories like earrings, a bold lip, and oversized sunglasses

Oh, and to make things more interesting it’s always fun to throw down a bet. For Matt and I that means the winner gets to control the TV remote for one entire night, so the stakes are high but for a first date I say the loser buys ice cream is a pretty safe bet. Now I’d love to hear from you guys, do you have a favorite mini golf course? If so leave the name and town of the courses below so Matt and I can check it out.

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What’s In My Camera Bag

June 21st, 2018


what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow

This post is long overdue, but better late than never right! Today we are breaking down what’s in my camera bag, via blog post and video! I kid you not when I say having a fully loaded bag can help you accomplish a successful shoot day. I mean, you know how they say success is when preparation and opportunity meet, well it’s actually true; a lot of the time our blog shoot’s success comes down to simply being prepared and anticipating any situation whether that be rain, shine or 100-degree temperatures. Now, since I know a lot of you run blogs and business yourselves, I hope this post is helpful in some way and gets you motivated to make the most of your content creation days. 

Tessa, our TCC photographer/videographer, and I shoot once every one to two weeks, for two days straight. Now, each blogger is unique in their content creation schedule, in fact I know a few bloggers that shoot every day, but our TCC Crew finds it useful to block a few days in a row to solely focus on creative content, which often includes travel, hotel stays and lots and lots of planning. By setting aside two full days to capture content, we usually get five to seven blog posts completed which really helps us, stay on top of our editorial calendar and create consistent content for you all. However, while we plan out our blog content way in advance, almost all of our collaborations are last moment posts, which means we need our camera bag to be packed, prepared and on standby at all times. 

Which, brings me to my point, for me photo shoot days can be stressful, exhilarating, sometimes awkward, but always active; so it’s not only essential to pack your bag for your photographer but also for the blogger you’re shooting with. Below you’ll see exactly what we include in our camera bag, and how Tessa and I both pack for any situation in mind. 

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
best camera for vlogging the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow

Camera Bag Check-List: 


Camera Bag: First and foremost, invest in a camera bag, Tessa and I have had this bag for a little over a year and love it! In fact, we love it so much we are thinking about buying an additional for video equipment, for Matt to carry on an upcoming trip, but shhh we haven’t told him about that just yet. 

Camera: Obviously the first thing you’ll want to make sure you have packed and fully charged is your camera! Tessa loves shooting with her Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera. Oh and don’t forget to pack extra batteries

Lens: Personally, if you’re looking to invest, I suggest investing in a quality lens. Over my five years of blogging, I’ve invested in two lenses, a 50mm lens for portraits and a 24-70mm lens, which I use for 99% of our shoots

Beauty Bag: I’ve been blogging for a long time guys, and if you are planning on shooting more than one outfit at a time, having a beauty bag on hand is essential! I often fill it with touch up products just in case mayhem strikes, like lipstick, concealer, beauty blender, makeup wipes, hair ties, setting powder and mascara

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant: This is by far one of my favorite beauty items of all time. From shooting in Texas to Costa Rica, the sweat is real guys and there is nothing worse than having to change in and out of designer pieces covered in sweat, which is where Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant comes in. You can feel confident all day, simply use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day strong wetness protection. I mean, it doesn’t get easier than that, and having a stick in my backpack at all times makes me feel way more confident especially on those last minute rushed shoots. In fact, I can vividly remember shooting a fall layered outfit in 110-degree heat, in a pumpkin patch, in the middle of a mild Texas October last year; and thanking my past self for including this item in my camera bag! It truly is a lifesaver, and you can grab a Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to try out for yourself at your local CVS Pharmacy.

Earring Travel Case: I’m horrible at remembering accessories for shoots, so this storage case literally saves my butt each and every time. Whether I’m traveling far or just heading down the street on a shoot day, this travel case is always in our camera bag just in case my outfit needs an extra sparkle. 

Cleaning Kit: I mean, keeping your camera clean is another key part in having crisp clean photos. When we decided to invest in bigger lenses we also purchased this camera cleaning kit and it’s saved us on numerous occasions. 

Vlog Camera: Now that we have our Youtube channel running at full speed, with two new videos a week, it’s important for us to keep our vlogging camera charged and accessible at all times.

Extra Batteries and SD Cards: Trust me nothing is worse than being on a shoot and running out of room on a memory card, it’s LITERALLY the worst. So, we always have backup memory cards empty and ready to go. 

Mophie: On photo shoot days we are usually traveling all over New England so it’s really important to have our phones charged and ready to go. Which is why I always keep this mophie in my bag

Seagate Drive: Everyone needs one of these in their lives. Whether you’re a photographer, blogger or just heading on an upcoming trip; nothing is worse than losing all your images and I’m speaking from personal experience here. So back it ALL up with one of Seagate’s drives, this is the one I have



what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
what's in a blogger's camera bag the coastal confidence aubrey yandow

Okay, that’s it!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and make sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to see new videos every Wednesday and vlogs every Saturday. Also, leave a comment down below sharing what’s in your camera bag, I’d love to hear of any additional items we need to add to our checklist. You guys know,  I love hearing your suggestions. xx Aubrey

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+Thank you, Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for collaborating with and sponsoring this post! As always all opinions are my own

Being Patient With The Process

June 18th, 2018

jackie kennedy style dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
goat island lighthouse Rhode Island the coastal confidence
jackie kennedy style dresses the coastal confidence aubrey yandow
jackie kennedy style dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
brooks brothers dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow

There is A LOT going on in my life at the moment, which sounds so dramatic but it’s a lot of really exciting things, that I can’t wait to open up and share with you all soon! But until then I wanted to sit down, clear my mind and kind of vent about the all too real-life lesson, these big ventures have taught me, but to put it simply, these experiences have truly taught me how to be patient with the process

You know how people always say patience is a virtue, well they weren’t kidding. By nature I’m a pretty patient person…well my Mom, might disagree but with most things I am. I mean, I could never be a teacher but on average if I’m doing something I enjoy I’m pretty content at putting in the hard work or time for the ultimate end goal. Yet as our ventures get bigger the process takes a heck of a lot longer and requires a lot more energy, which is starting to leave me with feelings of unrest and anxiety, more than anything else. Now, overall the whole experience is so odd to me because I’m normally not one to rush ANYTHING, I like to sleep on decisions, run things by Matt; but at the end of the day moving forward and seeing progress is something that pushes me forward. Which brings me to this post, how do you stay motivated, productive and excited about a venture that is so up in the air? 

being patient with the process the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
being patient with the process the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Being Patient With The Process The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yandow
homes on newport Rhode Island the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Being Patient With The Process the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

I mean in the last thirty days Matt and I have come a long way in this venture, which mind you, we’ve been talking about for an entire year, but we still have a very long way to go and at moments it can still leave me feeling like, ‘what the **** is my direction here’. Now, I, fortunately, have a pretty good gut, which seems to inherently lead me into all sorts of ventures, and while this one has truly tested my patience, I know deep down that this one could be the most stunning, exciting and exhilarating adventure yet. 

Now, I might be digging my own grave while writing this, as we are actually waiting on some big news about the project today, but I just felt like now was the time to sit down and talk this out with you guys. You know they say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and I’m really hoping that’s true as Matt and I have been waiting on a decision that’s been postponed three times, since NOVEMBER, yes NOVEMBER 2017, but I think the universe has a funny way of making things work out. I mean, if the decision had gone through in November there would have been no way we’d have been able to move forward with the venture but after hearing some big news over the last thirty days, we are finally in a position to bring this venture into formation. 

For the longest time I was impatient with the process, wanting to jump the gun and gamble whether we’d be able to commit, but for once the timing feels really right and I guess all we can do now is continue to be patient with the process. After all who knows, the decision they make today could put the whole process to a roaring halt, and send Matt and myself, back to the drawing board, but either way, I’m deciding right now to continue being patient with this process in hopes of reaping the rewards. 

brooks brothers dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow
brooks brothers dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow
brooks brothers dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow
brooks brothers dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey Yandow
jackie kennedy style dresses the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

I’m learning day by day to be patient and enjoy the process, especially since once the light goes green it will be mayhem from there, but I kind of thrive in mayhem is that weird? Anyway, I know no matter what there is a big change happening for Matt and I, just around the river bend, and if it took me four backbreaking patient years, to build this brand then, I know that only good things could come from the eight-month wait Matt and I have been patiently navigating. 

Now let’s talk about this outfit real quick, this dress is everything and it’s a wicked good deal right now so grab one of your own here. I digress, I’d love to hear from you guys! Did you ever experience a time when your patience was tested? How did you maneuver enjoying the process and was it worth it in the end? I love hearing from you so leave your experiences down below. xx Aubrey 

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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without, When It Comes To Running A Blog

June 4th, 2018

Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow


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Seven days a week, from 9 AM till 11 PM, I basically never put down my phone. I hate admitting that but it’s the truth, I mean technically I could run my whole business from my phone and who knows, maybe someday I will, you never know. Anway working for myself allows me the freedom to work when I want and where I want, which makes having my phone on hand, organized and charged ideal. Whether I get an email that needs an immediate response or become overwhelmed with a blog post idea and decide to write the post then and there, having my phone present helps me knock out my to-do lists week after week. 

Now, because my phone is kind of like the gateway to my business it’s really essential for me to keep it organized and decluttered. For some reason, I get really easily distracted while using my phone so it’s always important for me to avoid downloading apps that might send me down the rabbit hole, like Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy and a few others. Overall, my iPhone first and foremost helps me run my business, from emails to calendar events, it’s truly a key to my productivity, which brings me to today’s post. Okay, right now I’m bringing you all into my phone and sharing 5 apps I can’t live without when it comes to running a blog! 

Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
5 Apps I Can't Live Without, When It Comes To Running A Blog | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow-1986
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

1) Reminders – I mean, it’s no joke when I say I LOVE MAKING LISTS! In total, I have about nine to-do lists created within this app, which, in an of itself, helps me to manage my time, delegate tasks and decrease any work related anxiety I might be feeling. So let’s break down all the lists, I have a list for each member of the TCC Crew, this way I don’t forget what tasks they’re working on and where we are on certain projects, along with six of my own personal to-do lists. We have grocery shopping lists, clothing items to purchase for photo shoots lists, and my favorite list details to be confirmed prior to collaboration lists,

I mean I even have a list dedicated to YouTube video ideas, because nothing is worse than forgetting a brilliant spur of the moment idea. Anyway, this app is the first thing I see when I open my phone and the last thing I look at before I fall asleep at night, in fact, I’d say it’s a key to both my efficiency and success. I found that keeping each to-do list to a maximum of seven points helps keep task overflow to a minimum whilst still having a packed and successful day. 

2) Planoly – Being consistent with social media is a huge part of running a successful blog and Instagram account, but it’s no secret that posting at the right time each day is key to growing as well. In order to stay seen and on top of Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, I use the app Planoly to lay out my feed for the week and set post reminders to my phone, alerting me when it’s the perfect time to post. I know it sounds extra but I do try to schedule all of my Instagrams and affiliated links for the week on Monday through this app, and then leave the caption to the day of. This keeps me in a flow of posting and helps me to stay consistent even on the days where I’m feeling burnt out

3) Weather App – I mean a big part of our business is creating content and good weather is essential for this. The weather can change like a blink of an eye in New England so having the weather app downloaded and the radar up and ready, helps me to see what rain spells we might bump into and which state or town we should head to for shooting. This app has been a huge lifesaver and has helped us become more efficient at knowing when to shoot and when to work inside and wait out the rain. 

4) Google Calendar – Surprisingly starting in 2018, and as our TCC Crew grew, conference calls started to become a weekly thing. Whether I have a call with a reporter, my beautiful manager, Cecelia or Tessa; I’m on the phone almost every Thursday all day long. And if I’m being honest I’ve been out or about once or twice and have missed a phone call meeting once or twice, which I knew had to stop. So I downloaded google calendar and turned on notifications, which means thirty minutes before each call I get a text reminding me of the meeting. This has been a game changer as it keeps me in line and on top of who I’ll be chatting with next on my busiest day of the week. 

5) Headspace – If you read my birthday post then you already know that I’m now hooked on meditating and I owe that all to Headspace. I can get anxious and overwhelmed over BASIC stuff easily. I mean I really don’t know why but sometimes things like scheduling tweets can feel more daunting than writing blog posts, so when the small stuff is making me sweat I turn to this app. The best part is that they offer three and even five-minute mediation sessions, which is a quick way to reset your thoughts in those crucial moments of mental defeat. Read more about my love for the app here. 

5 Apps I Can't Live Without, When It Comes To Running A Blog | The Coastal Confidence by Aubrey Yandow-2034
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
Lauren James peplum top the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

Okay, that’s it. I’m actually writing this on my birthday and it’s actually the last thing on my reminder to-do list before clocking out. Now I’d love to hear from you…what is your favorite app to use for staying organized and on task? Let me know below! xx Aubrey

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Turning Twenty Four

May 31st, 2018

 gingham shirtdress for summer the coastal confidence by Aubrey yandow

Today is my Twenty Fourth birthday and to be honest as I look around, I never thought Matt and I would be where we are now. I mean, it has been a YEAR, to say the least. I usually like to share five things I’ve learned in my annual birthday posts but for a while there I debated not doing it. Twenty-three has been the definition of a hot mess but traditions are meant to be upheld no matter the circumstances, so let’s jump right in shall we! Here are five things I’ve learned from being twenty-three. Jcrew nautical ball earrings the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

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Lauren James Haul and Review The Coastal Confidence
Lauren James gingham dress the coastal confidence
gingham shirt dress for summer the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
New England summer in nantucket the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

You’ll Get Kicked When Your Down: 


I mean, remember when Matt and I had a flooded apartment? Then the following week got into a car accident and then the next week Matt and I went to San Francisco to get away from the chaos that was overwhelming us in Dallas only to get all of our luggage stolen on the first day. Um, let’s talk about getting kicked when you are down! I hate putting negativity out there but this year was rough. We had to learn a lot about ‘adulting’ the hard way and sometimes it felt like the nagging trial and tributes of life just wouldn’t stop but now I breathe in a sigh of relief as we’ve officially come full circle, but more on that later.


Meditation Is Key: 


Within the past year, after seeing other bloggers rave about it, I decided to start using the Headspace App, and oh boy am I glad I did. I’ve always had a really agitated and hectic mind. On the daily, my thoughts are here, there and everywhere which can cause me to feel rushed and flustered at times where I shouldn’t be. Which is why Headspace has been key. Basically, the Headspace App is a guided meditation app that helps you come to peace with the chaos going on inside. At first, I was a skeptic, I mean meditation really? But by setting aside just ten minutes a day for meditation, I’ve truly seen and felt a difference in how quickly I get agitated and how I deal with my mind when it gets into its flustered mindset. Anyway if you ever feel that way, flustered, agitated, angry or irritated I would try out Headspace.  


Growing & Letting People In: 


This year has been big for the TCC Crew. We’ve really grown and I’ve been able to watch the brand change and move due to our new crewmembers. Cecelia helps out with the day to day operational work, that is key to running a successful business while Tessa helps me on the creative side specifically YouTube. While growing your team is always ideal and a dream it also means giving up control and letting the crew members make mistakes and grow. I know when I started out mistakes were made but allowing others to make mistakes can be hard BUT there is no way I’d be where we are today without either of them. Cecelia allows me the time to create this great content and Tessa single-handedly produces our YouTube channel, both are godsends and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to be vulnerable and let people into the back end and the not always pretty side of TCC. Lauren James gingham dress the coastal confidence

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gingham shirt dress for summer in New England the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow


Don’t Expect Anything: 


This year came with a lot of disappointments, from people. I’m someone that likes to invest in people wholeheartedly and I found myself continually being disappointed by people I came into contact with. Whether it was how they represent themselves, the actions they make, or their motives; I would find myself at some moments feeling either used, confused or just overlooked. I was just disappointed at the way others acted or what they expected from me. 

Which brings me to this point, Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone. I’m big on intention and I always try to give back, but throughout this year I was constantly seeing people acting with self-serving intentions more than anything else. After being disappointed and feeling frustrated more times than not, I quickly learned that I can’t control other’s actions. So I switched my perspective around and focused on my goals and to just not expect anything from anyone. Whether it be the good, the bad or the ugly. I mean you never know maybe someone will surprise you!


Being Financially Aware Is Important: 


I hate talking about finances and I really don’t know why. The whole situation makes me feel completely uncomfortable even though I was a finance major in college. To be honest, I think my sense of being uncomfortable around finances comes from my weak math skills and feeling flustered with numbers and percentages. But no matter how you want to avoid it finances are important for your present self but also your future self. Anyway, I want to do a whole video on this topic, is that something you’d want to watch? Kind of like a guide to financing your life in your twenties? Just throwing it out there and if it sounds good to you, leave a comment below with any questions you might have. New England lifestyle the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

ice cream quotes the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow
gingham shirtdress for summer the coastal confidence Aubrey yandow

Okay so that’s what I’ve learned. Sounds like a bummer of a year, but really it was lessons that needed to be learned. Anyway, it’s my birthday so I’m clocking out for the rest of the night! Off to watch Tessa at her dance recital and chow down on some seafood. xx Aubrey 

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New Englander’s Guide to Hydrangeas

May 28th, 2018

New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas The Coastal ConfidenceYou know it’s summertime in New England when the hydrangeas start to bloom, and boy are they beautiful this year. The other day I posted this picture of hydrangeas on Instagram and instantly got an overwhelming amount of responses and DM’s asking me about the do’s and don’ts of hydrangeas. Now instead of responding to everyone’s questions individually, I figured I’d throw together this post as a sort of a New Englander’s Guide to Hydrangeas for you all to reference and have for years to come. 

Now let’s start this post off with a disclaimer, by no means am I a flower expert, rather this post will be a combination of information I’ve gathered from family and friends but most importantly through trial and error. Okay let’s jump right into it, shall we! 

New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas The Coastal Confidence
New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas

Seed vs Shrub: I mean, shrub shrub shrub all the way. Never have I ever planted a seed to get a hydrangea bush, as I’m by no means patient enough for that. In fact I did some research and found out it could take up to three years to produce a garden center sized shrub. Basically, if you want to see hydrangea flowers in your New England yard in the near future go with a shrub!

Potted vs In-Ground: First and foremost it’s important to decide how you want to plant your hydrangeas. Personally, I’ve had a better experience with in-ground hydrangeas over potted hydrangeas but that also has a lot to do with our location. I’m lucky enough to have a backyard filled with partially shaded areas, which hydrangeas are known for thriving off of. In fact, my dad and I just planted three additional bushes this past Mother’s Day and were told by the garden expert to plant the shrubs a good distance apart, so they have room to thrive and grow to a mature size. Now if you have a backyard or front yard with full sunlight almost all day, maybe consider potting your hydrangeas on your porch or doorway to protect them from the direct sunlight. 

When Should You Plant Your Hydrangeas: You should aim to plant your hydrangeas in late spring, in fact right now would be a perfect time to plant them or wait until early fall. Aim for workable moist soil and mild temperatures, and at all costs avoid planting your hydrangeas directly before or after a frost. 

Water, With Love and Moderation: The key to keeping your hydrangeas alive and flourishing is to make sure they are hydrated and as I said earlier, in the partial shade. You want the soil to stay moist so pull out that watering hose once a day to give them a good soaking. You can always look at the leaves to see if they are burning or drying out due to lack of water. 

New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas

New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas
New Englander's Guide to Hydrangeas

Make It Blue, For Your Instagram Aesthetic: You know me and my love for a cohesive Instagram aesthetic so a big concern I had when planting hydrangeas was how to guarantee that they would be blue. I quickly did some research to find that if your hydrangeas pop up pink you can easily turn them to blue by adding more acidity to your soil. If you want to get scientifical, you can check the acidity levels of your soil before planting by using a pH meter, and ideally, you’d be looking for a 5.0 acidity level. To add acidity you can easily layer soil acidifier into the ground before planting or, if already planted, near the base of the plant. 

Cutting Your Blossoms: I mean, nothing says summertime in New England like a fresh bouquet of hydrangea blossoms in your kitchen. I always get excited when it’s time to cut my hydrangea blossoms but a good cutting technique is key to keeping your bouquets fresh and your shrubs thriving. I was told by my local garden center to cut hydrangea blossoms only once they’ve reached full bloom and at a 45-degree angle with a knife. Now, I’ve used scissors before with no issues, but they insisted to cutting with a knife in order to minimize damage to the shrub. They also recommend having a vase ready to go as hydrangeas should never spend much time out of water especially once having been cut. 

Getting Your Hydrangeas Ready For Winter: I mean, it is way too early to start thinking of winter but I’m just going to throw this in here so when the time comes we are just prepared. In late fall, or before the first frost, is the ideal time to prepare your shrubs for winter. First and foremost remove all of the flowers from the hydrangea bush, next cut down the stalks and stems of your bush while leaving about six inches of stem left. Oh and don’t forget to re-fertilize and water the plant prior to that first frost, this step is key in making sure your shrubs will make it through the cold winter months New England brings to the table. 

Okay guys, I mean this was a hefty post. A lot of information and a lot of flower talk but hopefully this gives you the inspiration to test out your own green thumb this summer. I mean when in New England, hydrangea!  

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