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Ireland Itinerary

September 10th, 2017

Ireland Itineary - The Coastal Confidence

Shirt || Skirt || Shoes || Necklace

The day has finally arrived. Today our crew is breaking down our entire Ireland itinerary, we’re chatting about what we liked, what we didn’t and how we explored The Wild Atlantic Way

Okay, so in honor of getting to the point, I’m going to break down how we spent each day along with linking the corresponding blog posts and vlogs. So let’s jump in. 

Sunday: Day 1: Kerry Airport 

  • Activity of the day – SLEEP

Our crew landed in Ireland on Sunday mid-day. We originally flew from Hartford CT to Dublin and after a six-hour layover boarded a very small plane to the south of Ireland. 
We landed in Kerry about 1:10 PM and the adventure started from there. We rented a small van, as six of us snuggled into the car with the fear of driving on the wrong side of the road. All and all my dad handled the driving and did a splendid job. 

Once we reached the hotel, about 45 min south of the airport we all went straight to the bar for some much-needed caffeine. We spent the night hanging around the resort, I’d be bold enough to say that Sheen Lodge Falls was probably our favorite hotel throughout our journey. 

The staff was wonderful, it’s just a 5 min drive to the bustling village of Kenmare and they had complimentary Nespresso machines in each hotel room, aka my heaven. 

I would highly recommend staying here if you’re looking for a relaxed and almost Vermont feel. The rainy days and cozy fires throughout the hotel made me want to slip off my rain boots, after a long and wet day of traveling.Ireland Itinerary-7302

Ireland Itinerary-7367
Ireland Itinerary-7410

Monday (Day 2): Town of Cobh and The Blarney Stone

  • Activity of the day – Kiss the Blarney Stone

Breakfast was included at every hotel we stayed at, so come 9 AM all six of us met downstairs for breakfast. Within two hours we all piled into the van, and sped up the street towards Cobh. 
Altogether the drive from the hotel to Cobh was about an hour and a half, I know that’s kind of long, however, I thought we might as well see the town due to its proximity to The Blarney Stone. 

You can read more about our visit to Cobh and The Blarney Stone in this blog post, along with watching our travel vlog of the day here

The one thing we left out of both the vlog and blog post is where we ate. We decided to have a rather late lunch in Cobh at Jacobs Ladder, before heading to Blarney’s Castle. The food was great here, and the waterfront views made it even better. 

All in all, it was a very long day. We ended up back at the hotel around 9:00 PM and had a small bite to eat before heading to bed. Ireland Itinerary-7349

Ireland Itinerary-7605
Ireland Itinerary-7428

Tuesday (Day 3): Ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park 

  • Activity of the day – Ring of Kerry 

One of the main reasons why I decided to stay at Sheen Lodge Falls was its proximity to Killarney National Park. It was really only a 15-20 min drive to the park which made it easy to explore and gave us some down time from driving. 

All and all, the park took us about four hours to see thoroughly. It’s basically one very long and windy road with several areas to pull-off, park and explore. How much time you spend in the park is completely dependent on how much time you spend exploring!

We got a little muddy from all the hiking we did while at the park, so before heading out to dinner we went back to the hotel to change. 

Finally, we headed out to the town of Kenmare and ate at, PF McCarthy’s Bar which was one of our most loved food destinations throughout our trip. You guys can read more about our visit to The Ring of Kerry in this blog post, along with watching our travel vlog of the day here

Wednesday (Day 4): Up the Wild Atlantic Way 

  • Activity of the day – Travel

On Wednesday we made our first move up the Wild Atlantic Way to the Burren National Park. Overall, Gregans Castle Hotel was our LEAST favorite. The rooms were very nice, but the real reason I would not recommend staying here is my experience with their customer service specifically my interaction with the manager Simon.  

Overall, I felt like the price of the hotel was TOO HIGH for the package we paid and that the manager’s style of customer service is HOSTILE, to say the least. 

Ireland Itinerary-7331

Ireland Itinerary-7311
Ireland Itinerary-7667
Ireland Itinerary-7484

Thursday (Day 4): Cliffs of Moher

After a rather hectic Wednesday, we spent our Thursday exploring the cliffs of The Wild Atlantic Way. The Cliffs of Moher have been on my bucket list, so finally getting to see them was 100% worth the bad experience of the day prior. 

In honor of keeping this post on the shorter side, you can read more about our visit to The Cliffs of Moher, in this blog post, and watch our travel vlog for the day here. 

Friday (Day 5): Dingle 

  • Activity of the day – Traveling/Visiting Dingle 

This was one of our busiest days yet in Ireland. We started off the day driving to Dingle, which I was dying to explore. To be honest, I really wanted to see this town after watching the movie Leap Year, anyone else remember that movie?!

Overall, I wish I had skipped staying two days by The Cliffs of Moher and spent two days in Dingle. The town was everything you’d picture an Irish seaport town to be like. It very much had a New England vibe and not to mention I saw a sign saying it was Ireland’s food capital. 

The sign must have been right because the food was out of this world. We went to The Half Door for their famous lobster bisque and Murphy’s Ice Cream after for obvious reasons. 
All in all our time in Dingle was limited, aka just an hour and a half; but if I ever make it back to Ireland this is where I’d want to go. We spent the rest of the day, traveling up the coast of The Wild Atlantic Way, we stopped at Galway for some pizza at Dough Bro’s and kept driving until we made it to our last and final stop…Ashford Castle. Ireland Itinerary-7353

Ireland Itinerary-7316
Ireland Itinerary-7391

Saturday (Day 6): Ashford Castle 

  • Activity of the day – Boat Ride, Falconry, and Clay Shooting

I know it might not seem like it, but I’m trying to keep this post concise, so if you’d like to read about our time at The Lodge at Ashford Castle and our experience with falconry check out this blog post!

Overall, I’d highly recommend the hotel and its activities, we captured our whole day on our last and final vlog, so don’t forget to watch that below, it’s by far my favorite vlog yet. 

Finally, we left Ashford Castle around 5 PM on Saturday and took our van on its last adventure, an hour and a half ride to DUBLIN! 

Sunday (Day 7): Dublin

We flew out of Dublin on Sunday, and within 7 hours we landed safe and sound in Connecticut. Overall, we didn’t see much of Dublin however the boys did do some nightlife exploring and reported back with two thumbs up. 

& that was that. 

Overall our trip was packed and filled to the brim with Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and terrains. It truly is a beautiful country, and this post marks the last of our Ireland content. 

I hope you enjoyed this past week of travel content and leave any suggestions of places you’d like us to explore next. xx Aubrey

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Falconry at Ashford Castle

September 8th, 2017

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8284Yellow Rain Jacket (on sale)! || Skirt from Talbots || Shirt from Talbots || Sneakers || Bag || Camera

The way I plan most of my trips now, since blogging full-time, is through story telling. That might sound weird but I always think of TCC readers and what they’d like to see and what stories they would like to hear; before finalizing any details of my trip.

Just like if you were to sit down with your friend and chat about your most recent vacation, I want to bring you guys along for the best moments and stories of our trip. So when planning I knew I wanted to bring the very British storyline of Falconry to TCC Readers. It’s something that’s always interested me, and the whole experience felt very much like a moment from the Netflix show ‘The Crown’. 

Let’s just say once again I felt like I was in my element. I was lucky enough to be traveling with my family whom I knew had no fears of birds, as we’d be getting up close and personal with these amazing Falcons. I feel confident in saying this activity of our trip was probably the most memorable and enjoyed. Falconry at Ashford Castle-8324

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8277
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8437

It was actually our final day in Ireland and it started off at Ashford Castle, specifically the Lodge at Ashford Castle. I actually really loved staying at the Lodge and if I could do the whole trip over again I would 100% stay there longer. 

Tessie, my Mom and I all woke up at 7 AM and got ready for an early breakfast, before heading straight out the door; as we had a traditional boat ride planned for 9 AM. The boat ride was in a small four person handcrafted boat, crafted and driven by Frank as he taught us all about the history of the castle and the Guinness Family Curse.

Once again, I’m a huge history buff, so you bet I had to hear about Ireland’s most prominent family’s curse. You’ll have to google it, because it really is quite interesting and this historic family once owned the beautiful Ashford Castle that you can stay at today. 

Whenever I travel to an area I’m unfamiliar with, I’m huge on booking tours with local residents as it really is the only way to effectively learn and remember the history of the land. & if a tour isn’t available I’ll usually turn towards Youtube before or after my travels to learn about it. Overall, if you visit the castle I highly recommend hiring Frank, for a boat tour. Falconry at Ashford Castle-8630

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8612
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8529

Next up we met up with the boys after their epic round of rifle shooting. I only say it’s epic because they had been looking forward to it the entire vacation. To be honest, I think their aim was less than epic but I’ll keep that between us. While they were shooting Tessie and I headed back to the room to shoot some videos and edit pictures. 

It’s really important for me to balance work while traveling. Since our crew is so small, I really don’t have the luxury of checking out during vacations. I’m the first to admit, that being on 24/7 is one of the things I love about my job. It’s a go, go, kind of industry and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

If you’d like me to do a post on how I manage my blog while traveling…let me know below! Falconry at Ashford Castle-8673

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8598
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8651

Anyway at 1 PM we all embarked on our last journey of the vacation…Falconry. We took out two birds with a guide and flew these majestic animals around the castle premises. It was so exciting getting to work one on one with a real falcon and learn more about their talents and skills. 

Animals never cease to surprise me, and I was lucky enough to have both Matt and Tessie around to capture my time with the falcons. Oh and of course, I had to dress the part, I went with a tweed skirt from Talbots and my yellow rain jacket. I was trying to channel Katie Middleton style, did it work? Falconry at Ashford Castle-8677

Falconry at Ashford Castle-8774
Falconry at Ashford Castle-8661

After falconry we headed back to our rooms, squeezed in a few emails and packed up for Dublin! We flew out the following day, and I must say, thank goodness. After a week of jam packed sightseeing, photo taking and video recording we were all spent. 

While there are still a few more things on my Ireland bucket list, I’m feeling pretty grateful for all that I was able to see and accomplish with my family in this short time period. 

& don’t worry we’ll be bringing you our full travel guide on Monday. xx Aubrey


Cliffs of Moher and Travel Vlog

September 6th, 2017

Cliffs of Moher-7108

Yellow Rain Jacket (ON SALE!) || White Dress (on sale!) || Rain Boots || Matt’s Jacket 

I’ve been so excited to share this blog post with you guys, it’s one of my favorites so far from our recent trip to Ireland. In this post and vlog, you’ll see our crew exploring what I believe is the most iconic landscape in Ireland…the Cliffs of Moher. 

As our group of six made it up the Wild Atlantic Way from Kerry, our next stop was the Cliff Coast. This section of Ireland is full of iconic and dramatic cliff views, that honestly took my breath away. It was astonishing to me that a country covered in gray skies and rain storms could be so green. 

Seeing the Cliffs of Moher has been on my bucket list for a very long time, so I was giddy with excitement when the day finally arrived. Cliffs of Moher-7205

Cliffs of Moher-7006
Cliffs of Moher-7062

So when the day arrived, I woke up early, jumped in the shower and did my hair and makeup. Notice in the vlog below how I say not to cake on makeup due to the rain, well I believe I totally jinxed us with the weather. Initially, it said it would slightly rain so I wasn’t too concerned with my hair, makeup, and outfit of choice…but boy was I wrong. 

Anyway, it was a bit of a rocky start to the day as our boat tour of the cliffs got canceled along with our hotel forgetting to tell us that they never booked our walking tour…which, by the way, started outside in a parking lot. Unfortunately, after sitting 30min outside in a rainy parking lot, our hotel emailed us saying ‘oops’, I just about had it so we decided to screw it and take ourselves on our own tour.

As we drove onward towards The Cliffs, I was 100% in my element. Yellow rain jacket was on, a wool scarf was keeping me warm and I was ready to take on the world. The joke was on me because the moment we stepped outside of the car and into the viewing area of The Cliffs of Moher it started to POUR. 

I mean pour to the point where my white linen dress was COMPLETELY see through…and once again I was the official flasher of Ireland, only this time in a white see-through dress. MY LIFE GUYS. Cliffs of Moher-6938

Cliffs of Moher-6929
Cliffs of Moher-6804
Cliffs of Moher-6844

It was one of those moments in life where you just had to laugh. We literally were slipping and sliding all the way up the Cliffs of Moher, Matt took a few diggers and I got shocked by an electric fence, all of which was captured on camera by our video photographer/my sister Tessie. It is by far the funniest vlog because it just shows you life happens, and the weather is the weather. 

I can’t tell you how many times it’s rained on me during a photoshoot, but rallying always results in the best and most authentic pictures and in this case video. 

Even in the rain the cliffs were beautiful, and I would 100% recommend it, and make sure to get there early (10 AM ish) to beat the crowds. After the cliffs, we went to a pub to dry off and ended up deciding on visiting the Burren Perfumery. Andrew (my brother), Matt and my Dad dropped us girls off to tour the gardens and sniff our hearts out. 

It was really interesting seeing how long and diligent the perfume process is and when we were all done with the tour we stopped for a cup of tea. It was quite relaxing until the boys forgot to pick us up and we had to wait outside the closed perfumery in the pouring rain for an hour. 

Little side note, but I feel like I should do a whole post on how to manage traveling with men or bad planners in general. Does anyone else agree? Cliffs of Moher-6877

Cliffs of Moher-6706
Cliffs of Moher-6791
Cliffs of Moher-6762

Anyway, after a crazy and very wet day I was excited to take a hot shower, re-blow-dry my hair and watch the hilarious footage of us on the cliffs. It was a very cozy and warm way to end a damp and somewhat hectic (with plans falling through) day. 

One of my favorite parts of the entire Ireland vacation was getting to bunk with Tessie; especially after the new Taylor Swift song was released. We got ready for an oh so interesting dinner with that song on repeat, that night. 

Finally, I hope you guys are enjoying the vlogs!!! We only have two more Ireland posts to go, so we’ll see you back here on Friday for our final stop…Ashford Castle

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Ring of Kerry And Travel Vlog

September 4th, 2017

Ring of Kerry-1736

Skirt || White Turtleneck || Vest || Belt || Lipstick || Hunter Boots 

As I stated last week, when planning my first trip to Ireland, I had a vision of traveling up the Wild Atlantic Way. I knew I wanted to start in the south at the Ring of Kerry and make our way up to Galway, so I kept all of that in mind when booking hotels.

Our first hotel we stayed at was probably our favorite, Sheen Falls Lodge right outside the town of Kenmare. The hotel was beautiful and had a relaxed country aesthetic, with a roaring fireplace and french toast that I dreamed about each night.

With lots of activities, like fly fishing to rifle shooting, to pick from and a bustling town just up the road; this hotel was perfect for my VERY active family. Overall my main reason for picking this hotel was due to the fact that it was close to Killarney National Park and the Ring of Kerry. 

So on the third day of our trip, I woke my family up quite early and made everyone pile into the car to explore. I will say, driving the Ring of Kerry can be a tad scary, the roads are ridiculously windy which you might have noticed in the vlog below. Thus I would recommend visiting the park early, to avoid crossing paths with tourists bus and overflowing parking lots.

Ring of Kerry-1601
Ring of Kerry-1589
Ring of Kerry-1678
Ring of Kerry-1672
Ring of Kerry-1623

We arrived at the park at 10 AM and had plenty of time to jump out of the car and snap pictures. It was really fun just exploring the different terrains and taking in the views. Ireland has been the most scenic country I’ve visited so far.  

I decided to wear this skirta vest, and white turtleneck, oh and don’t forget my infamous Hunter Rain Boots. I’ll say my rain boots were by far my most worn item on this trip, second to only my yellow rain jacket. 

In hind sight wearing a skirt to the Ring of Kerry wasn’t a smart idea. I thought the park involved walking through paved trails but realistically it involved climbing over trees and through muddy creeks to see natures beauty like the Torc Waterfall; which I loved but wasn’t dressed for. 

I kept joking with my family saying I was the official flasher of Ireland because I probably flashed more than a handful of people with the fashion decisions I made. 

All for a good Instagram, am I right!? 

Ring of Kerry-1611
Ring of Kerry-1716
Ring of Kerry-1727
Ring of Kerry-1812
Ring of Kerry-1840
Ring of Kerry-1714

From the Ring of Kerry, we went straight to Killarney National Park; which overlaps with the Ring. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to see within the National Park specifically the Muckross House and Gardens. This mansion was beautiful and was actually owned at one point by the Guinness Family’s daughter.

Could you imagine owning a mansion in the middle of a national park, talk about a view? The mansion was beautiful and while we didn’t have time to go inside, we did make time to see the Muckross Abbey. Now I know this might sound weird but I’m a sucker for old graveyards. 

I hate all things spooky, so you’d never find me there at night or alone, but there is something so historic about reading the names of people who lived in the town so long before us. A lot of old tombstones even write how they died and how they embraced life, giving us all a glimpse into the past. 

So we spent quite some time at the mansion grounds and Abbey before hopping back in the car and heading to our final destination…food! 
Ring of Kerry-1880

Ring of Kerry-1873
Ring of Kerry-1790
Ring of Kerry-1886

We were starving by the time we got back in the car so we headed straight to the town of Kenmare, for some Pepsi and food. After a hangry fight over where we should eat dinner, my Dad desperately wanted lamb chops and the rest of us wanted spaghetti; we decided to go authentic with an Irish pub. 

We ate at, PF McCarthy’s Bar which was one of our most loved food destinations throughout our trip. You must leave room for dessert if you eat here though, who would have thought a pub would have good dessert but the apple crumble was everything. 

& that about wrapped up our third day in Ireland. Don’t forget to check out our 2nd official TCC Crew Vlog segment. & please let us know if this is something you enjoy. xx Aubrey 

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Cobh Ireland and Travel Vlog

September 1st, 2017

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5427

J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) || Hunter Boots || Rain Jacket (color sold out, same brand listed)  || White Jeans || Bag

I’m always grateful that my job allows Matt and myself, the opportunity and flexibility to travel. Recently Matt & I have been itching to visit Europe, specifically Italy, but our budget just couldn’t swing it…however one day I noticed flights from Hartford, CT to Kerry Ireland were just $325 so I took a deep breath and booked it. 

I’ll admit booking my first trip to Europe was a little overwhelming, in terms of figuring out logistics and the idea of renting and driving a car, oh boy. So I was very grateful that ALMOST my whole family ended up going to Ireland, after telling them how cheap the flights were.

My younger sister Sarah, couldn’t make it because she had already started college, but everyone else was down. Now, when I booked my trip I had a very specific vision for where I wanted to go, and my family basically went along for the ride (well MOST of them did at least)Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5674

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5512
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5662

I had a vision of traveling up the Wild Atlantic Way. I initially planned on covering the whole scenic route over a two week period, but decided on sticking to the southern half and reducing our trip to just one week; which in hindsight was perfect. I’m a home body through and through so being in Europe for a little over a week was just the right amount of time. 

Anyway, I’ll be posting several more Ireland themed posts and one specifically dedicated to breaking down everything about our trip, but I figured I’d share where we started. 

So before heading up the Wild Atlantic Way, I wanted to make a stop at two locations: 1) The Blarney Stone (for obvious reasons) and 2) the town of Cobh. I’ve been DYING to see Cobh because it was the last stop the Titanic made before it’s fatal trip. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5485
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5494
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5413
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5534

Something about the Titanic always intrigues me, so I really wanted to see this colorful port town and the pier where the final Titanic voyagers stood. I’m a huge history buff, so being able to embrace this town and its history was a highlight of my trip.

We woke up super early on Monday, and I decided to go with this J.Crew embroidered top (runs large so size down!) and hunter rain boots. Nothing too fancy but something light enough for walking and cute enough for some pictures. 

My family and I spent the morning embracing the town of Cobh, it’s beautiful hilly roads and delicious seafood. Let me tell you one thing if you like seafood especially salmon, Ireland is a good place to be. After finishing a light lunch on the pier, we took a tour of the Titanic museum and left Cobh around 3:30 PM for the Blarney Stone. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5952

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5589
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5661

We arrived around 4 PM to the Blarney Stone and by this time of day, we had already gotten caught in some rain, as my once straight hair was in the past and my white jeans had stew on them, but what can you do. I can’t even count how many times we got caught in a random downpour, I kept joking that getting wet and looking less than glamorous was my #ootd. It is what it is though, so I embraced every moment of water-proof mascara running down my face. 

Now here’s a travel tip, I would highly recommend going to the Blarney Stone later in the day. We had the castle all to ourselves and absolutely no line to kiss the stone (I had a friend wait in line for an hour and a half once), although it was a race against the setting sun…all in all, either GO early or GO late.

Overall Matt, Tessie (my younger sister and video photographer) and I had the best time exploring Ireland and getting a little messy. We spent a lot of time rushing around, trying to capture Ireland in between down pours and at the same time embracing the beauty of Ireland’s gray skies and green hues. 

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5977

Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5849
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5875
Cobh Ireland & Ireland Travel Vlog-5835

Anyway, we figured now was the perfect time to launch our TCC Crew Vlog segment and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Now in retrospect, we are just beginners and we aim to improve and innovate with each video we create, but please do let us know if you enjoy the segment.

We have more videos from our Ireland trip coming and if enough of you say YES to the vlogs…this could become a weekly vlog series…just throwing it out there. 

xx Aubrey 

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72 Hours in Austin

June 8th, 2017

72 Hours in Austin-5959

Shirt (sold out, similar color) || Skirt || Shoes (on sale!) || Bag || Sunglasses 

Last weekend was my birthday week, which I’m sure you all remember! We had a huge giveaway to celebrate all Geminis (woot-woot), while Matt & I even decided to take a last minute trip to Austin, to visit my brother. 

We snapchat ‘vlogged’ the whole thing, which was a lot of fun! I’d still love your feedback on the snapchat ‘vlogs’, so far it’s been positive but we’d love to know how to improve. Anyway once in Austin, I got soooo many recommendations from all of you, THANK YOU for that!

So I decided to throw together a 72 Hours in Austin Guide! I thought it would be a smart way to put all of your recommendations in one place. Anyway, let’s get to it!

72 Hours in Westin-5159

72 Hours in Austin-5818
72 Hours in Austin

Where to Stay: 

+ The Westin – Austin Downtown – Whenever I visit Austin, I personally want to be downtown. My brother’s home is exactly an 8-minute uber drive away, and it’s just so convenient. We’re able to discover all the best parts of Austin on foot. & did I mention it’s extremely close to sixth street!

So if you’re one for a good time, or planning a bachelorette party this hotel is perfect!!! You can discover the best of 6th street’s nightlife, hang by the newly renovated pool bar and be just a short Uber ride away from The Domain (aka best shopping in Austin!). 


Stella San Jac, – located in The Westin. You guys have to go here and try the biscuits, I visit every time just for the biscuits, #noshame

+ Voodoo Donuts – If we have a busy schedule I’ll usually send Matt out to grab breakfast while I get ready. So on Saturday Matt ran out and grabbed us some Voodoo Donuts, he was only supposed to get two but he came back with 12 (he would!) Anyway you really can’t go wrong with Voodoo Donuts.

+ 1886 Cafe & Bakery – I have just two words to say about this place: cinnamon bun

72 Hours in Austin-5966

72 Hours in Austin-5979
72 Hours in Austin-5935

What To See: 

+ Sixth Street – The street is basically deserted during the day but come 7 pm the street takes on a life of its own. Completely blocked off from cars, it basically is one big bar crawl for the entire city, I’m not a huge drinker, but it’s 100% something to see. 

+ Congress Avenue Bridge Bats – with over 1,500,000  bats sleeping under the bridge, arrive at sunset to see them take off from the bridge and fly into the night! I thought this was so cool and something you should see.

+ LBJ Presidential Library – if you like history/Mad Men you’d love this library. It’s filled to the brim with history and artifacts from Johnson’s time. You’ll see some interesting videos, clothes, and advertisements from his administration, it takes about 2.5 hours to cover the whole thing. 

+ Texas State Capital – it’s a beauty!

What To Do At Night:

+ Peter Pan Mini Golf – The only mini golf I’ve been to that’s BYOB!

+ Azul Rooftop Bar & Loungel- Watch the sunset and the city light up, come sunset, from the heart of downtown, cocktails in hand.

+ Visit Rainey Street – This was my first time visiting Rainy Street & it was by far my favorite part of Austin. Rainey Street is a row of old craftsman styled homes turned into delicious restaurants. It’s really a fun place to walk around, get some food and explore the tastes of Austin. 72 Hours in Austin-6026

72 Hours in Austin-5832
72 Hours in Austin-5806

Where To Road Trip: 

+ Gruene – Historic Town just about 45 min south of Austin, read more about our time in Gruene here

+ San Antonio – Take a road trip to visit the Alamo and taste the best Mexican Food around, while overlooking the world famous San Antonio Riverwalk! It’s just a 90 min drive south of Austin, read about our time in San Antonio here!

+ Magnolia Farms (Waco, TX) – About a 95-minute drive (depending on traffic) North of Austin, if you’re a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper show, make sure to check out the cute town of Waco TX. 

 That’s all I got for you guys!

I had the best time in Austin and I was lucky to celebrate my birthday with Matt and my brother at The Westin – Austin Downtown!

Please, Please, PLEASE; leave any additional Austin recommendations below, and for even more recommendations check out my last post about Austin here! xx Aubrey 

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Winter Guide to Manchester, Vermont

January 17th, 2017
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -3
Hat || Shirt || Sweater || Jeans || Boots || Socks
Over the last year I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Vermont, three times but to be honest winter is always my favorite time to visit.
There is something iconic about a New England Winter in Vermont. Maybe it’s the snowy ski slopes or the warm glow coming from the quaintest New England towns, it just gives me the chills.
After visiting Vermont two weeks ago, I received a lot of requests for a travel guide, so here it is! I’ve broken down my favorite neighborhoods, restaurants, cafes and activities in Manchester Vermont. 
So let’s jump right in!Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -1
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -10
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -9
Favorite Neighborhoods: 
Manchester Village – quintessential charming New England winter village
Stratton Mountain – hit the slopes & enjoy some fun
Route 7A – magical mountain views of charming little New England towns.
Route 30 – Stone Valley Scenic Byway
Where to Eat:
Bistro Henry – OKAY IT’S MY FAVORITE! I love seafood and it’s a hard not life for me because most of my family members hate it. So I love Henry’s because it has a great seafood menu but also has amazing pasta, steak and salad options! Basically the best of both worlds for everyone. If you like seafood get the crab cakes & salmon; just thank me later!
Overall amazing food, a little more expensive but totally worth it! 
The Perfect Wife Restaurant – Love this restaurant but be prepared for slow service! The food is really really good guys, and the menu has a little bit of everything so it’s a safe choice if you’re traveling with a large group of people. Basically it has a little something for everyone, oh & the atmosphere is great. It’s always packed with young adults and it’s a great place to go if you just want a drink and meet other ski goers.
Overall cute, charming and packed; but fun overall! 
The Bench – What’s better than American comfort food?  NOTHING! This is the perfect place to hit up after a long and tiring day on the slopes, rejuvenate those calories with some hot mac & cheese or a huge burger. I love comfort food and this place does it right!
Overall vibe = bring your boyfriend here, he’ll love it I promise! 
 Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -4
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -8
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -5
Where to Grab a Latte:
Black Cap Coffee – I love visiting local cafes, no matter where I am. It’s the perfect way to get an understanding of the people in the local area. Also it’s an easy way to meet new people and bond over a common ground, coffee!
So if you just moved to the area or visiting Stowe alone, meet some new people & grab a latte. It’s a win win.
What to Do:
Obviously go skiing at Stratton Mountain Resort! If you are heading to Vermont during the winter month’s I would highly recommend planning a ski trip! Stratton Mountain is about thirty minutes from Manchester!
Visit Hidden, The Lincoln’s Family Home. You guys I love history, so this is a must for me. I went for the first time this past winter and loved it, I’m highly recommending this one.
I feel like Vermont is all about the R&R, so grab a group of girlfriends & head up to The Equinox, Golf Resort & Spa for a spa trip! I personally think it’s more fun in the winter and usually you can get a good steal deal, around this time of year.
Scenic New England Instagram Worthy Spot: 
I would suggest going to the Manchester Village! & if you have a car and don’t mind driving, hop in the car and drive around.
Vermont is full of scenic routes, so you never know what you’ll stumble upon, I usually get my best instagram images this way!Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -2
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -7
Winter Guide to Manchester Vermont - The Coastal Confidence -6
& that’s a wrap! I hope this post inspires you to take a weekend for yourself and visit the best spots of Manchester Vermont! I’m always up to trying new places too, so if you have any Vermont suggestions, comment below
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7 Best Breakfast Joints in Boston

August 14th, 2016

best breakfast places in Boston

Beantown Mug & Massachusetts Mug || Mugs also available in Boston at Blackstone’s in Beacon Hill & Back Bay

Last week my mother, sister & I headed up to Boston for an overnight visit at The Boston Park Plaza! The stay was amazing, but the food was even better.

During my stay soooooo many of you snapped me breakfast recommendations, so I felt like I might as well share my mini-breakfast joint guide with you guys.

Going out to breakfast is literally one of my favorite things to do in a new city. But lets be honest, picking a restaurant to eat at while you’re in a city you don’t really know, can lead to hangry people.

So instead of stressing over breakfast reviews on yelp, the next time you’re up in Boston, just look up this post!

Let’s jump right into it.

7 Best breakfast joints in Boston:

1. The Paramount \\ Beacon Hill

2.. Stephanie’s on Newbury \\ Back Bay

3. The Friendly Toast \\ Back Bay & Cambridge

4. Union Square Donuts \\ Somerville

5. The Breakfast Club \\ Allston

6. Bagelsaurus \\ Cambridge

7. Off the Common \\ Back Bay

Remember to check out Blackstone’s to find a Boston Mug to drink from when traveling to all of these breakfast joints. I legit bring my mugs everywhere with me.

You can also order a mug here, and if I missed any breakfast joints that you think I need to try, let me know below in the comments. xx A.

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Biking Around: San Diego

June 3rd, 2016

la jolla

Per several Snapchat requests, here is my San Diego travel guide!

If you’ve haven’t been to California & want to experience a So. Cal. vibe, then you are on your way to San Diego.

There is literally so00000 much to do in San Diego, that I’ve kind of been avoiding making this post. I honestly didn’t even know where to start. 

But since my time in San Diego has officially come to a close, I figured it’s now or never. 

Sooooo let’s bike around San Diego!!!! 

Where to Stay: sunset

When traveling to San Diego, you have a few options in terms of location. 

San Diego is so big, so before picking your hotel, think about the vacation vibe you’re going for. Below I’ve broken down the different areas/vibes & my favorite hotel in each region.

So. Cal. Beach City: 

Hyatt Regency Mission Beach

This resort is located in one of the coolest San Diego beaches, Mission Beach. If you’re looking for a vacation full of beaching, water activities or a local beach bar crowd; well Mission Beach is for you! 

Downtown San Diego:

 Hilton San Diego Bayfront

I stayed here by far the most! I love love love it. I honestly liked it a lot because it’s wicked close to the Gaslamp District, which of course is the perfect place to grab a drink & get a delicious dinner. 

This hotel is also located on the bay, so get use to amazing views! Also it’s super close to the Padre Stadium, so if you are looking to go to a game, this hotel is perfect for ya. 

Coronado Island: 

Lowes Coronado Bay Resort

Oh Coronado, how I love you. If you are looking for a romantic and family fun vacation destination, then hit up Coronado. It’s honestly the most charming part about San Diego and a great place to go visit. From the beach, to the cute downtown, Coronado is as charming as it gets. 

To-Do: beach jumping

san diego
california home

OMG where do I start? Literally there is so much to do, I actually still have a list of things I want to go back and do. But let’s start with a few San Diego hotspots that you HAVE TO HIT. 

Torry Pines Gliderport

This one is a must hit for anyone with an adventures side. I’ve actually never hang glided (I don’t even know if that’s a word), buttttt my brother was brave enough to try it out & loved it. 

Basically you hang glide or paraglide over the cliffs of La Jolla & the Torry Pines golf course. It’s honestly beyond beautiful and I have a few pictures from the glider port above & below, but the pictures don’t do it justice. You can read more about the whole package here

Anyways if you’re brave then drive right up & take the plunge literally. beach jumping

Balboa Park 

If you are in San Diego you have to take a quick stop at Balboa Park! It’s gigantic & so pretty. The picture above of me, was actually taken at Balboa. It’s just a wonderful place to catch up with friends & exercise. 

San Diego Zoo: 

This one is a MUST! The Zoo is huge & I personally like the Safari Park the most. It’s gigantic and is filled to the rim with animals, you didn’t even know existed. If you have children, make a day of it & I’m sure they will enjoy it. 

Padres Baseball Game:

 Make sure to check the Padres schedule if you are in San Diego. The tickets are beyond cheap and the park is really beautiful, Matt & I always go to a game whenever we are in town. 

Go to the Beach: 

This one is kind of obvious, but just in case you forget. Makes sure to stop by one of the many amazing San Diego beaches! Some of my favorites are: Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, Pacific Beach & La Jolla (obvi)!

To Eat:

The food is my favorite thing about San Diego! 

No joke, I have some amazing food pictures, showcased below. I honestly have so many recommendations that I’m just going to start listing them off, soooooo 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready & GO GO GO: crushed


Richard Walkers Pancake House

Crush (Mimosa Brunch!)

Cafe 21


Tender Greens

In & Out

Rubicon Deli


Sushi – Cannonball 

Seafood – Top of the Market

Italian –  Spaghetti Factory



That’s basically all I got for now! Oh & San Diego readers, make sure to leave any additional suggestions below! I’m always up to trying new places. 

I hope to continue doing these travel posts! Sooooo let me know below if you are looking for a travel guide to any place specific place in New England. 

Happy Weekend xx A. 

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Biking Around New England: Boston

May 15th, 2016


Hey Guys! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, it truly was beautiful here in New England.

It’s finally starting to feel like summer, which means it’s time for those iconic New England road trips. The best part of living in New England is the close access to sooooooo many hoppin summer destinations.

So I’m taking you all along! I’m actually starting a new segment on the blog called ‘Biking Around New England’, after all the TCC logo is a bike.

The series will document my upcoming summer road trip adventures, and of course I wanted to start the series off with my favorite New England summer road trip destination, Boston. 

So let’s jump right into it, shall we… 

Where to Stay: 


Whenever I travel to Boston I always stay at The Sheraton Boston Hotel! 

The reason why I always stay at the Sheraton is it’s prime location. It’s literally a 3 minute walk from the best street in Boston…Newbury Street! 

My mother & I traveled up to the Sheraton to kick off our New England summer road trip series & loved how convenient the location was. We did some shopping at the Prudential, which is actually connected to the hotel, went to dinner on Newbury & then went over for an evening walk in the Boston Common. 

Everything was within walking distance from the Sheraton, and whenever I travel I always pick my hotels based on location. You know what they say on Million Dollar Listing NYC, ‘location, location, location’!

Also The Sheraton currently has a “spring into summer” promotion, available through Labor Day weekend! So if you are planning on hitting up the greatest city in New England, you can check out all the details here! They are offering low rates on rooms, discounts on spa treatments & on-site restaurants, the last time Matt & I visited the Sheraton we had Apropos breakfast delivered to the room & it was beyond perfect. 

& if you follow me on instagram then you’ve seen the amazing view from the Sheraton’s sundeck! If you missed it, check it out here (it’s to die for!). 

To-Do: swan boat


OMG where do I start? Literally there is so much to do, I actually still have a list of things I want to go back and do. But let’s start with a few Boston hotspots that you HAVE TO HIT. 

Boston Common:

It’s a must, especially during the spring & summer. Whenever I go to Boston Common I always ride the Swan Boats, it’s something you have to do. & bring your phone along because it will be the cutest part of your snap story. 

Currently the park is beyond beautiful with all the flowers blooming. I got a little flower happy on snapchat (aubreyrose740), while in Boston. 

Finally my suggestion is grab your picnic basket and head up to Boston for a romantic road trip! Grab your hubby, head to the Sheraton and have a picnic in the park. Literally cutest, date, ever. 


Without a doubt, if you are in Boston you HAVE TO GO TO FENWAY! I’m actually going to games all the time with Matt. It’s our favorite thing to do in the summer. We are planning to go to the May 25th game next, so I’ll see you all there. 

If you’ve never been to the ball park before, then make sure to arrange an hour long walking tour!  By the end you’ll know everything you need to know about America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. 

Boston Duck Tour:

Honestly these tours are just fun! If it’s your first time in Boston then stop what you are doing and book a duck tour here. Literally these are the best tours. You ride a amphibious vehicle for a drive around the city’s historic spots before splashing into the Charles River. Get your cameras ready, because you’ll literally see it all. 


If you are in the mood to shop, then you are in the right city my friend. You can stroll over to the Prudential Center for some big brand shopping or hit the streets of Boston for a leisurely day of shopping. 

I recommend going to either Beacon Hill, Charles Street, or Back Bay, Newbury Street to experience the best shopping. From amazing restaurants to the cutest boutiques these streets got you covered. 

Oh & did I mention TCC mugs are now available at Backstone’s of Boston! They have stores on both Newbury & Charles Street so make sure to pop in & send me a snap of the mugs. stones

{ Beacon Hill Brownstones }brownstone

{ Newbury Street Storefronts }

To Eat:

God, I don’t think the word diet is in my vocabulary. Matt always jokes that one day they will have to roll me out of the house, because literally I love to travel and try new food places.

I can’t help it! Cities have the best food, they just do. & because I’m obsessed with seafood, Boston is kind of like a food heaven for me.

So let’s chat about places to eat!

Breakfast in Bed at The Sheraton:breakfast in bed

The last time Matt & I went to Boston we got room service at the Sheraton & boy was it good. It was the perfect go getter breakfast. If your aren’t staying at the hotel you can always venture to the hotel’s breakfast-only restaurant located on the lobby level, it’s called Apropos! 

Stephanie’s on Newbury: pancakes

If you are in the mood for a serious Sunday brunch then head over to Stephanie’s on Newbury! They mean business when it comes to sweet & savory breakfasts. 

Also Loving:

Georgetown Cupcakes

Cafeteria Boston

James Hook + Co ( get the lobster roll here, it’s the best in Boston!)

Tatte Bakery (my friend Jacqueline recommended it to me & it was so cute)

georgetown cupcakes

That’s basically all I got for now! Oh & Boston readers, make sure to leave any additional suggestions below! I’m always up to trying new places. 

Next time I head to Boston I really want to spend more time in the South-End. I never really head over there  & I would love to check it out. 

I’m currently sick, so I’m headed back to bed! Happy Monday xx A. 

Thank you to The Sheraton team, for hosting me in Boston! 

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