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Girlfriend’s Guide to Football Sunday

October 8th, 2017

Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-53

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Believe it or not, we are just about halfway through fall, and knee deep in one of fall’s many seasonal amenities…football season. Whether you’re watching football curled up on your couch all Sunday long, or getting dressed up in the appropriate colors to cheer on your local college team (Go UConn Huskies); football seems to be an underlining theme of this season.

In the past, I would have complained about the volume of games I’ve recently been pressured to watch, but after moving in with Matt just over a year ago, I’d say my love for football and the entire strategy of the game has evolved. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to yell at the TV or cry over buffalo wings when the kicker misses the field goal, but I do get why football fans are SOOO fanatic.

It really is a game of strategy, teamwork, and comradery; aspects I truly love. However some things are just darn confusing, so I’m here with a timeout card, ready to break down the essence of football with our Girlfriend’s Guide to Football Sunday

Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-64
Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-11

 Below our team has broken down the essential guidelines of the game, and some elements you might want to brush up on before next Sunday’s game.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Football Sunday



Okay, before evening turning the TV on, it’s important to understand how your team can score and win points! Here’s a simple breakdown: TOUCHDOWN = 6 points, after scoring the touchdown your team can play the ball for a two-point conversion  = running the ball into the touchdown zone again for 2 points, or bring in the kicker for 1 extra point. Finally, a FIELD GOAL is worth 3 points.

Yellow Flags


A yellow flag means there is an issue on the field, which could be a

Blessing or a curse for your team. Below, we have listed some popular explanations for when those yellow flags go flying.

When your team is at the line of scrimmage you’ll hear the following flag terms:

FALSE START: when a player on the offense moves before the play started.  OFFSIDES: when a player on the defense moves before the play started. And finally, DELAY OF GAME: when the center doesn’t ‘hut, hut, hike’ the football to the quarterback before the play clock expires.

When your team is playing you’ll hear the following flag terms: HOLDING: this is when a player is restraining another player, who doesn’t have the ball, from moving. Holding is the most common penalty in football and is usually called when a defensive player is holding another player’s jersey.  PASS INTERFERENCE:  the defense must give the offense the opportunity to catch the football, so this penalty will be called only IF the defense player grabs the receiver’s arms or holds the receiver in a way in which he’d be unable to make a play.

Finally, sometimes your team plays a little dirty…and if so you might hear some of these flags being called: FACE MASK: when a player grabs another’s face mask and UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS: when the referees feel a hit was unnecessary, for example hitting another player with your helmet or being unnecessarily aggressive.

Okay, now that you are well informed with the meaning of those, oh so important, yellow flags; let’s cover two final elements of football that use to always confused me.Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-6

Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-27
Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-53

What’s a Down?

 If you’ve ever attended a Patriots game at Gillette Stadium then you have experienced the crowd screaming: ‘Patriot’s first down’. Yes, it’s fun to jump up and scream with the crowd, but this is also an important part of football to understand.

I find the easiest way to explain this is in baseball terms. Okay, in baseball you have three strikes then you’re out, well in football you have four downs then you’re out. So your team has four chances to move the ball 10 yards, and it’s the job of the defense to stop the offense from accomplishing this and if they don’t make 10 yards in four downs then they lose the ball (aka YOU’RE OUT!).


What’s that Yellow Line?

 If you’re watching the game with your boyfriend and his friends, all huddled around your TV, you might have noticed that thin yellow line. That yellow line is important & to my surprise does not appear at the actual games, but rather just on your TV. To sum it up the yellow line shows how far your team has to go to get a new first down!Girlfriend's Guide to Football Sunday-53

Now that you’re up to par with all your football lingo, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! This weekend is jam-packed with some timeless rivalries and I hope you spend your time enjoying the essence of football and those exciting moments with your friends. I’ve linked everything I’m wearing to this Sunday’s watch party below, and please leave a comment sharing your favorite football team; I love seeing who you all are rooting for! xx Aubrey

Photos by: Loreal Novoa Photo

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Don’t Overthink Dating

September 29th, 2017

Don't Overthink Dating-46Okay, so every week I check my google analytics to see what posts you guys are currently loving on the blog and every week I see this post from 2014 in the top ten. It was probably one of my first ever blog posts, and I almost regret linking it as the images are eh, the poses are horrid and my grammar is less than up to par, but everyone has to start somewhere right.

Anyway, I felt it was time to update this post almost four years later. After re-reading the 2014 post, I realize not much has changed, I’m still horrible at picking up Matt’s calls and my friends are still begging me to write more relationship posts, so really we’ve come full circle here.

The only difference is that now Matt and I are another three years deeper into our relationship, we now live together, and social media has become a constant in everyone’s life; which has made this post even more essential to write.Don't Overthink Dating-74

Don't Overthink Dating-6
Don't Overthink Dating-7

I still stand by the practice of calling over texting, because let’s face it, text messages are more calculated. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I’m just saying phone calls are good for getting to know each other, where text messages are more edited. Does that make sense? Think of it like snapchat vs Instagram; where Snapchat is like calling more raw, whereas Instagram is more filtered like texts.

Anyway, it’s three years later so I have bigger fish to fry than the importance of calling over texting. Today overthinking dating or even overthinking your OWN RELATIONSHIP has become even easier with social media.

From #couplegoals on Instagram to the easy swiping right on Tinder; dating in 2017 is rough and SO easy to overthink.

For instance, how many #couplegoals do we see on Instagram, I’ll be honest and say I follow at least five accounts just because I like their couple photo shoots, and as a blogger I know all the work that goes into planning such a shoot but as an individual I can see how these shoots can make you think twice about your own relationship.

I find more and more people overthinking their relationship because they are comparing it to others! & by doing that you are basically setting yourself up to fail.Don't Overthink Dating-9

Don't Overthink Dating-31
Don't Overthink Dating-71

Whether you’re stalking the guy you’re currently crushing on ex-girlfriend or annoyed with your boyfriend over his lack of Instagram worthy romantic jesters.

Overthinking your dating life due to social media is not a good practice.

My favorite part of my job is creating beautiful images for you guys. Whether that means getting a little too close to the edge at The Cliffs of Moher or spending an hour making 24 perfectly circle pancakes for this shoot, I want you guys to find inspiration in each image and for me, that means going the extra length.

Whether our posts inspire you to whip out a bowl and make pancakes, travel to Ireland or embrace a New England lifestyle of your own; we spend time planning and creating these moments to share.

& honestly, I love sharing photos of Matt and I, on Instagram and my blog, because heck, I love sharing him with you all but that doesn’t mean we are perfect.

We fight over silly things all the time, we draw straws over who’s going to clean the kitchen sink (my least favorite chore) and we are constantly bickering over which cereal to buy each week at Walmart. I like Cocoa Pebbles and Matt likes Captain Crunch, this week I won by the looks of the photos, so progress.

Overall, we have our ups and downs, and I hate to see people overthinking their OWN relationships because they are comparing it to others on social media. Whether it be a blogger, friend or celebrity; don’t focus on how perfect they are as a couple and how you’d like to emulate them, but rather celebrate your own relationship.Don't Overthink Dating-17

Don't Overthink Dating-75
Don't Overthink Dating

Matt and I are very aware of how slippery a slope social media can be, so we have set up some ground rules to take a break from it.

Every night around 7 PM we go on a walk, with no phones. We usually walk for about an hour and just focus on us. Secondly every Saturday we have pancakes and watch TV (usually football), now I can 100% say this usually doesn’t occur in bed because I’m a known spiller, but pancakes are OUR THING.

Finally, we spend a lot of time traveling, shooting and working on the blog together. By having these three things that are unique to us, it’s helped us focus less on others, and what they are doing over on social media and more on us.

So to sum it up. A large part of not overthinking your relationship or date is by not comparing yourself to others. Whether it be a first date, or eight years into a relationship like Matt and I. Everyone has their uniqueness, so focus on the good and eat a pancake or two.

xx Aubrey

P.S; I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions about our new headboard! You can read about how we purchased the headboard for half the cost in this post, featuring my current favorite app…Raise

The Raise Team was kind enough to send over a coupon code for your use. Use CODE: COASTAL to get $5 off $50 for new Raise customers! FYI, this code expires in 2018, so use it while you can! 

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How to make long distance work

August 30th, 2017
How to make long distance work -8216
Hey I’ve recently gotten a lot of readers reaching out about one topic specifically, how to make long distance work…in college. & oh have I been there, and done that. For anyone that doesn’t know, Matt (my long term boyfriend) and I have held a relationship for 8 years, HOWEVER, four of those years were via a long distance relationship. I actually attended college in San Diego while Matt attended college in New York, so I’m talking about cross-country long distance, OH BOY. 
Before going any further, like every relationship post, I always encourage you to do what works for you, and I’m in no way saying what I did is the right way, but here’s my experience with the touchy topic that is long distance. 
How to make long distance work -7699
How to make long distance work -7973
How to make long distance work -7940
& like the OCD college note-taker in me, I’ve made a syllabus to help break the process down.
A) Distance DOESN’T Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder…
First off, let’s debunk one of those old-wives tales, aka, distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I get why people feel this way, and I believe this phrase is completely true for short time periods. It’s exciting going out in the world and having your own experience to bring back to the table, and it’s SO FUN reuniting and catching up like two peas in a pod.
Whenever I’m traveling for a shoot or to visit friends, without Matt, it’s fun and exciting to reconnect after one to three weeks apart; it’s like a relationship cleanse and yes, totally makes the heart grow fonder. BUT two months and up, without seeing each other is a different story. That’s when the debunking comes in because you get into the ‘drifting zone’ and we’ve all been there. How to make long distance work -8104
How to make long distance work -8212
How to make long distance work -8161
B) MOST IMPORTANT: The Drifting Zone…
Definition: It’s basically the point of no return, it’s that moment when your friend is telling you a story and you realize you have no idea who, what or where they are talking about. It’s the moment when you’re not able to relate….
I’m a firm believer that we have all or will all eventually experience, the drifting zone. Whether it be with a friend, relationship, family member or co-worker; some relationships just aren’t meant to stand the test of time, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! I’ve had plenty of friendships fizzle out, it’s just part of life.
Let me take a step back if you’re still confused as to what the drifting zone is, I’ll break it down further. Let’s say you’re a sophomore in college, look back at your high school friends, I’m sure there are some you’ve just drifted away from. Drifting is easy, and it’s usually a two-sided issue, and the scariest thing about drifting is that it’s the silent killer of relationships. You’ll always hear about the horrible stories of long distance relationships failing because of cheaters, because of a huge fight or because of jealousy; but to be honest, a lot of long term relationships fail because people just end up drifting apart. 
It’s hard having a relationship where your significant other or friend, doesn’t know your college friends, the environment you live in or your schedule/class load. I still to this day, have never been to Matt’s college campus and Matt still to this day hasn’t met all my California friends; which makes some exchange college stories, not as fun or interesting. 
So I get a lot of questions about how to prevent drifting and here are a few easy ways: 1) visit each other, 2) facetime and 3) active listening and engagement (get your friends on facetime, actively listen and engage with what they’re saying…always ask questions!). 
How to make long distance work -7886
How to make long distance work -7847
How to make long distance work -7759
C) Jealous Jelly Bean…
By nature I’m not a jealous person, sometimes I think Matt wishes I was more jealous because it’s not an emotion I evoke. I always joked with my friends saying, I’m too focused on myself to spend time being jealous…which sounds horrible but is true. I was way too focused in college on launching my blog to be worried about who Matt was hanging out with on a Friday night or a girl he had a group project with. I had zero worries and my roommates always made fun of me for this, stating I was like the man in the long-term relationship. 
I just had a very relaxed approach to long-distance and I think that came from 1) not being a jealous person but also 2) by being confident in the relationship Matt and I have. We are both very (I hate this word) confrontational people, which meant if our relationship was going to blow up…IT WOULD BE APPARENT. We have very loud, strong and vocal communication skills; but I think that’s why long distance worked for us…if someone wasn’t happy they voiced it! 
Anyway, Jealous Jelly Beans are a NO GO for long-distance, and if you’re one of these beans, especially if you don’t like confrontation, then either rethink taking your relationship long-distance or readjust your attitude. How to make long distance work -7905
How to make long distance work -7863
How to make long distance work -7908
D) Conclusion: Keep Me Posted…
This was always and still is my go to line with long distance relationships. Keep me posted, was how I ended every phone call. Making yourself available via phone is really important, it’s kind of like being a life coach; if Matt had a group project, interview or test…I wanted to know about it. 
If you want to make long distance work than you NEED to stay up to date with current events, and constantly check up on them. No one like a friend that sits there and talks only about themselves, make sure to always stay up to date with what’s going on in your friends like and leave yourself open to hearing about it. 
Basically, keep lines of communication mutually beneficial and ACTUALLY LISTEN, because where your attention goes your energy flows! & here’s a NEWSFLASH, long distance takes up both a lot of time and energy so don’t be hasty.How to make long distance work -8010
How to make long distance work -7969
How to make long distance work -8136
Okay, so that’s my long-distance syllabus for the fall semester. Should I do a second one for spring semester? Let me know below, along with any other tips and tricks you guys have up your sleeves. xx Aubrey 
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Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night

August 18th, 2017
Date night at Fenway
Matt & I have been quite transparent with you all, when it comes to our love of New England sports. It’s an activity both Matt and I love embracing, and unlike many preppy lifestyle blogs, I’m not talking about polo matches or croquet; no Matt and I are fans of the All American sports aka baseball and football. 
  The reason why we love these two All American sports so much is plain and simple. There is just something SO inspiring about the cornerstones in these sports: trust and teamwork I think that’s why I like watching both sports so much, from truly trusting your teammates to prevent you from an injury-prone tackler or working almost seamlessly together to get a baseball runner out, all within seconds is just REALLY admirable.
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-317
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-376
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-284
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-265
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-291
Anway, the level of trust, teamwork, and dedication these players have really is inspirational. Oh, and did I mention, Matt asked me to be his ‘girlfriend’ during the movie Fever Pitch when we were 14 (lol), so Fenway’s always had a fond place in my heart. 
 Overall Fenway night games in August are actually my ideal date nights, come summer in New England.  Whenever readers email me about summer date night ideas, I always recommend baseball games. Some cities even have pretty affordable nights, I know in San Diego you could attend a Padres game for as little as $25, that’s nothing! 
So today I figured I’d go over why going to Fenway is my Ideal Date Night, and below I’ve listed my top three reasons. 
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-290
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-334
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-473
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-298
Why Fenway Is My Ideal Date Night-365

1) Great Place to Chat 

Unlike a movie theater or play, baseball games are a great date night location because it’s easy to strike up a conversation. Let’s say it’s the first date and you’re nervous about awkward silences, no worries, just head to a baseball game there is so much going on, at all times, that it’s easy to strike up a conversation about anything. I always love doing double dates at Fenway, so many good memories. 
2) Make Memories 
Date nights can end up, blending together, especially when you’ve dated as long as Matt and I have, so by going somewhere exciting like Fenway you’ll probably end up documenting the date and having a more memorable night. I love being able to look back at all of our date nights at Fenway, so we make it a mission to document the nights, which makes them more special than a dinner date.
3) Afterparty? 

You know those dates where after the movie ends you are stuck looking at each other, wondering whether to the extend the date to a second location, or go your separate ways. Well the great part about Fenway is your in BOSTON, let’s say the date goes great you have several bars and restaurants within walking distance where you can extend your date organically, cutting out the awkwardness. 

& if that didn’t sell you on bringing a date to Fenway, don’t get me started on how terrific a Fenway Frank can be. So whenever Matt and I have a chance to slip away into either Fenway or Gillet Stadium, you bet we leave room for stadium food. Oh, and if hot dogs aren’t your thing they have Del’s Lemonade. 
Anyway, Matt and I are off to Ireland tomorrow and I can’t wait to bring you guys along. Make sure to head over to Instagram for more current details. xx Aubrey 
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The Engagement Timeline

July 20th, 2017

The Engagement Timeline -34

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Last month, I sent out an Instagram story asking for you guys to submit any and all relationship topics. 
I was overwhelmed with how many of you guys, submitted some hard hitting questions, which lead me to create some amazing content, like this post about why sharing a hobby, is essential and this post on 5 tips to maintaining fireworks in a long-term relationship
Overall Matt & I aim to bring you guys relatable and valuable content, so we decided to tackle your relationship Q’s head on. Oh, and just to clarify, just because we are answering these questions, doesn’t mean we know it all or that our relationship is perfect; we just aim to bring you valuable content.
Anyway, I digress…
When I was sorting through the questions, one question stuck out to me, and by the way, we backlogged some questions for future content so if we didn’t answer your question just yet, don’t worry.
The question that stuck out to me was the following: ‘I’ve been in a relationship for 6 years now and I am currently not so patiently waiting for my ring, opinions?’
P.S: to the TCC reader who sent in this question PLEASE email me an update, when he does propose.
Okay, so this question is a question, I get a lot but indirectly. I know a lot of people are going to have different opinions on this question, so I was tempted to not answer, but what the heck, I’ll share my opinion.


The Engagement Timeline -24

The Engagement Timeline -62
The Engagement Timeline -8

Okay, as many of you know Matt & I have known each other for 8 years (long-timers). However I’d say we are pretty non-dependent on each other, Matt went to a school in NY & I went to school in CA, and life went on. Even though we live together in Dallas, I’ll spend weeks at a time in New England shooting content and we really aim to give each other time to do our own things.
Yet, since we spend a lot of time together, hanging out with friends, working on the blog and planning collaborations; it appears we spend 100% of our time together. Which is 100% not true, I’d say we spend about 60% of our time together because I like spending time with Matt, I’d even go as far as to say we are the best of friends.
If Matt wants to do something, great go for it. If I want to do something, great I’ll be doing it. We don’t HAVE to do everything together, yet because we’ve been dating for sooooo long and are always together, I constantly get the ‘engagement’ question (basically on repeat).
‘When do you think you’ll get engaged’ or even worse ‘when is he going to propose’ I really hate that question because my answer is always: NOT ANYTIME SOON.
To be honest, I really don’t know why, but getting engaged isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind.
I get so many questions about engagement timelines and if Matt’s going to propose, I even got a DM yesterday asking if I was wearing an engagement ring in a recent post (lol).
Let’s all agree that engagements are EPIC, like who doesn’t love watching people get engaged and go through the wedding process, but it’s just not on my timeline.
Whenever I say that people then follow up with the second question, similar to the question above focused on figuring out THE ‘engagement timeline’ and this is my opinion on this topic: 1) be on the same page with your partner & 2) DO YOU.


The Engagement Timeline -49

The Engagement Timeline -15
The Engagement Timeline -1

So let’s talk about point one:

1) be on the same page with your partner:
To the TCC reader that asked for my opinon, I’d say stop waiting and bring up the converstaion.
Okay, maybe it’s an awkward conversation, especially if you’ve already hinted/are waiting for an engagement ring, but I’m a New Englander through and through and if there is one thing we are good at and it’s being blunt.
So just go for it, bring it up, talk about a ‘plan’ could it be in 1 year, 5 years or not even on the to-do list yet. Talk about it, because nothing is WORSE than being on two totally different ‘timelines’.
For me personally, it’s not even on the to-do list, there are just so many things that Matt & I have yet to accomplish professionally, that I don’t even have time to think about adding anything else to our plates.

& I’m happy with the status quo right now, so don’t expect any engagement Instagrams from me anytime soon, guys.

2) DO YOU:
Okay, this one is important guys, I’m only 23 and already my Facebook is filled with relationship status being turned to engaged (ahh).
& I totally understand how you could get engagement FOMO, ESPECIALLY if you have been in a relationship for a long duration, like 6 years, which is a wicked long time.
BUT, listen to your gut on this one.
Getting engaged ISN’T like the ice bucket challenge, just because two of your friends have taken the plunge DOESN’T mean you have to be tagged to do it next.
& also remember everyone is in a different situation, so don’t pressure yourself into something you’re not ready for. For instance, I wouldn’t want to be engaged until I knew Matt & I were in a settled location and knew I had accomplished certain goals for my TCC brand.
Granted maybe that criteria means I’ll get engaged later than my friends and maybe that means other people who have been dating for a shorter time, get married before me; but I really don’t care.
So just do you!
& if you feel engagement is the next step for you and your partner, then open the conversation, because who knows maybe your significant other has goals on their timeline they want to accomplish before popping the question.

The Engagement Timeline -35

The Engagement Timeline -46
The Engagement Timeline -53

Overall I guess the consensus is, there is NO one engagement timeline or rubric. To me, it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve dated, how much money you’re making or your age; to decide if you’ve passed the engagement timeline.
It all has to do with your gut, at least that’s what I think.
Anyway, I hope that was helpful & I’d love to know your opinion on the ‘engagement timeline’ below! xx Aubrey


& guys don’t forget to sneak a peek at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, it opened to the public today!  

Photography by Beckly 

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Tee Time Together: Why Sharing a Hobby is Essential

July 9th, 2017

Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-44

Matt’s Pants c/o || Matt’s Shirt c/o || Dress || Shoes || Scarf

I’ve always been a huge fan of the all-American game of, golf.

Actually, let me specify, I’m a fan of playing and dressing the part, but NOT a fan of watching it.

Anyway, it’s a classic game, the color pallet is ‘je ne sais quoi ‘, and who doesn’t like a sport that includes a cart! Win, win & a win. 

While I’ve always been a huge admirer of the sport, I never really took a swing at it (no pun intended) until this past year.

Once Matt and I moved to Dallas we decided it was important to really have a hobby, that we could work on together. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Matt spends plenty of time playing golf with ‘the boys, butttt it’s fun to get out on the course together! So once a month, with the aim to improve our skills, or I guess I should say the limited skills we have, we roll up to the golf course with the aim of working together. 

Whether that means going to Top Golf and working on accuracy or just hitting some golf balls for 30 min at the driving range, it’s fun and really essential to embrace a hobby together, plain and simple. 

Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship

Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-46
Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-55
Tee Time Toghether - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship-19

Now, don’t take this post the wrong way, it’s UBER important to have your own thing!

So Matt has his work, video games, and sports, and I have my blog, part-time job and interns. We both have things and people that we are passionate about, that we can bring to the table and share with each other.

However having something that we like to do together; is JUST as important.

Sharing a hobby or a skill that you can master together, really builds ‘teamwork’ skills.

Blah, I hate even writing that, but it’s true!

Sports really do help to foster comradery and communication, which if you really think about it, is essential to having a solid and supportive relationship.

Right? Don’t we all want to have a partner that is a good teammate! Basically, sharing a hobby, is a fun and easy way to get on the same page while goofing around the golf course.

Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship

Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship
Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship

So whether your hobby is: shopping, movie-going, traveling, attending events together (sporting, concerts, lobster feasts and polo matches) or even something as simple as listening to podcasts together; having a designated hobby together, is all you need.

& it’s also way more fun to have a partner to celebrate your accomplishments with, like when you score your first birdie, which for me is something to celebrate!

Comment below if you have any hobbies you and your better half, partake in. I’d love to hear what you’ve accomplished together & Happy Monday. xx Aubrey 

Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship

Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship
Tee Time Together - How Sharing a Hobby is Fun in a Relationship

Photography by Beckly 

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Let’s Talk About Fireworks

July 3rd, 2017
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-5Dress c/o || Shorts  c/o || Shirt  c/o || Hat || My Shoes || Matt’s Shoes
In honor of 4th of July being tomorrow, let’s talk about fireworks.
I’m not talking about the fireworks I saw launch over the Connecticut River while sitting on my parent’s boat last night. I LOVE those kinds of fireworks, but today I’m talking about the fireworks in a relationship.
Matt & I have known each other for over 8 years, and I get questions all shapes and sizes from you guys when it comes to relationship advice. Some are about engagement, some are about moving in together, but most of them are all about how to navigate a long term relationship.5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-26
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-10
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-49
Let me start by saying, relationships are just like everything else in life, work! You need to be an active participant in one, to make it work. Whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship OR even a work relationship; if you don’t show up then it’s never going to work, so be present.
Besides being present, below I’ve listed some things that have personally worked for Matt and I, when it comes to keeping the excitement and fireworks in a relationship.
1. Date night
It’s important to have a designated date night. Now it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, sometimes date night means going to a concert, but sometimes it means binge watching the entire season of Stranger Things. Don’t blame monetary reasons for ‘not having a date night’, it’s about quality time, not money spent. 
So make time each week to dress up, eat together and focus on fun! 
2. Traditions
Have traditions to look forward to, for Matt and I that means photo shoot Saturday’s, Black Friday shopping together, going to Denny’s spontaneously and watching Live PD at least once a week! 
Having silly but unique traditions help root relationships. This even works for friendships, my friend Jennifer and I made sure we went grocery shopping and to Starbucks every Friday at 3 pm, when we lived in San Diego. 5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-55
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-38
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-17

3. Have your own thing 
This is important. If you don’t have something that’s your own, then you’ll literally have nothing to talk about.
Get out there and do things on your own, so you have something to bring to the table. Make sure you are doing things, that you’re passionate about and excited to share with others. 
So Matt has his work, video games, and sports, and I have my blog, part-time job and interns. We both have things and people that we are passionate about, that we can bring to the table and share with each other.
It keeps things interesting. 
4. Share a hobby
Have a shared hobby. I’ll talk about this point more next week, but recently Matt and I have taken on improving our golf game, and it’s been such an exciting and fun time. It’s something we can work on together, I hate to use the words ‘team-bonding’ but it’s kind of along those lines.
5. Always keep it light 
Honestly, keep it light. When you are out and about, have fun. Don’t bring up topics that will cause riffs or push any buttons. Leave the tiffs at home and enjoy life. 
I’d love to hear from you guys! Do you have any advice for keeping the fireworks and fun in long term relationship? If so share below, and have a safe and fun 4th guy!
Off to the pool with my sister, xx Aubrey5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-48
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-16
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-51
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Reel Talk: NO. 07

May 22nd, 2017

7 reasons New Englanders are my favorite - The Coastal Confidence - 1

Hey, Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another Reel talk, specifically focused on ‘keeping a relationship fun’.

This post was highly requested so I hope you all enjoy it! As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, we love getting your guys’ input!

Anyways let’s jump right into the post! Take it away Matt.

Just like everything else in life, a relationship is work, but it’s work well worth it. 

On an ideal day, you’d hope that everything would run smoothly; but just like work, friendships and life sometimes there’s a bump in the road. But guess what when you hit a bump and get a flat tire, you get out of the car and fix it.  

When Aubrey and I first moved here, we had the hardest time getting our schedules aligned. She would have photo shoots scheduled for our weekend, Sunday nights were dedicated to editing and who knew when she was going to run out the door to yoga or a coffee shop, that girl loves to spend mucho dinero on coffee. 

So, to be honest, we just kept missing each other, so we decided, early on to reserve one night a week; which we call date night! We take turns planning the night, for instance, Aubrey planned a movie and DQ sundae run on Friday, and I have a trip to San Antonio planned for us on Saturday. 

No matter how busy we are, we make time for date night, and Aubrey has to leave her phone behind! Date night has actually allowed us the time to explore our new home in Dallas, eat out at every restaurant (I swear Aubrey plans date nights around food) and explore a new area together. 

Guys, relationships take work, but work can be fun! 

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Matt’s Role on The TCC

March 8th, 2017

Matt's Role on the TCC-64

Shirt (only available in gray) || Jeans Skirt || Scarf || Matt’s Sweater || Matt’s Jeans || Camera

The other day I got an email from a reader asking what Matt’s role was on the TCC, and I instantly wanted to do a post on the topic. I love behind the scenes content, I’m a sucker for the show ‘how it’s made’ (anyone else addicted to that show?) and all things behind the camera. I just think it’s so fascinating, so I figured I’d bring you all behind the blog for a day. 

Now, every day is different when you’re a blogger. But no matter what, at least once a week you’ll find Matt & I outside shooting content.

You know the saying: if it looks easy, it’s probably not. Well that sums up shoot days. 

I think a lot of people think shooting content can be super simple but I would say this is one of the busiest days of the week for Matt & I. 

The night before the big shoot, I’ll usually hang up all my outfits. & I mean the whole outfit, picture Lauren Conrad working at Teen Vogue kind of organizing outfits. I’ll pick the perfect top, skirt, scarf, earrings, lipstick, purse, shoes and even undergarments for each outfit ;). 

It’s all about the details you know. The day of, Matt is busy usually running out to the local Whole Foods to grab some props. Sometimes a coffee, maybe some macaroons or little cakes and ALWAYS flowers

I love including flowers in the shoot, I’m not too picky when it comes to what kind of flowers but I usually have a specific color in mind, oh and ALWAYS wrapped with craft paper. Sometimes I’ll even send Matt with craft paper, just in case they don’t have any (hahaha). 

Matt's Role on the TCC-57
Matt's Role on the TCC -55

While Matt’s out picking flowers (literally lol), I’ll be steaming the clothes and hanging them in the car. The worst thing EVER is getting to a shoot location and forgetting one shoe, or even worse the camera (it has happened guys). 

So I go over the checklist, and I literally check it twice and then we depart.

From here Matt takes on the role of a Renaissance Man. He drives us to our location because I hate driving, he guards the car as I change outfits and we embark on taking pictures. 

Now, sometimes I shoot with a photographer, but sometimes I shoot with Matt; it all depends on our schedule and how busy we are. 

It takes about a solid 15-25 min to shoot each outfit. 

So basically, this could take from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many outfits we are shooting.

Besides helping out on shoots, Matt also has a big role in the business side of the blog.

I would 100% say, I’m good cop and Matt’s bad cop. I have an issue when it comes to saying no or dealing with ‘takers’ and Matt’s the first person to tell me to stick to my guns.


Matt's Role on the TCC -54

Matt's Role on the TCC-66
Matt's Role on the TCC - 49


Matt’s Role on The TCC:


PROOF READING EVERYTHING – I have the WORST spelling so Matt reads through all my posts and important emails before anything goes live.

BAD COP – he’s the first person to tell me when I need to say no or when I’m just taking on too much. I hate saying no, but sometimes it’s for the best.

BUDGETING = I’m a finance major that hates finances. I’m all about spending money on “your” business to make money, so Matt’s always the first person I turn to whenever I’m looking to budget new expenditures.

PHOTOGRAPHER – when needed Matt makes a pretty good photographer, I’m not going to lie! 

SOUND BOARD – Well, I think this is his most important role. Because I work from home and I’m not around a ton of people, Matt is my go-to soundboard, all ideas, brand strategies and strategic plans are run by Matt. I always think it’s essential to talk about an idea, so having his ears open (most of the time) really helps. 

Matt's Role on the TCC-70

Matt's Role on the TCC -56
Matt's Role on the TCC-59

Okay, that’s all I got. If you guys have any other questions or want to see any other behind the scenes content, reach out and let me know! I love sharing. xx Aubrey 

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How Matt & I Met

February 6th, 2017

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 2

In terms of my Valentine’s Day style, I’ve been loving off the shoulder looks, but I often find that they lack something.

So when I stumbled upon this Trollbead Nek Bangle, online it was ecstatic. It’s the perfect piece to finish the off the shoulder look while keeping it classy and elegant. & I loved that I could add the pearl charm or take it off for a simple silver look, personally, I think the necklace makes the whole outfit. 

Okay, now in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured I would share a little Valentine’s Day outfit and how Matt & I met, with you all. valentines day - the coastal confidence - 4

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 3
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 5

I honestly don’t know where to begin but to put it frankly, Matt & I met on Facebook.

He’ll deny it but it’s the truth. 

I was in high school during the prime facebook era. I’m talking about when we use to send each other bumper stickers (no such thing as a GIF), post statuses like ‘off to the movies, text the cell’ and literally had full on conversations with friends via posting on walls. 

If I could burn my facebook statuses from 2009, I would. A number of times I told people to xx ‘text the cell :)’ looking back it’s so embarrassing.

Oh, and if you were wondering by ‘cell‘ I meant my LG chocolate phone.  Ugh god, once I even wrote a status saying ‘BBM me’ back in the good old days of the blackberry. Did any of you guys have blackberries? Let me know below. valentines day - the coastal confidence - 8

valentines day - the coastal confidence - 6
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 7
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 10

Okay, so back to how we met. One day, I logged on to my Facebook and posted a status saying: Bye, (insert town in CT I live in) off to Punta Cana!

& guys Mr. Matt couldn’t help himself. Anyway, he commented saying ‘Wait, I live in (insert town in CT I live in).’

Oh and Matt totally thought he was all that and a bag of chips, so he had to investigate how I could possibly live in ‘his town’.

To give you all a little bit of context, Matt and I literally lived ten minutes away from each other, in the same town. We never met, though because Matt went to public school and I went to a private school; until high school when Matt went to the, all boys school affiliated with my all girl school.

& from that point on we were constantly texting. I can remember Matt complaining that I texted way to slow, but you guys it’s hard writing love notes in the 2000s on an LG Chocolate Phone. Can anyone relate!?valentines day - the coastal confidence - 9

valentines day attire - the coastal confidence - 1
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 12
valentines day - the coastal confidence - 11

Anyway, we hit it off right away and after hanging out a few times we started dating at the age of 14 in June 2009. This June will be the eighth year I’ve known Matt (wow) and honestly, nothing much has changed.

This year get ready to see a lot more Matt on the blog! He literally is one of the most charismatic people I know and I feel like you all need a little dose of Mr. Matt. Trust me you’ll love him. 

Okay, guys, that’s all I’ve gotten. I hope this outfit inspired you and got you thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day. Off to bed after a whirlwind of a weekend, more on that on Wednesday. 

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Photography by Beckly