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Reel Talk: NO. 07

May 22nd, 2017

7 reasons New Englanders are my favorite - The Coastal Confidence - 1

Hey, Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another Reel talk, specifically focused on ‘keeping a relationship fun’.

This post was highly requested so I hope you all enjoy it! As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, we love getting your guys’ input!

Anyways let’s jump right into the post! Take it away Matt.

Just like everything else in life, a relationship is work, but it’s work well worth it. 

On an ideal day, you’d hope that everything would run smoothly; but just like work, friendships and life sometimes there’s a bump in the road. But guess what when you hit a bump and get a flat tire, you get out of the car and fix it.  

When Aubrey and I first moved here, we had the hardest time getting our schedules aligned. She would have photo shoots scheduled for our weekend, Sunday nights were dedicated to editing and who knew when she was going to run out the door to yoga or a coffee shop, that girl loves to spend mucho dinero on coffee. 

So, to be honest, we just kept missing each other, so we decided, early on to reserve one night a week; which we call date night! We take turns planning the night, for instance, Aubrey planned a movie and DQ sundae run on Friday, and I have a trip to San Antonio planned for us on Saturday. 

No matter how busy we are, we make time for date night, and Aubrey has to leave her phone behind! Date night has actually allowed us the time to explore our new home in Dallas, eat out at every restaurant (I swear Aubrey plans date nights around food) and explore a new area together. 

Guys, relationships take work, but work can be fun! 

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Matt’s Role on The TCC

March 8th, 2017

Matt's Role on the TCC-64

Shirt (only available in gray) || Jeans Skirt || Scarf || Matt’s Sweater || Matt’s Jeans || Camera

The other day I got an email from a reader asking what Matt’s role was on the TCC, and I instantly wanted to do a post on the topic. I love behind the scenes content, I’m a sucker for the show ‘how it’s made’ (anyone else addicted to that show?) and all things behind the camera. I just think it’s so fascinating, so I figured I’d bring you all behind the blog for a day. 

Now, every day is different when you’re a blogger. But no matter what, at least once a week you’ll find Matt & I outside shooting content.

You know the saying: if it looks easy, it’s probably not. Well that sums up shoot days. 

I think a lot of people think shooting content can be super simple but I would say this is one of the busiest days of the week for Matt & I. 

The night before the big shoot, I’ll usually hang up all my outfits. & I mean the whole outfit, picture Lauren Conrad working at Teen Vogue kind of organizing outfits. I’ll pick the perfect top, skirt, scarf, earrings, lipstick, purse, shoes and even undergarments for each outfit ;). 

It’s all about the details you know. The day of, Matt is busy usually running out to the local Whole Foods to grab some props. Sometimes a coffee, maybe some macaroons or little cakes and ALWAYS flowers

I love including flowers in the shoot, I’m not too picky when it comes to what kind of flowers but I usually have a specific color in mind, oh and ALWAYS wrapped with craft paper. Sometimes I’ll even send Matt with craft paper, just in case they don’t have any (hahaha). 

Matt's Role on the TCC-57
Matt's Role on the TCC -55

While Matt’s out picking flowers (literally lol), I’ll be steaming the clothes and hanging them in the car. The worst thing EVER is getting to a shoot location and forgetting one shoe, or even worse the camera (it has happened guys). 

So I go over the checklist, and I literally check it twice and then we depart.

From here Matt takes on the role of a Renaissance Man. He drives us to our location because I hate driving, he guards the car as I change outfits and we embark on taking pictures. 

Now, sometimes I shoot with a photographer, but sometimes I shoot with Matt; it all depends on our schedule and how busy we are. 

It takes about a solid 15-25 min to shoot each outfit. 

So basically, this could take from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many outfits we are shooting.

Besides helping out on shoots, Matt also has a big role in the business side of the blog.

I would 100% say, I’m good cop and Matt’s bad cop. I have an issue when it comes to saying no or dealing with ‘takers’ and Matt’s the first person to tell me to stick to my guns.


Matt's Role on the TCC -54

Matt's Role on the TCC-66
Matt's Role on the TCC - 49


Matt’s Role on The TCC:


PROOF READING EVERYTHING – I have the WORST spelling so Matt reads through all my posts and important emails before anything goes live.

BAD COP – he’s the first person to tell me when I need to say no or when I’m just taking on too much. I hate saying no, but sometimes it’s for the best.

BUDGETING = I’m a finance major that hates finances. I’m all about spending money on “your” business to make money, so Matt’s always the first person I turn to whenever I’m looking to budget new expenditures.

PHOTOGRAPHER – when needed Matt makes a pretty good photographer, I’m not going to lie! 

SOUND BOARD – Well, I think this is his most important role. Because I work from home and I’m not around a ton of people, Matt is my go-to soundboard, all ideas, brand strategies and strategic plans are run by Matt. I always think it’s essential to talk about an idea, so having his ears open (most of the time) really helps. 

Matt's Role on the TCC-70

Matt's Role on the TCC -56
Matt's Role on the TCC-59

Okay, that’s all I got. If you guys have any other questions or want to see any other behind the scenes content, reach out and let me know! I love sharing. xx Aubrey 

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Home For The Holidays

December 20th, 2016


Lobster Sweater || Matt’s Pants || Bean Boots || Red Sweater || Holiday Skirt (sold out, similar skirts listed) || Tights || Boots 

For the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home, am I right!? Guys, Matt & I are back in Connecticut for Christmas & we have been enjoying every charming moment of it.

From random dustings of snow to heading to NYC on Thursday, our time here is limited but just darling. We knew we wanted to try to capture as much of New England’s winter charm before heading back to Dallas, so yesterday we headed to one of our favorite shoreline towns, Essex.

Essex Connecticut has always been a favorite of ours, specifically because of the charming homes & delicious seafood; which is literally my favorite thing to eat. I’ll be honest though, us Texans (eww, it feels wrong even saying that) didn’t pack for the weather of New England, I was literally FREEZING.

It was a crisp 28 degrees and I was so cold, that I was literally crying, which actually now sounds pathetic, but in the moment was so real.



I recently have gotten a lot of questions from you all asking about how I style tights. & to be honest the answer is always with a pair of black boots & a cute skirt. If you live in New England then you need a good pair of tights because 28 degrees in no tights is literally my worst nightmare.

I always recommend going with an affordable pair, as they are easy to break, so I grabbed this pair for only $7.00. Tights are essential because baby it’s cold outside, but actually!

Going home for the holidays are always exciting and I feel like I always try to dress for the occassion & this year Matt got into the spirit.



Okay so if you are headed home for the holidays with your mate, significant other or as I like to call Matt my less worthy half (haha JUST KIDDING), you need to go home prepared. I always like to bring a little treat home, and this year I brought cookies.

I found Stefanie Rosales on Instagram & reached out to her hoping to make some TCC cookies. I basically said ‘go for it’ because I think creatives are exactly that, good at being creative, and shouldn’t be directed & oh boy….she killed it.

She made the sugar cookies featured above with The Coastal Confidence and my New England aesthetic in mind, and I literally cried when I saw them. Yes, I cried over cookies, wouldn’t you!?

So if you are headed home for the holidays don’t arrive empty handed, especially if you’re meeting your better half’s parents, just place your order with Stefanie & bring the New England chic cookies around.

Oh & this is not sponsored, I’m just LITERALLY obsessed with them! & I truly believe that a good guest should bring a little something, don’t you agree?

Okay Matt & I are off to the mall today, wish us luck. xx Aubrey


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The Boys of Fall

October 7th, 2016


Football is the guy version of Pumpkin Spice Lattes for fall! I’m totally serious, it’s all they talk about, it’s all they want to see & it’s 100% instagram worthy. Since moving in with Matt, all I have to say is, I’m a football, freaking expert now. 

Ask me anything, I got you. I neverrrrrr really cared for football, beyond wearing a cute outfit, getting to eat fried dough and hang out with friends at games. However live with a guy and you’ll turn into a mini-ESPN reporter, ready to call out refs and throw down your own touchdown dance. 

This weekend is really busy for me, my dad, brother, my brother’s girlfriend and Matt’s parents are all coming to visit (woot woot!). I’m so excited to have everyone in Texas and guess what’s on the agenda, Foooooootball (always pronounce it like they do in Friday Night Lights). 

I’ll be out of the office on Monday and Tuesday as I’ll be traveling back to New England, I’ll be there for little over a week, so get ready for some incredible pictures. For now, I’m leaving you all with my boys of fall fashion; whether you’re heading to your local high school football game (glory days) or to the big Patriot game (Brady’s back) the below items are perfect. 

Have a safe weekend and I’ll see you all on Wednesday. xx A. 

Stay Warm: 

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Reel Talk: No. 06

September 16th, 2016

the coastal confidence

Hey Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another reel talk with you guys. 

This post was highly requested so I hope you all enjoy it! As always, feel free to leave any additional questions in the comments below, and we will answer them next time!

Anyways let’s jump right into the questions! Take it away Matt…

Q: I know you guys are recent graduates so how do you and Aubrey manage expenses as a couple, out of college? 

We only buy things that we need and cook our meals at home instead of going out to eat every night. We split our bills which helps a lot and I am constantly checking my statements online so I know exactly how much money I can spend during the week. We are still in our early 20s so its fun to go out and spend “stupid” money at bars or different adventures throughout the city.

Q: Could you talk about male home decor? What were you most excited to purchase? 

After a serious debate with Aubrey we purchased a sectional couch. She wanted something way too ‘posh posh’ and my style is all about comfort. We also purchased a big TV for the living room, every male home decor includes a good TV for football season.

Q: Any bBQ recommendations near Dallas? 

Hard Eight BBQ located in The Colony, Stephenvill, and Coppel is really good and inexpensive. Salt Lick is a must when you are in Austin because it is so well known. Make sure you get there early because you will be waiting in a very long line!

Q: Instagram Stories vs Snapchat? 

Snapchat all the way, you can follow @mattcraig15 & you can Aubrey at @aubreyrose740: snap

Okay it’s me again! I hope you guys enjoyed another reel talk, and make sure to leave any additional questions below! We loveeeeee hearing from you all. Happy Friday xx A. 

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Out of the Office

August 16th, 2016

new england

& I’m officially headed to Dallas, to meet up with Mr. Matt. AHHHH.

I literally don’t know where this summer has gone, and I can’t believe I found out, about a month ago, that I would be moving to Dallas. 

I’m constantly telling my family that I’m pretty positive, that I was a gypsy in my past life, because somehow I always end up on the road. & trust me I am not complaining, you know the quote ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ welllllllll I totally believe it. 

Moving to California sparked my creativity to start the TCC, soooooo I literally can’t wait to see what spin Texas adds to this blogging business. 

Anyways, I was trying to prepare content ahead of time & continue to post 4 days a week during the move, and then I just realized I can’t.

I’m moving halfway across the country, so maybe I should hit pause, get settled & update you all once I have arrived. I think blogging on the go, on top of driving to Dallas, moving my sister in at HPU and moving into an apartment would send me into a stress attack. & I know I wouldn’t be giving it 110%. 

What’s the point of creating content if it’s just for the sake of content. Sooooo I will be ‘out of the office’ from now until next Wednesday. 

HOLD ON THOUGH, I will be fully active on Instagram & Snapchat (aubreyrose740), so you can still follow along with my move, and trust me you will want to. I’ll be driving from CT to High Point, North Carolina then on to Nashville then Memphis then Dallas. 

SOOOO get ready for some crazy instagrams & snaps, especially snaps! Love you all & see you on the snapchat. xx A. 

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Reel Talk: No. 05

July 25th, 2016

texasHey Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another reel talk with you guys.

This time we are spending this post answering your questions about our big move to Dallas. ALSO how cute are his shorts!!!! They are currently on sale here

Actually Matt is currently on the way there as we speak. If you follow me on snapchat (aubreyrose740) than you got to witness parts of the big move yesterday! The moving truck came yesterday to pick up all of our stuff, so I’m currently living out of a suitcase (ahhhhh).

Anyways let’s jump right into the questions! Take it away Matt…vineyard vines

reel talk

Q: Wait you’re moving to Dallas! Why Dallas?

After college I was thinking only Boston, but after working for 3 months in Rhode Island, I was offered the opportunity to relocate to Dallas and I figured everything is bigger in Texas. So honestly why not, I just went for it! To be honest changing your location can be a great way to get inspired and climb that ‘career ladder’. 

Also Aubrey already got to live outside of New England when she went to college in CA so I figured it was about time for me to switch it up. 

Q:  You seem to be a typical New England guy #vineyardvines, are you going to change your style to adapt to Texas? 

I will never change my style, but I will be buying a pair of cowboy boots…Aubrey doesn’t approve (she asked me to include that). 

Q: Kind of a random question but are you & Aubrey moving in together? & will you guys be doing a apartment tour? 

Yup! We will be living together in Frisco which is just north of Dallas. I am sure Aubrey will keep you updated on the apartment adventures, she’s already done some serious damage at Magnolia Farms. 

To be honest I only care about 2 things: the TV and the playstation. Aubrey can decorate the rest. 

Q: I’m a college student hunting for jobs & feel like I might have to relocate, which isn’t my ideal situation. How has the relocating process been so far? I’m kind of nervous for it.

The relocation process is a mix of emotions. It is exciting, stressful and also nerve wracking. However It is very exciting to have the oppurtunity to see other parts of the country at a young age. I figured why not take advantage of living in other areas while I still don’t have responsibilities. My advice is to just do it because you will never have these opportunities when your older. 

Q: What will Aubrey be doing in Texas?

She will be working on her blog and expanding her brand throughout Texas!  

Okay guys, it’s Aubrey & I’m taking the reins back! I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s reel talk!

Total side-note butt Matt just told me on Friday he needs to watch Texas high school football, on  Saturday he must watch college football and Sunday NFL football ummmm WHAT! Soooooooooo I think my life is turning into a episode of Friday Night Lights but without Tim Riggins, BUMMER. 

Just kidding Mr. Matt is right up there with Tim Riggins 😉

Anyways keep following along and leave any other questions you have for our REEL TALK POSTS below! xx A. 

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Reel Talk – No. 04

May 24th, 2016

reel talk

Hey Guys! Per your request here is your monthly dose of Mr. Matt. He is here to host another reel talk with you guys. 

I don’t think he would admit it, but he absolutely loves writing these little posts. He especially loves it when you guys snap him your questions, he gets so excited. It’s actually quite cute, I wish you could see it. 

Anyways he is here to answer all of your questions. 

So I’ll hand the mic over to Matt….


Q: What is your favorite place to go in the summer with Aubrey?

A: I love to go to Boston to cheer on the Red Sox at Fenway Park, Aubrey & I are actually going on Wednesday, can’t wait.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: Friday Night Lights

Q: What college did you go to & what was your major? 

A: St. Lawrence University and I was a Business and Government Major. #SLU

Q: Any first date advice? Help!!

A: Don’t go to the movies! Go to a place where you can both talk and get to know each other while doing something fun..example (mini golf, dinner and ice cream). Believe it or not, Aubrey actually kicks some serious mini golf butt. 

Q: Suggestions! What’s your favorite activity to do in New England?

A: Cheer on all of the Boston sport teams year round, apple pick in the fall, ski in the winter, travel to Boston and RI in the spring, and relax by Aubrey’s pool in the summer.

Q: What’s the best kind of fish to catch in RI? 

A: Stripped Bass are very common but Bluefish are nice fish to catch

Q: What’s the most romantic thing your’ve ever done for Aubrey?

A: Okay, it’s Aubrey again, Matt was stumped on this one. Honestly I love Matt for a couple reasons but to get specific here: (1) his overly charming personality & (2) his work ethic, which translates to every part of his life.

It may not sound super romantic but Matt is literally my right-hand man or ‘Stable Mable’. 

Whether it’s rebuilding my family’s beach dock, painting the TCC warehouse or delivering TCC mugs to local boutiques, Matt is always by my side with literally the best attitude. 

Okay I guess what I’m saying is, he’s always there for me & that’s pretty darn romantic. (Thank god for Matt, especially when several boxes filled with eighty pounds of mugs, show up on my door).

reel talk tcc

Well isn’t he such a charmer! Make sure to comment any additional questions below, & he’ll answer them on the next round of Reel Talks! 

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Reel Talks – No. 03

April 25th, 2016


Most girls say Fall is their favorite season, for obvious reason aka PSL, but my favorite season is 100% FORMAL SEASON.

No joke, I love dances.

I know some people just aren’t a fan, but I loveeeeee every part of them! Any event that includes a hairstylist, a fancy dress and possibly a party bus, chances are I’ll be going.

Of course a formal would be nothing without a killer dress! Sequins were the thing back in 2012, so you’ll see a lot of sparkling dresses in my prom pictures below. All of these pictures are actually from my senior prom, so enjoy all the awkward prom poses that you can.

If you are currently on the hunt for your perfect formal dress, I’ve got your back. I’ve listed a few of my favorite prom dresses below, one of my favorite past times is online shopping for things I don’t need, so I think I found some good ones guys.

 I feel in love with this Taylor Swift Grammy styled prom dress, this romantic sweetheart dress and I’m also obsessed with the metallic trend currently going on right now, sooooo I had to include  this dress & this dress (on sale for $52!). 

Anyways let’s see what Matt has to say about #prom. If you’ve missed Matt’s other Reel Talk segments I’ve listed them below! 

Reel Talk No. 01 || Reel Talk No. 02


Let’s jump into the Reel Talk Q&A! Take it away Matt…

Q: Matt how did you ask Aubrey to prom? 

Okay take notes guys because if you want a girl to say yes to your prom proposal, it should always include food. Trust me, it works.

I baked Aubrey a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (her favorite) and wrote ‘PROM?’ in M&M’s on top. I left the cake on her porch and rang the doorbell, and of course Aubrey wasn’t home, but once she got it, she said YES.

Who would say no to chocolate cake!

Q: What did you think of Aubrey’s gown?

I thought it was very elegant and classy. She looked very beautiful in it even though she was wicked sick. I had tissues on standby all night long. 

Q: Bow-Tie, Skinny Tie or Classic Tie?

 Classic Tie, always. 


Q: Any suggestions for fun after prom activities? 

Get together with your friends and their dates and sleep over somebody’s house. We all slept over Aubrey’s house and swam in the pool, watched movies, and then slept outside in tents like we were camping.

Q: Dish on your favorite prom memory! 

My favorite memory was being with all of your friends for one of the last nights before everyone  leaves for college. Enjoy all of the time you have with your friends because in a blink of an eye High School is over.


Okay it’s me again! I hope you guys enjoyed another round of Reel Talks with Matt. If you guys have anything in particular that you would love Matt to touch on next time, leave your suggestions in a comment below! 

& if you are off to a prom soon make sure to snapchat me your gown at aubreyrose740! xx A. 

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Reel Talk No. 02

March 28th, 2016

shoesHey Guys! After many requests to see more of Matt on la blog, I’ve listened.

We are finally sitting him down for another Matt Q&A (oh boy). This kid has a lot to say & a lot of great advice; so grab a TCC mug (wink), a cup of coffee & get ready for some Matt “life lessons” coming your way. 

Sooooo take it away Matt..

Q: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Working out and maintaing a healthy diet on weekdays. On weekends I rock the diet boat with a dinner out or a beer with the guys. 

Q: So you’re graduating in May! (ahh) What are you most excited for, post-graduation?

A: Starting my new job and see where life takes me…hopefully far far away from Miss TCC. Just kidding, I’m really excited to start working and trying something new.

I’ve always been super driven when it comes to working. I’m really passionate about getting out there and really creating something that benefits my team.

I’m also really excited to  be done with papers and tests!

Q: What does New England mean to you? & what’s your favorite New England City?

A: New England to me means one thing…Patriots. Just kidding the Red Sox are just as important.

Okay but really, New England to me means a fresh perspective. I love keeping busy and changing up my routine, so New England is perfect. Nothing changes up your routine like New England weather.

& of course, my favorite New England city is Boston, you have to go. daniel wellington watches

Q: How do you make long distance work? 

A: Communication!!! Just ask Aubrey, although she would probably disagree on this answer because I’m an over-communicator. I call her about 8 times a day, twice to check up on what’s going on with her & six times just to annoy her while I’m walking around campus. 

Q: This one’s for all the CT Foodies, what is your favorite restaurant to take Aubrey to?

A:  J.Gilberts or a sports bar (Buffalo Wild Wings), although I can tell you Aubrey would much rather go to J.Gilberts. 

Q: Finally…name another fashion trend girls are currently rocking, that you just aren’t about.

A: Boyfriend Jeans; Aubrey says they are a trend…but I think she’s lying. 

End Q & A! 

Hey Guys it’s Aubrey again! I hope you guys enjoyed the Q&A, thank you to everyone that snapped me your questions!

Also ladies please back me up & tell him boyfriend jeans are a thing, because he swears I’m the only one that wears them. 

If you guys want to see more of Matt on la blog, make sure to comment below saying what you want to see.

& if you want to see more Q&A’s than leave your Q’s below. xx A. 

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