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#tccmugs: Merry Christmas Darling…

November 9th, 2016


Merry Christmas Darling Mug 

Our team just launched our first item in our TCC Holiday Line! When thinking of Christmas designs I had to include the character of my favorite holiday song, Merry Christmas Darling. It’s by far my favorite song to listen to while decking the halls, so to speak.

This mug is meant for those cozy winter moments. The other day it poured in Dallas so Matt & I broke out our new holiday mugs, put Home Along on the TV, turned on twinkle lights and made a huge pot of hot cocoa. This mug is meant for those snuggle moments and happy memories this time of year brings.  In honor of the new holiday line I wanted to offer a discount to TCC readers. From now until Monday 11/14 use the code tccdarling at checkout and receive 15% off your order.

Oh & is anyone else excited for Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas movies, because I sure am! It includes my all time favorite Christmas movie, Arthur Christmas, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!

Merry Christmas Darling! xx Aubrey

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Sunday Morning

November 2nd, 2016


Sectional || Dash & Albert Rug || Coffee Table || Coasters || Coffee Table Legs || Record Player || Tray || Vase || Pajamas (currently ON SALE)

After traveling to New England for two weeks, I was happy to arrive back in Dallas for a little down time. I got in late Saturday night and enjoyed a cozy Sunday morning with Matt at home. Our little apartment is finally starting to come together, so I figured I’d share a little glimpse with you all!

The couch is by far my favorite & is even cozier than it looks. I wanted our space to be light and inviting so I paired the grey couch with this Icelandia white rug from Dash & Albert! The Dash & Albert rug fit perfectly in our living room & was essential in making the area feel inviting.

Finally I was really inspired to include reclaimed wood, after watching the Fixer Uppers of course, so I worked with Reclaimed DesignWork to find the perfect neutral reclaimed wood for my space. I used old wood to create a coffee table and desk for my office (office tour coming soon, I promise).


To be completely honest with you all, every Sunday is kind of a lazy day for Matt & I. I usually like to wake up leave my pajamas on till just about noon, around the same time that I start to feel like I need to get my life in order. I’ll get dressed & head out to a local coffee shop. Coffee shops are my favorite and I wouldn’t mind running one, at all.

So after exploring a new coffee shop, I’ll come back to put on my cozy pajamas, eat some cinnamon buns and watch football. I always have pre-made cinnamon buns on hand, which I know isn’t a healthy option but they taste and smell sooooo good.

So on a typical lazy Sunday morning you’ll find Matt, Eloise & I all in our pajamas on the big comfy grey couch. & the odds of us all watching football in our pjs is about 99%! Spill what you do on your lazy Sundays below, xx Aubrey. sunday-morning-the-coastal-confidence-3


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#TCCMUGS: The Dallas Campfire Mug

September 21st, 2016


Dallas Campfire Mug, get yours HERE!

Since moving to Dallas this mug has been highly requested! Once the requests started rolling in, I headed straight to the drawing board along with the rest of the TCC Team!

After days & days of font tests, color layouts & product shooting, we are so excited to launch our first Texas State Campfire Mug! Yee-Haw Y’ALL!

We went with classic Cowboy Colors; a cobalt blue mug with platinum and white writing, perfect right! I hope you guys love the mug & look forward to even more new TCC Home products coming your way soon. xx Aubrey 


How To Style a New England Bar Cart

September 13th, 2016


 merci® || Bar Cart || Fall Placemat || Oyster Book || Record Player || Candy Holder 

The first piece of furniture Matt & I purchased was actually this bar cart, which is why we still have no couch currently (priorities). Anyway Matt insisted on a bar cart‘for the boys’, so of course I added a touch of New England lifestyle to the mix.

The bar cart lives in my home office, so I tried to make it less bar and more lifestyle, which is why the cart is filled with some of my favorite things. From alllllll you need to know about the art of eating oysters to merci® chocolate, this bar cart is my happy place.

National Thank You Day is tomorrow guys!!! So I ran out the other day and topped Matt’s bar cart off with his favorite thing  merci® chocolate. I surprised him with a box of merci® just as a little thank you, for being soooooo helpful during our transition to Dallas.

Being away from New England can sometimes put me in a funk, but Matt is always there to make me laugh, embarrass me while taking photos and of course model for the TCC Men out there. He does sooooo much for the blog behind the scenes, that I really wanted to leave him a little something special.



We should all work towards being more grateful to those around us, and it’s sooooo easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Whether it’s leaving a box of merci® for someone that deserves an extra thanks or shipping out a box to your parents, for no reason other than to show your gratitude.

I’ve always loved merci® chocolate, and if you aren’t familiar with the brand let me sum it up for you. Merci® is the finest assortment of European chocolate made from high-quality ingredients & it’s literally the perfect gift to say merci (aka thanks in french!).

Oh & did I mention you can pick up a box, just in time for National Thank You Day, at Target or Walmart! Let’s just say, I’m off to pick up another box, because Matt ate the one I was going to ship to my sister Tessa (oops).

Tessa is like a little TCC elf, she’s always behind the season & ALWAYS shipping out TCC mugs from our New England warehouse. Did I mention she’s literally hilarious and has here own youtube channel, check it out here! She’ll 100% be getting a box of merci® chocolate for National Thank You Day.



Now that we are all grounded in gratefulness let’s talk about New England bar cart decor! I believe a few things are essential in a bar cart, soooooo let’s break this down.

Coffee Table Book: You need one, trust me! The Oyster book kind of ties the whole bar cart together, without it the cart would have no personality (boring). I wanted to go for a New England Nantucket themed cart, so naturally when I saw this book, I grabbed it. I found mine at Anthro on sale for $9 but you can grab a copy here.

Glasses: Obviously the bar cart is meant to act as a bar, even though Matt & I aren’t known for popping bottles, we are still prepared because you never know. Having a pair of clean whiskey and shot glasses on hand, puts the bar in bar cart.



Height: Now this is very important. You need to place something with height on top of the bar cart, to give the looks some dimension. I love hydrangeas and they are on brand with New England lifestyle, so I always keep a fresh glass of them on top of the cart. I usually place them in this tall skinny vase I found at HomeGoods for $2! Simple but essential.

Sparkling Water: YES! If you type in bar cart over on Pinterest you’ll be shown millions of bar carts and almost all of them will include some sort of sparking water. I loveeeeeeee sparkling water, however it can be expensive so I just purchased three for the sake of decor. Simple, elegant and it gives a little height to the bottom shelf.

Merci®: Top of your bar cart with the perfect mini treat. I went for merci® to show my gratitude towards Matt. Which tide in perfectly with my fall placemats.

In honor of National Thank You Day, I want to thank you all for reading, I love hearing from each and everyone of you, so thank you, thank you & thank you. Let me know how you plan on celebrating National Thank You Day below. xx A.



Thank you, merci®, for sponsoring this post. 

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#tccmugs: The Pumpkin Mug

September 5th, 2016

pumpkin pie

Oh My Pumpkin Pie Mug, get yours HERE.  

Ahhhhh! You guys I’m beyond excited to FINALLY share this with you all. I’ve been using my TCC Pumpkin Mug almost everyday, and it has been sooooo hard keeping it a secret.

Now this design is by far my favorite, because, FALL! I know fall doesn’t ‘officially’ start till September 22nd but everywhere you turn you’ll see, pumpkin this & #psl that, so I couldn’t wait any longer. 

So what do you guys think!?!?! I want to hear all your thoughts & pumpkin spice feelings below in the comments. 

Oh & if you order a TCC Pumpkin Mug today, you’ll also receive a TCC logo sticker in the mail, just an extra thank you from the TCC team to all of you! I love seeing your orders roll in & I can’t wait to see who orders one of these.

Now this mug is a seasonal item, so order while you can because it won’t be around forever. Finally if you want to see the mug in person, it’s currently available at three TCC retailers; Hope & Stetson, Pearls & Plaid and Landry Kate! If you guys come across these mugs at a TCC retailer, make sure to send me a snap (aubreyrose740), I love seeing you guys with the mugs. 

Happy Pumpkin Spice Everything guys xx A. 

Dorm Room Decor

August 7th, 2016

nantucket home

Okay lets just say this post was HIGHLY requested & I totally understand why.

Every gal wants a pimped out dorm room and that’s just the truth. You want it to be a place that you can relax, have friends over and most importantly create a place that feels like YOU!

Now I feel like I’ve been on a decor roll this summer, I’ve purchased a lot of new furniture for my apartment, I’ve helped my sister pick out staples for her dorm room at High Point University & I’ve completed my TCC Warehouse.

So overall I feel like Joanna Gains.

Soooo when you guys sent in snaps, emails, comments about dorm room decor, I felt like it was my calling.

Below I’ve split up my ‘styles’ into three categories: 1) The Nantucket 2) The Charleston 3) Beach Bae. Each category represents a piece of my overall style, which is modeled after New England, Dallas & California.

All items listed below vary in price, so if something is out of your budget, keep scrolling through the picks & you might find something more affordable.

So let’s jump in…

The Nantucket 

The Charleston


 Beach Bae

I hope this post inspired you to grab dorm room decorating by the horns and get the job done. College move in day & the days before that, often left me feeling like a big ball of anxiety, which I HATED. So my advice for you all is, buy as much as you can beforehand and spend the weeks before college anxiety free. 
Life is about being prepared and moving forward, so get ready for your big day by buying ahead and soaking up the move-in day memories. Like the time it took my dad three days to put together my Ikea bed…oh the glory days.
Also make sure to snap me a picture of your room, once you’re all moved in. xx A!
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(Finally) Tour the TCC Warehouse!!

July 31st, 2016

weather signs

{ Signs by Weathered Signs (obsessed guys)

Oh boy! This is the post you have ALL been waiting for. Request after request has rolled in from you guys, dying to know more about this ‘TCC Warehouse’ I’m always chatting about.

& let’s just say I might be more excited about this post than you.

Okay so little background, after launching my home line back in December, I instantly realized I needed a space to do all the behind the scenes work.the coastal confidence

weathered signs
rack{ vintage style wardrobe rack }

Think product storage, product shoots, packaging, shipping and of course room for all the amazing new TCC mugs.

Sooooo I asked my parents and they were kind enough to give me the loft above my garage for all TCC business. & I just went for it.

The reason why I launched a home line (starting with mugs) is because I am OBSESSED with home decor. It has always been a passion of mine.

Oh & Matt is realizing that now because I’m being super strict with home decor for our new apartment. Basically Matt get’s a TV and playstation besides that all the decor will be picked by yours truly.lavender

vintage clothing rack

For me a clean and personal space is inspiring to me, and being able to create that space is a past time I take really serious.

Of course it can’t be done alone, I had help from Jay at Weathered Signs! He made all these signs for my warehouse and I literally jumped for joy when I got them in the mail.

I love them so so so so much, and my sister has tried to steal the ‘ok, but first coffee’ sign TWICE (hands-off the signs Sarah).

If you are just starting out in designing a space, I would email Jay. I’m already brainstorming new ideas for signs to hang in my Dallas apartment…suggestions???

Next I love hanging up some of my favorite closet pieces, so when I received this wardrobe rack from Pottery Barn I sent it straight up to the warehouse. The vintage details give this piece a classic finish, making it a sensible and elegant piece for the warehouse.

pottery barn latter
pottery barn teen

Okay so this chalkboard was a part of my childhood growing up. When I was in kindergarten I swore I wanted to be a teacher (HAHAHA such a phase because I’m not patient enough to be a teacher) so my parents gave me this chalkboard for my birthday.

Originally it was a mahogany finish so I took matters into my own hands & refinished it to fit into the color scheme of TCC (blues, natural woods & white).

Anyway I was too afraid to refinish it on my own so I took it into Artisan Boutique and they helped me create this amazing focal point. I honestly think it makes the wall.

Of course I had to hang my school banner #USD because my college experience played a big part in starting TCC.tcc warehouse

Finally I gave the chalkboard area a welcoming feel by pairing it with this dress form & storage latter. I usually keep all my stickers for packaging on the storage latter, it makes sending out orders such a breeze.

Overall it’s important to make the space you spend a large amount of time in yours! It will help keep you focused, inspired and keep those creative juices flowing. Let me know what you guys think below xx A.

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Backyard Barbecue

June 5th, 2016

backyard farms -11

Enter the Backyard Style Sweepstakes 

Summer has officially arrived here in Connecticut. The other day Matt & I woke up to 90 degree weather, soooo we decided to call up all of our friends and throw a impromptu Backyard Barbecue. 

As many of you know, I’m not the fanciest of chefs. Matt calls me a mini Betty Crocker because basically everything I cook comes from a box, but I decided to keep the boxed food in the cabinet & whip up some healthy treats for my little Barbecue. 

I went with a Caprese Salad, Garlic Grilled Tomato Kabobs, ice cold lemonade, slices of watermelon (a barbecue essential) & hot dogs. 

Nothing super fancy, but perfect if you’re looking to throw an affordable & fresh barbecue for your friends. 

When it comes to styling your outdoor dining space, I like to keep things simple and white! I usually buy all white platers & dishes, just so everything matches. It drives me nuts when things don’t match. 

If you’re looking to invest in just one piece for your outdoor dining space, I would suggest a large pitcher! They are super affordable and work for basically any drink!  Lemonade, ice tea, sangria, whatever you want to make, a classic pitcher works & doubles as a chic decor piece for your spread. 

& it just kind of completes your dining space! I’ll link a few of my favorite pitchers below!

backyard farms -10

backyard farms-2
 So let’s chat recipes! I think it’s essential to provide your guests with a refreshing salad, & what’s easier to make then a Caprese Salad. I broke down my go-to recipe below…

Caprese Salad: 

What You’ll Need: 

1 pint Backyard Farms Cocktail Tomatoes, I sliced mine in half.

4 ounces of fresh mozzarella, cut in slices

A large handful of fresh basil leaves

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of pepper

& Balsamic Dressing

Throw It All Together:

You can really make caprese salad your own way, but I would recommend placing the mozzarella on the bottom, a few leaves of basil, then finally the tomato. Top it off with a pinch of salt & pepper & a splash of balsamic! Now you have a instagram worthy salad! 

Also check out this Watermelon Caprese Salad, from Backyard Farms. 

I also tested out this Garlic Grilled Tomato Kabobs, & this recipe is a keeper. I honestly love anything on a Kabob, especially because they are so easy to serve at backyard barbecues.

backyard farms -8

backyard farms-4
backyard farms -6
backyard farms -9

As you know The Coastal Confidence is all about embracing a New England lifestyle, so I love to incorporate local brands on la blog. So when I heard about Backyard Farms, a local New England tomato farm, I had to share the brand with you! 

I usually pick up their cocktail tomatoes from Whole Foods, they come in the cutest little package & are perfect to throw in summer salads. I especially love them, because they add a perfect pop of color to any salad.

Backyard Farms is currently holding their 2nd Annual Backyard Style sweepstakes, which you can enter here! When you enter the sweepstakes you’ll have a chance to win a $2,500 Pottery Barn gift card to restyle your backyard! On top of the amazing grand prize, you’ll also have the chance to win weekly prizes, and this week you have the chance to win a Stonewall Kitchen barbecue gift basket! 

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of a good sweepstakes, and I’m kind of obsessed with Backyard Farms #BackyardStyle sweepstakes, especially because it’s the perfect way to restyle your outdoor dinning space. 

Enter the Backyard Style Sweepstakes

backyard farms -5

backyard farms -7
backyard farms-1
backyard farms-3

Backyard Barbecue Style: