Best Ways To Spend a New England Snow Day

January 10th, 2018
Location  •   Danbury, CT

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It’s that time of year guys…snow day time! I’m still not sure if there is anything more exciting than waking up to a snow day, and finding out school has been canceled. I can remember, and I’m going to date myself here, AIMing all my schoolmates, to anxiously see if snow had covered their whimsical roads and wood shingled roofs yet. I bet a few of you did the same, because honestly it only takes a few inches in one town, to set off a chain of delays, early dismissals and days off.

My sister Tessa, and I’m sure most of New England, experienced the rare enjoyment of a snow day this past week, leaving us with an extra day to film and a great backdrop to work with. We ended up using the entire day as an opportunity to share our favorite ways to spend a New England snow day with you all. I’m not too key on driving in the snow, that’s more Matt’s forte, so all of these activities are right at your backdoor. Honestly, it was a really good day and I’m so excited to share the best ways to spend a New England Snow Day with you all. 


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+ Go Sledding: I don’t care how old you are, you’re never too old to go sledding. I actually prefer tubbing down snowy hills. I feel like it adds a buffer in case I hit a tree or fence, but I decided to rough it with this classic sled. That morning my sister Sarah and I got dressed up to the nines and headed down to our friend’s house in hopes of sledding down any hill we could find. I admit we had to walk quite a while to find a hill worthy but the gorgeous snow-covered trails made the walk worth it.

+ Make Hot Cocoa: I mean, this is kind of obvious, but I’ll throw it in there. Matt and I make hot cocoa every night but the trick is having the perfect amount of whipped cream and marshmallows on hand. Actually, Matt’s consumption of hot cocoa constantly reminds me of the fake Santa, from the Santa Clause 2 movie, comment down below if you know what the heck I’m talking about.

+ Light a Fire: I truly think the only way to warm up your bones on a snow day is by lighting a fire. Not only is it romantic but it also keeps you warm and really sets the ambiance on a snowy day. I could light a fire and edit images all day, while being completely and utterly content.

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+ Play a Board Game: Matt’s family loves playing games, and it truly is a great way to bring everyone together and somewhat involved and moving. I asked Matt to list off some of his favorite snow day games, which you can purchase here, here and here; but by far my favorite snow day game has to be chess. I’m really not that good at it but, I like how thought-provoking it can be.

+ Fill The Bird Feeders: This tip comes from my Dad, he is very keen on making sure the birds, squirrels, and automobiles are fully fed and somewhat warm on snow days. So the night before the storm, he’ll usually go out and fill up each feeder, it sounds kind of mundane, but I promise you it can be fun watching all the different types of birds that come to visit during the snowy day.

+ Do You Want To Build A Snow Man: I mean, one of my favorite things to do after a snow day is to take a drive down Main Street and see all the decked out Snow Men and Snow Women bopping around people’s front yards. It really brings me great joy, to be honest, so I try to pay it forward by building at least one snowman around this time of year.

+ Edit Pictures: I love editing images on snowy days. Don’t ask me why, but curling up to my computer with a cup of hot cocoa sounds just perfect in every which way. So I always try to optimize my time by getting some work done. You can read more about how I physically edit my images in this blog post here. 

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+ Quality Time: Most importantly being snowed in gives you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with your family. It sounds cheesy but snow days are still to this day, some of my favorite childhood memories I have with my siblings. From watching my dad cut down twiggy trees to allow us to sled on the hill in our backyard, to my mom helping us take off our snow boots, because we couldn’t bend over in our snow gear, are some of the fondest and funniest memories I have. So enjoy the day and your time snowed in with your loved ones.

Overall, I hope this post inspires you to look at a snowy day with a glass half full mentality, while nobody necessary enjoys being snowed in at least you have a chance to make the most out of it. So stay warm, bundle up and leave your favorite snow day activity in the comment section below!

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    1. Aubrey Post author

      Hi Kate!

      Thank you, my little sister and TCC Videographer Tessa got a new camera this Christmas that we’ve been testing out. I’m so glad you like the images :)


  1. Kendal

    The blizzard last week was my first every one, and I loved watching it come in through my apartment windows! Since it was my first I didn’t feel quite comfortable going out in it, so I resolved to deep cleaning my entire apartment. Boy, did I need it! When there is another snow day, I am definitely going to try to get my boyfriend to take some pictures for my blog :)
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    1. Aubrey Post author

      Yes, first and foremost stay save! I love spending a good day cleaning, it makes all the difference!

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