Best Pond Skating Spots in New England

January 12th, 2018
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I always find it odd that some of my first memories include winter activities, that to be honest, I’m really not that fond of. In fact, one of my very first memories is bundling up and walking with my dad and brother, to our local town pond to ice skate. To this day, I’m really not one to step onto a pond, lake or any body of water frozen solid; if I have to ice skate I much prefer a freshly zambonied rink, is that too much to ask for? 

Now while I’m not a fan, Matt and many others count down the days till the ice is thick enough to drop a puck and start the pond hockey tournaments, and I must admit I do love watching New Englanders embrace the harsh temperatures with excitement and well-organized hockey games and ice fishing tournaments. Overall, I know the weather’s been crummy so I figured I’d share some winter inspiration with a list of the best pond skating spots in New England, to get you all excited for the weekend ahead of us. 

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Best Pond Skating Spots in New England:

(Before heading out or stepping on the ice, please call ahead to check that ice conditions are safe at these skating spots) 

Boston Common Frog Pond- Boston, MA: Get the quintessential experience of pond skating in the heart of one of New England’s busiest cities. Take time out of your day and walk through Boston Common to see the ice skaters twirling around whilst enjoying the city view. Oh and if you forgot your skate, no worries, they have skates for rent at the ticket office!


Eastbury Pond- Glastonbury, CT: This pond is an old favorite of mine, just bring your skates and your mates for a spin around Eastbury Pond in central Connecticut. This pond was known for its spontaneous hockey throw downs and small hometown feel. 


Puddle Duck Pond at Strawbery Bank- Portsmouth, NH: I reached out to you all on Instagram Stories, if you don’t already follow us on Instagram make sure to here, anyway when I asked you guys which ponds I should include in this list over three people referenced Puddle Duck Pond; which makes me think Matt and I are due for a trip to Portsmouth. 


Lee Twombly Pond- Falmouth, ME: This lovely pond was actually ranked as one of the best places to ice skate outside and I can see why! The pond is in a picturesque location and offers both ice skating for just $5 and, Matt’s favorite adult pickup hockey each and every Saturday night. 


Frog’s Pond- Trumbull, CT: This spot was recommended by TCC Reader, Patrick Donegan, who said this community pond is the town’s hotspot when freezing temperatures roll in. Patrick said that the local neighbors even provide fire pits and hot chocolate on busy days, to give ice skaters the needed break and warmth to skate the night away. 

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Best Pond Skating Spots in New England-1474
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Best Pond Skating Spots in New England-1874

I must say, it did take some guts getting dressed up and heading to our local pond spot with these record low temperatures, but in the end, I was so happy I did. All and all you must say it’s pretty amazing how a local pond can turn into such a local watering hole for children, teens, and adults. This time of year truly brings New Englanders together, and nothing makes me happier. 

On that note, I am so fortunate to have readers like yourselves who engage and reach out to share with us their local treasures. I was over the moon with the amount of TCC readers who reached out to share their local pond skating spots and traditions with our crew; as always, connecting with you all is by far our favorite part of The Coastal Confidence. If we somehow missed a pond spot that you feel needs to be on this list, please leave a comment below with any additional pond skating spots we should add. Thank you and have a great rest of your week. 

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