Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress

September 21st, 2017

Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-1 Leesa® Mattress || Faux Leather Pillow || Ivory Pillow Cases || Lamps || Quilt || Bed frame 

Thank you, Leesa® for sponsoring this post and providing us with a mattress to review. All opinions stated below are my own.

I’ve been waiting to share this post with you all, for a long time coming but before I did, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. First off, I needed to make sure Mr. Matt had hung all the wall decor, or at least tried to, and of course, we had to anxiously wait for the delivery of our classic new bed frame to arrive.

Today I’m excited to share with you, the second post from our partnership with Leesa®, sharing how we styled our master bedroom in order to bring an essence of New England living into our Dallas apartment.

My blog was started with the mantra of embracing New England’s charms and traditions no matter where you are in the world. For me, at times that meant embracing New England living in San Diego, while I was at college, and today it means embracing New England’s home decor style while we live in Dallas.

While we know we don’t have much time left in Dallas, we wanted to make the most of our time here by creating a comfortable environment for friends and family to visit. I always joke with Matt saying, I think we see our family more now than we did when living in New England, as many nights have been spent with either my brother visiting from Austin or phone calls trying to convince Matt’s sister to come down for a weekend.

Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-0092
Bedroom Reveal X Leesa Mattress -1131
Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-0066

In order to make our modest apartment a comfortable place for visitors, we decided to tackle our living room first,which you saw in this post last fall. Once that was completed we decided to tackle our master bedroom next, starting off with finding the perfect mattress.

If you missed our first post with Leesa®, where Matt and I share how difficult it can be finding a cozy but budget friendly mattress; you can read the post here.

Once we had the mattress situated, we ordered my dream bed. I’ve actually wanted this bed frame since high school, sounds silly but at the time, I was working at an Anthropologie store. Every shift I’d take a second to view this classic bed, and I was overly determined to one day purchase a bed of my own.  

& today, I get to share it all with you guys, which makes it finally start to feel real.

I always describe my home decor style as Classic American, I love stately but modern looking pieces, textures, and fixtures. So when it came to deciding on a color, I had a few ideas in mind. I actually hosted an Instagram live where I got your opinions, I was between gray, navy blue or the forest green which was the color we went with. To be completely transparent the gray won, but the green came in second and I took a leap of faith.

At first, Matt was vetoing the green bed left and right, along with the lamps; but soon he gave into my vision and now I think he’s obsessed with the whole look. It just screams classic American style, which is SO US. You guys can read how I purchased my Anthropologie dream bed for half the cost in this post. 

Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-6-2
Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-10-2
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Bedroom Reveal X Leesa Mattress -1120

With us being out of college for just one year, meant it was really important for us to get thrifty on how to create our master bedroom on a pretty limited budget. Our first step was buying the affordable Leesa® Mattress. We decided to go with a Leesa® Mattress because we loved that it’s American made and delivered compressed in a box to your door.

Not only was the cost of the mattress, budget-friendly but we loved Leesa®‘s universal adaptive feel concept which means the bed will feel customized for any sleeper.. Basically, because of it’s three premium foam layer design, you’re provided support, pressure relief, and cooling that adapts to all body shapes, sizes and sleeping styles.

I’ve grown up on foam mattresses, but this was Matt’s first. He was originally hesitant but after sleeping on the mattress for three months we’d both stand by the fact that this is our favorite place to sleep. If you’re hesitant about leaping into purchasing a foam mattress, you can now try out Leesa® Mattress at your local West Elm! To be honest, Matt gets home from work each day and crawls into bed, it’s just that comfy.

Oh, and the Leesa® team was kind enough to provide TCC readers with a $100 off your next mattress purchase. Click here and use code TCC for $100 off. Bedroom Reveal with Leesa Mattress-0093

Bedroom Reveal X Leesa Mattress -1101
Bedroom Reveal X Leesa Mattress -1113

Now that we had the bed and the mattress covered, we knew it was time to get some home decor. I’m a big believer in the idea that the devils in the details, little moments not only make a room but also bring personality into the space.

I always wanted my home decor to reflect my life, past experiences and aesthetic, but as I said; accomplishing all of this on a budget wasn’t easy. We ended up finding a ton of pieces from Target that brought our American style vision to life, like these lamps and of course these faux-leather pillows.

We found the portrait of the sailboat at an antique store for $20 and the brown bucket shelves, where we could place personal items, like this Red Sox beanie baby my dad gave me and of course our Super Bowl tickets, at a local boutique outside of Dallas.

Finally, we pulled the whole room together with this nautical rope mirror. I LOVED the texture of this piece, and mirrors are something I’ll invest in because nothing is worse than waking up to a warped, poor quality mirror.

We pulled the whole room together within 3 months, and I’m glad to finally have a master bedroom that feels like US! I love relaxing in bed, so having this space completed feels like Christmas day for me.

I just love making a room into something and while this room might be completed, our story doesn’t end there, don’t forget we have a guest room to pull-together. & let’s just say we’re open to suggestions!

xx Aubrey

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Photos by: Loreal Novoa Photo