Let’s Talk About Fireworks

July 3rd, 2017
Location  •   Connecticut River, CT
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In honor of 4th of July being tomorrow, let’s talk about fireworks.
I’m not talking about the fireworks I saw launch over the Connecticut River while sitting on my parent’s boat last night. I LOVE those kinds of fireworks, but today I’m talking about the fireworks in a relationship.
Matt & I have known each other for over 8 years, and I get questions all shapes and sizes from you guys when it comes to relationship advice. Some are about engagement, some are about moving in together, but most of them are all about how to navigate a long term relationship.5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-26
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-10
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-49
Let me start by saying, relationships are just like everything else in life, work! You need to be an active participant in one, to make it work. Whether it’s a friendship, romantic relationship OR even a work relationship; if you don’t show up then it’s never going to work, so be present.
Besides being present, below I’ve listed some things that have personally worked for Matt and I, when it comes to keeping the excitement and fireworks in a relationship.
1. Date night
It’s important to have a designated date night. Now it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, sometimes date night means going to a concert, but sometimes it means binge watching the entire season of Stranger Things. Don’t blame monetary reasons for ‘not having a date night’, it’s about quality time, not money spent. 
So make time each week to dress up, eat together and focus on fun! 
2. Traditions
Have traditions to look forward to, for Matt and I that means photo shoot Saturday’s, Black Friday shopping together, going to Denny’s spontaneously and watching Live PD at least once a week! 
Having silly but unique traditions help root relationships. This even works for friendships, my friend Jennifer and I made sure we went grocery shopping and to Starbucks every Friday at 3 pm, when we lived in San Diego. 5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-55
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-38
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-17

3. Have your own thing 
This is important. If you don’t have something that’s your own, then you’ll literally have nothing to talk about.
Get out there and do things on your own, so you have something to bring to the table. Make sure you are doing things, that you’re passionate about and excited to share with others. 
So Matt has his work, video games, and sports, and I have my blog, part-time job and interns. We both have things and people that we are passionate about, that we can bring to the table and share with each other.
It keeps things interesting. 
4. Share a hobby
Have a shared hobby. I’ll talk about this point more next week, but recently Matt and I have taken on improving our golf game, and it’s been such an exciting and fun time. It’s something we can work on together, I hate to use the words ‘team-bonding’ but it’s kind of along those lines.
5. Always keep it light 
Honestly, keep it light. When you are out and about, have fun. Don’t bring up topics that will cause riffs or push any buttons. Leave the tiffs at home and enjoy life. 
I’d love to hear from you guys! Do you have any advice for keeping the fireworks and fun in long term relationship? If so share below, and have a safe and fun 4th guy!
Off to the pool with my sister, xx Aubrey5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-48
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-16
5 Tips On Keeping Fireworks In A Long Term Relationship-51
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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Fireworks

  1. Megan

    All your photos on your blog are amazing and breath taking, I hope to one day achieve such high quality and love the edits you have done on all your photos. I would love to learn about how you take and shoot all your photos. Do you hire a photographer for all your shoots or are you just a pro at self -timer photos because these are absolutely amazing.

    1. Aubrey Post author

      Hey Megan.

      Thanks for reading the TCC :) these pictures were taken by my photographer Rebecca, however, I’d say about 80% of my photos are taken by either Matt, myself or my Mom!

      xx Aubrey

  2. Kate

    Love all these tips! I’ve been together with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. One tip that I have is to compliment your man; they like to feel “hot” too. Also, gratitude. I always feel the need to say thank you after he buys me a meal.
    Kate recently posted…Wedding AttireMy Profile

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